Diva Dish: Maria sizzles in Sin City

Diva Dish: Maria sizzles in Sin City

This week in Diva Dish, Maria parties in Sin City, Torrie Wilson's Jaded opens for business, Mickie James talks turkey, Kelly Kelly readies for a reunion and Jillian gets a little Lost.


Viva Maria!
certainly knows how to have fun. This past weekend, the Raw Diva and her best friend booked a last-minute trip to Las Vegas for some thrills on the Strip.

"We had such a great time while we were out there. We went to Jet one night. My friend, Emma, is very much an opportunist, in the sense that she seems to get in the VIP area every single place that we go!" Maria squealed.

"So then, the next night, a friend flew in and met up with Emma and I, and we went to the Playboy Club. It was so much fun. We had such a good time," she said.

Always a fashionista Diva, Maria and her pal dressed to impress during a night out on the town in Sin City.

"I was wearing a pink sequined dress, and she was wearing a silver sequined dress, and we looked like two disco balls," she giggled. "We had our escort all night who took care of us, and he was a good bodyguard. Then we went to Moon, which is at the Palms. We were outside dancing and having a great time. It was just an amazing weekend."


Entrepreneur Diva
Jaded is officially open for business! Torrie Wilson's men's and women's clothing boutique opened its doors this week. As previously reported in Diva Dish, the SmackDown Diva has been selling fashionable duds at OfficiallyJaded.com, but now shoppers can browse Jaded in person.

"My store opened in The Woodlands, Texas, today. I'm so excited. For the last week, I was there about 18 hours a day getting it all ready. I was getting all the clothes in there, rearranging it so it looks great and putting all the decorations up. I was totally hands-on," Torrie told Diva Dish.

"This is like my baby, and I'm so excited to have been working on this for a year. From what I hear, it's packed full of people," Torrie smiled.

If you can't visit Jaded in person, check out OfficiallyJaded.com to see Torrie's new boutique.


Holiday Diva
Mickie James
recently returned from Raw's tour Down Under, and the Diva had a blast.

"I just got back from Australia, which was freakin' killer. I got to go to the zoo out there. It was awesome!" she said. "But I haven't been home in a while. I'm looking forward to going home because I miss my horses, my ferrets and my dog."

Mickie told Diva Dish that she's really looking forward to Thanksgiving so she can spend time with her family and friends, although the Diva showed some concern that the holiday is being overshadowed by Christmas.

"It kind of is the forgotten holiday, because you don't really hear about it that often," she said, continuing with an interesting story:

"You know, I was in Starbucks today. The Christmas cups are already out! The Pumpkin Spice Latte is down at the bottom of the menu already. They say it's a Halloween drink, but I think it's more of a Thanksgiving kind of drink. Instead, they've already put out the Gingerbread Latte and the peppermint drinks, with the Christmas cups. And the Charlie Brown special Christmas CDs are for sale on their shelves! … It's a slap in the face to the Native Americans!"

Stay tuned to Diva Dish. Next week we talk to the Divas about their Thanksgiving plans and learn what they're thankful for.


Family affair
Kelly Kelly
will have some special guests cheering her on this Sunday during the 10 Divas Tag Match at Survivor Series.

"My family will be there. Since they all live in Florida, they're coming to Miami for Survivor Series," the ECW Diva said.

"Then I'm going back down to Miami after the show in Tampa and we're having a family reunion. It'll be really nice. There will be about 30 of my cousins there, so it'll be really great to see them," she went on. "My mom's coming to ECW on Tuesday, so I'm excited to see her and she's excited to see me live!"

Kelly Kelly also told Diva Dish that she's really pumped to be getting plenty of in-ring time with the other Divas lately.

"I love that I'm finally getting to show a different side of myself, and I'm not just dancing in the ring every week. I'm not just a pretty face," she smiled.


On strike
It seems everyone is being affected by the Writers Guild of America strike, even a WWE Diva!

"You know, I'm so excited about Lost now, I'm going to be upset about that if it doesn't come back on the air," Jillian complained to Diva Dish. "I'm on season two now. That's my thing."

When the Raw songstress has some free time, she catches up on her favorite shows on DVD, and she is NOT pleased about the writers strike.

"So this strike is going to affect my future television watching. I hope they're going to fix this strike so my TV-watching habits will be able to resume," she said.

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