Diva Dish: On the run

Diva Dish: On the run

This week in Diva Dish, Maria is on the run, Victoria gives thanks, Melina elaborates on her many talents and Cherry stays home for the holidays.


Born to run
While many Americans sat around the dining room table on Thanksgiving, scarfing down turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, one Diva was on the run.

"I went and did a 5k race on Turkey Day, and I've never done anything like that before," Maria told Diva Dish. "I do a lot of cardio, you know. I work out in the gym and try to get there as much as I can. … I really like doing my abs. Cardio drives me crazy, I'd rather be kickboxing, but I ran a 5k."

The Raw Diva said she's not a big fan of running, but her best friend, Emma, convinced Maria to run the race with her.

"So I made it in 20 minutes, and I made it in the top half bracket of the runners, so I was pretty happy about that because that necessarily doesn't happen when someone has never really run a 5k," Maria said.


Family time
told Diva Dish her Thanksgiving was wonderful because she was able to spend time with her loved ones.

"Thanksgiving was awesome. I went to Chicago and spent it with some family. We didn't do the traditional Thanksgiving turkey at the table," the SmackDown Diva explained.

"We went out to dinner, which I had never done before. We could have either prime rib or turkey. It was very fancy. No dishes to worry about. It was very upscale. It was nice. It was very low key and relaxing."


Multi-faceted Diva
Just because Melina lost the No. 1 Contender Match to Mickie James this week on Raw, it doesn't mean the Diva's down in the dumps. Melina told Diva Dish she's a woman who takes pride in her many wonderful talents.

"I'm the kind of person who pretty much can do anything, and I'm great at everything I do. I'm very talented. I catch on quickly to things. No matter what comes my way, I like to dabble in everything," she explained.

"I like sports. I love working out. I like pushing myself to the limit, physically. I also love entertaining. I love any kind of art form like that. I could see acting in my future, totally. I could play any role."


Home for the holidays
told Diva Dish she's excited for the upcoming holiday season so she can spend even more time with Deuce, Domino and her family.

"The Christmas shows and all the other shows after that are all local, so I'll be staying at home. All of my family and friends get to see us wrestle!" Cherry smiled.

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