Diva Dish: Naughty or nice?

Diva Dish: Naughty or nice?

This week in Diva Dish, we asked some of the Sexiest Women on Television the age-old holiday question: Have you been naughty or nice this year? It seems many of the Divas think Santa Claus will be delivering presents to them this Christmas.

Not every Hollywood A-lister is on the top of Santa's "nice" list this year, but Melina said she'll be there.

"You know, I've been very nice, but depending on what you're talking about, I've been naughty, too," the Raw Diva slyly smiled.

Melina said she has everything a woman could ever want, but that doesn't mean the presents should stop coming.

"I take gifts of whatever people see and they think of me, if it's like something personal," she said.

Michelle McCool said she's been good … well, most of the time!

"I'd have to say I've been a little of both, but definitely more nice than naughty. I'm only naughty when I have to be," SmackDown's All-American Girl said.

According to Victoria, there's nothing wrong with being just a little bit naughty, even around the holidays.

"I'm a little of both. … What you see out there is what you get, I'm not going to lie," Victoria said.

"Outside the ring, sometimes I may be nice. Inside the ring, I am naughty. And behind closed doors, I might be naughty, too, but it might be nice for the other person!" she laughed.

Mickie James seems sure Santa will be leaving her stocking stuffed.

"I think I would be on the ‘nice' list, for the most part, but I have my naughty moments. It depends on the day," she said.

And guess whose name is right below Mickie's name on the "nice" list? Well, apparently, it's Jillian's.

"I would totally be on the ‘nice' list. I'm an angel. I do nothing wrong. You can almost call me perfect. … I'm pretty humble," she smirked. (Um … we see much modesty when it comes to Jillian.)

Now guess what Raw's songstress wants from Kris Kringle? No, not Britney's latest CD.

"I want a new car. There's nothing wrong with the one I have now, it's just too little. It's a BMW Z4 and it only has two seats and I want four seats. That's what I want," Jillian smiled.

We think it's a little more believable that the loveable Kelly Kelly is indeed on Santa's "nice" list.

"I've been nice. I have my naughty moments, but for the most part, I am nice," the ECW beauty giggled. "It just depends on, you know. I'm naughty when I'm doing other things!"

Kelly told Diva Dish her family always picks the perfect presents for the holidays.

"There are little things I like, such as stuff for traveling. I love getting new luggage. My parents know me really well, so they know what I want," she said.

"And I'm hoping for some jewelry from someone, but I don't know!" she smiled. (Hmm … That sounds like a hint if we've ever heard one!)

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