Diva Dish: Happy Halloween

Diva Dish: Happy Halloween

This week in Diva Dish, we get ready for the Divas' Halloween Costume Contest at Cyber Sunday and talk to Beth Phoenix, Maria and Mickie James about the spooky holiday. Then we talk Diva Search with Victoria, visit Sin City with Jillian and stay home with Maria.


Happy Halloween
In honor of the year's spookiest holiday, the Divas will participate in a Halloween Costume Contest live this Sunday at Cyber Sunday, only on pay-per-view. We can't reveal what the Sexiest Women on Television will wear this weekend, or how they'll fulfill your fantasies at Cyber Sunday, but we did talk to the Divas about past Halloweens.

"I can't remember being a WWE Superstar, but I was definitely a superhero when I was a kid," said Women's Champion Beth Phoenix. "I remember one year wanting to be Spider-Man so bad that my mom made me a little Spider-Girl outfit, so I could put my little blonde ponytail out the back. I really liked Spider-Man!"

Maria told Diva Dish she's had so many different Halloween costumes, she can't pick a favorite.

"I have been an angel. Last year I was a witch -- a white witch, though -- a good witch. I've been Cleopatra. I've been cats, devils, a mix of everything," the Raw Diva said.

As for this year…

"Oh yeah, I'm definitely dressing up as … it's a surprise! I can't be telling all my secrets, but I do have to say I am definitely customizing my outfit. That's one thing I'd like to mention," Maria said.

Mickie James said Halloween is her favorite holiday, aside from Christmas. This year she plans to have several costumes -- one for Cyber Sunday, one to go to parties and another for when she turns her home into a haunted house on Halloween night.

"I can't say I have a favorite costume from when I was a kid. I always dressed different every year. I liked them all," Mickie said.

"My least favorite was when my mom made me wear a Minnie Mouse outfit, because I always got picked on for being ‘Mickie,' like Mickey Mouse. We all dressed up like Disney characters," she laughed.


Thoughts on the Diva Search
The end is near for 2007 WWE Diva Search. Who do you want to be the next WWE Diva, Brooke or Eve? Well, we at Diva Dish think they're both beautiful, talented, lovely ladies, but Victoria would beg to differ.

"The blonde little girl [Brooke] was stating that Eve is too big for the business, and I take offense to that. I'm double the size of Eve!" the SmackDown Diva scowled.

"Blondes like that are easy to break. She's just someone to come in for me, to warm up to and smack around. She's a warm-up match. Eve may be competition. But Brooke doesn't have my skills!"


Sin City Diva
As recently reported in Diva Dish, Jillian was readying for a big trip to Las Vegas. The Raw Diva is back, and well, we're sad to say her pocketbook is a little bit lighter.

"I played the Deal or No Deal slots because they're my favorite. It's the best game ever invented. I played penny slots. Actually, I was up several times, like $100 even at one point, and then I just lost it all. I lost all my money!" she frowned.

Jillian found other ways to spend her days and nights in Vegas, though. The Diva hit The Strip to watch some shows.

"I saw ‘American Superstars,' which has all the impersonators. It was really good, especially Elvis. He was awesome. The Michael Jackson impersonator was unbelievable. They were all so good, except Britney Spears," Jillian said, rolling her eyes. "She was so horrible. She didn't look anything like her. Maybe it's just because I love the real Britney so much, I don't know. She was horrible. I was so upset about that."

Jillian also went to see a live hypnotist show, where she was part of the act.

"They get volunteers to go up on stage and then you're supposed to get hypnotized. Maybe 20 people or so went up on stage, including myself, and I tried so hard to get hypnotized, and I couldn't so I had to fake it the whole show. I had to fake hypnotism the whole entire show!" she laughed.

Finally, it was time to come on down!

"I went to see ‘The Price is Right Live!' It's not the actual TV show, but it's a show, and they still give prizes. I didn't win anything, I didn't get called. I wanted to cry. But I had a lot of fun, though."


After being on the European tour and training in Tampa, Fla., Maria is happy to spend a few days at home relaxing before Cyber Sunday.

"I'm super excited. I'm in my apartment. I haven't bought a house yet. I'm still trying to decide where I want to live. My options are Tampa or the Chicago area. I really don't know yet. It's so hard. It's hard to choose, and it's hard to figure out what exactly I want to do and where I want to go and stuff like that," Maria said.

"Basically I'm just weighing my options and having a lot of fun doing it, too. There are some very, very sweet people in my life right now so that kind of comes with it," she smiled.

More on Maria's training time in Tampa in a future Diva Dish.

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