Which Divas could join Beth and Natalya's crusade?

Beth Phoenix and Natalya have been on a mission to change the face of the Divas division. Using power and brawn, their plan to forcefully take down the “Cinderella” Divas has begun with Divas Champion Kelly Kelly. While Beth has lost two recent pay-per-view title matches to Kelly Kelly – whom she called a “cute, perky blond bimbo” – it hasn’t deterred The Glamazon and her friend. If any past or current Divas could join their group to further their cause, who would best fit in? WWE.com offers its top picks. (PHOTOS)

Luna Vachon

Born into a family of grapplers, Luna Vachon always boasted a style of her own. (PHOTOS) After training under Fabulous Moolah and her aunt, Vivian Vachon, Luna debuted in 1986. Her unconventional look was daunting. With a half-shaved head of blond hair, frightening face paint and a vicious sneer, the second-generation competitor and manager wasn’t a typical Diva. Her bold behavior and outrageous look made Luna the antithesis of today’s model-turned-Diva types that Beth and Natalya are trying to cut out of the picture.

Fabulous Moolah

The greatest Women’s Champion of all time, Fabulous Moolah was the first to capture the title in 1956 – an honor she held for nearly 30 years! After her record-setting title reign (she is the longest reigning champion in sports) Fabulous Moolah won the Women’s Championship three more times, including in 1999 at the age of 76, to become the oldest champion in WWE’s history.

As the first female inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame in 1995, Moolah paved the way for the female competitors of today. Her iconic legacy was the most important of any female in WWE. Moolah was the epitome of success and confidence – something every Diva, regardless of her brawn or beauty, should admire.

Aja Kong

One of the strongest female competitors from Japan, Aja Kong has competed on the independent circuit and briefly with WWE. At Survivor Series in 1995, Kong pinned four opponents, including Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze. She’s also undefeated on Raw, where she once broke her challenger’s nose.

If Kong were to return to WWE, her vicious in-ring skills and unsympathetic personality would allow her to fit in perfectly with Beth and Natalya … although they may want to help her with her makeup application skills.

Alundra Blayze

A successful and controversial female, Alundra Blayze – a.k.a. Madusa – won the Women’s Championship three times. The striking and athletic blonde revived the women’s division in the ‘90s, competing against rivals Bull Nakano and Bertha Faye. In 1995, she joined WCW where she notoriously threw the Women’s Title into a garbage can – one of the boldest moves a female has made in the ring. (CATCHING UP WITH ALUNDRA)

With beauty, athleticism and plenty of guts, Alundra would mesh fine with fellow fierce blondes, Beth and Natalya. Today she’s a competitive monster truck driver and enjoys riding her Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Let’s just say she wouldn’t be on Team “Cinderella.”

Bull Nakano

After success competing in Japan and Mexico in the ‘80s and early ‘90s, Bull Nakano joined WWE as an associate of Luna Vachon and challenged Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze. Nakano won the Women’s Title from Blayze in her native Japan in 1994 and held it for more than four months. The next year, she joined WCW where her rivalry with Blayze – who was then known as Madusa – continued.

Nakano’s alternative style and bizarre look was intimidating. She was a far cry from today’s so-called “blond bimbos” of the Divas division. The Japanese star spiked her hair, painted a web on her face, wore dark makeup and often carried nunchucks to the ring. There’s no doubt she’d instill fear in some of the Divas’ “pretty faces.” (NAKANO ON TOP 25 MOST IMPACTFUL WOMEN)

Mae Young

Another female who has left her mark on WWE’s history books, WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young is one of the greatest women to ever step in the squared circle. With a career that began in 1939, she’s the only Superstar or Diva to compete in nine different decades. The first-ever NWA United States Women’s Champion, she trained her friend, Fabulous Moolah, for her illustrious career. Most recently, Young surprised The Rock at his birthday party on Raw earlier this year. (WATCH) As one of WWE’s greatest icons, who wouldn’t want 2008 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Young on her side in the Divas’ division?


While she’s been at ringside for many of Divas Champion Kelly Kelly’s recent matches, Eve has proven time and time again she’s much more than just a pretty face. (WATCH) Though she entered the competition as a former dancer with no in-ring skills, Eve won the 2007 WWE Diva Search and has since gone on to capture two prestigious Divas Titles. Expertly trained in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, she’s a strong and agile athlete. But let’s not forget about brains. Eve holds an engineering degree from the University of Southern California.

While she seems like an unlikely choice, Eve is a well-rounded Diva, and has the skills and personality to fit in with everyone … even Beth and Natalya. Plus, Eve pinned Natalya to win a tag team match on Raw SuperShow this week, proving she truly is a strong in-ring competitor. (WATCH) It may seem far-fetched, but if Eve happened to ditch her pal, Kelly Kelly, to join forces with Beth and Natalya, she could help change the face of the Divas division based on her impressive credentials and gain even more recognition.

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