Diva Dish: Victoria's message for Kelly Kelly

Diva Dish: Victoria's message for Kelly Kelly

This week in Diva Dish, Victoria and Kelly Kelly square off, Mickie James shares an important message, Kelly talks about Tribute to the Troops and Jillian goes on a rescue mission.


Diva duel
While Victoria & Kenny didn't win their match against Kelly Kelly & Balls Mahoney this week on ECW, the SmackDown Diva is far from discouraged.

"I taught that little princess, blondie, Barbie doll a lesson or two, about being ‘Extreme,' as they call it on ECW. But unfortunately, we didn't win tonight. Kenny let me down. And he's going to get a spanking later!"

Victoria told Diva Dish that she sees Kelly as her "little toy" now, and she's not afraid to play with the ECW Diva.

"She may be Extreme, but I think Victoria is way more Extreme!" Victoria said.


Holiday message
Mickie James recently shared some serious and sad news with Diva Dish. The Raw Diva had a special message she wanted our fans and readers to know:

"A friend of mine was recently killed in an accident, and he was drinking and driving. So, I advise you and I pray that you will make a wise decision to not drink and drive because it's not smart," Mickie said. "I say, love your family and your friends because you never know if it's going to be the last day you see them."


Tribute to the Troops
Before departing for WWE's Tribute to the Troops trip to Iraq this week, Kelly Kelly talked to Diva Dish about her upcoming trip.

"I am really excited. My family is kind of nervous, but excited, too, because how many people get to visit the troops? I am honored they asked me to go," the ECW Diva said.

"It is kind of nerve-wracking, because you don't know what to expect. But I know we're in great hands, and nothing is going to happen. We'll be fine."

For more on Tribute to the Troops, visit the official site. Don't forget to check out Mickie James' Tribute to the Troops blog.


Rescue mission
told Diva Dish she has added another furry friend to her brood.

"I took in a new kitty cat that was hanging out outside. It was so big and fluffy," she said. "I brought it in because it was so hungry, you could tell, because I put food out and it ate it in like, two seconds. A couple days later it was still out there, so I was like, oh, I have to bring this little sucker in!"

Jillian said the cat smelled so bad, she had to give it a bath. The kitty quickly earned the name "Stinky."

"I already have two other cats named Paris and Indy -- Indy for Independence Day -- that's its birthday," the Raw Diva said.

"I do have a dog, too, but I don't really like it too much. Her name is Britney, believe it or not."

Only Jillian would have a Paris and a Britney in the same family!


Tune in
Don't forget -- Ashley will be on the season finale of Survivor: China on Sunday, Dec. 16. Ashley will be on the live Survivor reunion show at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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