Diva Dish: Maria dreams of L.A.'s catwalk

Diva Dish: Maria dreams of L.A.'s catwalk

In this week's Diva Dish, Maria lights up L.A. Fashion Week, Lilian Garcia joins Carlito at the Hispanic Day Parade in New York City, Maryse shares tales of Mexico City mayhem, and Mickie James and Lilian say hola from Puerto Rico.

Catwalk dreams
was a special guest at L.A. Fashion Week last week. The SmackDown Diva walked the red carpet and sat in the front row at several designers' shows.

"It was great to be there. There were lots of celebrities. Lauren Conrad had her line there. Christian Audigier has his line there. He was there at the show and I saw him after the show," Maria said.

"It was incredible. The lines were great. The Christian Audigier show was wonderful. It was funny because I thought that plaid was coming back in, and when I saw his show, it was all plaid! It had a very British/United States mix," she explained.

The Diva, a fashion designer who often showcases her wares each week in the SmackDown ring, hopes to soon be part of L.A. Fashion Week.

"I made a lot of great new friends and contacts in the fashion world. Eventually I hope to be there. I am praying and hoping I can do it next year," she said. "I want to do it with a Divas line. I think it would be amazing and I think that the L.A. fashion crowd would definitely embrace it. They're very free-spirited and were so warm and welcoming."

Maria also wanted to tell Diva Dish she's very excited she won the Divas' Las Vegas Match on last week's SmackDown, earning herself a future opportunity to face Michelle McCool for the Divas Championship. (WATCH)

"It was the greatest feeling, being up there, holding those dice, and looking out into the thousands of our fans who were there that night. At that moment, my fear of heights went bye-bye!," she laughed. "All I could think about was my match for the title."

Maria said that after she fights McCool for the Divas Championship, she still wants to be friends with her fellow Diva, no matter the outcome.

"McCool and I are cool. She's an absolutely great wrestler and friend. She's beautiful, she's strong and she's determined. She will fight for the Divas Championship, no matter what and no matter who," Maria said.

"Win, lose or draw, I'm still her friend. Friends are forever and no matter what my desire is for the title, it's not going to take that away. But am I going to fight? Hell yeah!"

Celebrating Hispanic heritage
At this year's Hispanic Day Parade in New York City, Lilian Garcia and Carlito took a ride up Fifth Avenue on the My9 float. (PHOTOS)

"It was a really great experience. There were a lot of people there cheering. It was all about having a good time and celebrating heritage," said Lilian, a Puerto Rican who grew up in Spain.

"We had a DJ on our float and he was mixing the tunes, let me tell you. Carlito and I were … well, Carlito claims to be a dancer, but I didn't see one move on him!" the Raw ring announcer chuckled. "But I was dancing away. Carlito was being ‘cool' Carlito. It was fun to do the salsa and merengue on the float."

Mexico City mayhem
One of SmackDown's most notoriously demanding Divas, Maryse, didn't exactly have a fiesta on her recent trip to Mexico with WWE. (PHOTOS)

"Two words: dirty and boring. Mexico City -- dirty and boring. It's really annoying for a Superstar like me to be there because I had absolutely nothing to do," she scoffed. "Well, there is one thing that's pretty good about Mexico City, and that's tacos."

Maryse also told Diva Dish she believes people in Mexico City are "crazy," and she offered her own "perfect" example of why she thinks so.

"I was in the lobby of my hotel on Sunday morning, and a guy came up to me and said, ‘Maryse, I love you.' I said, ‘Thank you,'" she said with a laugh. "I know I'm stunning, it's not a secret. So I said thank you and he started crying and passed out, just in front of me. So how crazy is that?! This guy started crying and passed out, just in front of me!"

While most Divas would offer to help, Maryse did otherwise.

"I stood there and I said, ‘I love it.' There were people who took care of him. That's not my job. I'd be busy 24/7," she said. "So I just looked at this whatever guy and I just walked over him. Other people helped him."

Greetings from Puerto Rico
Mickie James
particularly enjoyed Raw's tour through Arecibo, Ponce and San Juan, Puerto Rico, last weekend.

"It was a fabulous tour. We spent three nights in the same hotel, so it was kind of like a mini-vacay. I had an ocean view, it was beautiful," Mickie said.

"One day when I was there, I did a photo shoot, which was gorgeous. The weather was beautiful," she said. "I found some really cool locations -- like this one concrete pier, which was from an old, condemned hotel. I snuck onto it to do the photo shoot." (PHOTOS)

During her free time, Lilian Garcia also participated in the photo shoot (PHOTOS) and traveled around the country with her parents. She also enjoyed a family reunion of sorts.

"There were 26 of my family members who came to the show in San Juan -- cousins and aunts and uncles. It was a lot of fun to have them there," the Raw ring announcer said. "Every time we go to San Juan I always have a cheering section. You can't beat that!"

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