Diva Dish: Maria's bangin' new hobby

Diva Dish: Maria's bangin' new hobby

This week in Diva Dish, Maria starts a hobby with a bang; Victoria trains harder than ever; Maryse goes on a Canadian adventure; Jillian and Melina talk Friends; and Lilian Garcia's ¡Quiero Vivir! debuts.


Drummer girl
When Maria isn't busy getting down and dirty in the Raw ring, the Diva is practicing a new, musical hobby.

"I play the drums now. Probably about two months ago I started taking drum lessons. I always wanted to do it," she told Diva Dish. "My father played drums when he was in high school -- he played the drums and was the lead singer of his band -- so I always wanted to do it."

Maria said it takes a lot of coordination to play the drums, and right now, she's learning the bass drum and the hi-hat. But that's not all…

"I've been taking voice lessons, too! I've been taking voice for the last three months," she revealed. "And actually, I'm starting acting lessons, too. So I'm keeping busy. I have my dog, and I have my voice lessons, my drum lessons and my acting classes!"


Training hard
We all know she ain't the lady to mess with, but now Victoria's working even harder to prove she's the top Diva on SmackDown.

"I'm training with a personal trainer at home. He's trained with more than 100 professional athletes, which I'm proud to say. He's trained football players, and the Louisville Fire football players, which I'm really into, you know," she told Diva Dish.

"My trainer is training me hard every day when I'm at home, plus I have a regiment to do when I'm traveling now, too. So I'm a little bit more focused, and I'm ready to kick some butt," Victoria said. "Get ready to see a leaner, meaner, dynamo Victoria out there in the ring. I'm dead serious. I'm freaking going to go through these Divas."


Adventures of a Diva
On a recent visit to her native city, Montreal, Maryse and some pals went on a wild, outdoorsy adventure, proving a Diva is much more than a pretty face!
"We decided to go about two hours north of Montreal to Le Chateau Montebelleo, or Montebello castle. It's a beautiful place," the SmackDown beauty explained.

"We decided to do river kayak rafting. They told us it takes two days to do it, so we decided we'd do half the river. After a few hours of rafting, we stopped to eat, and well, we realized we passed the spot where we were supposed to stop. So we did like nine hours, nonstop, of rafting!" she said.

Maryse admitted that even though she's athletic, these nine hours of rafting were a challenge.

"I was like, ‘Am I going to die or not? But I'm going to do it.' " she laughed. "So at the end we were all together saying, ‘We're going to do it. We're going to do it.' So we started at 9 and we finished at 6. I'm still sore."

After Maryse and her friends arrived back at the Montebello castle, they relaxed with a few drinks and reminisced on their rafting adventure.

"I had so much fun, but when I think about it, I wonder, ‘Do I want to do it again?' Maybe next year, but not each week," she giggled. "We had fun, but it's extremely physical. It doesn't look that hard, but it's extremely hard!"


Divas and Friends
What's life as a Diva without Friends? Jillian told Diva Dish she's been on a marathon watching spree of the hit comedy show, and she and Melina have the Raw Divas pegged as the characters.

"I'm on my last season of Friends. The last disc. The very last one. I've been watching it over an entire year. And Mickie's like Phoebe on Friends because she's a nerd," Jillian laughed.

"Mickie is Phoebe. I'm Rachel and Jillian's Monica," Melina butted in.

"Melina said I'm Monica because I'm a control freak," Jillian said, rolling her eyes.

"And she's competitive. You don't know you're in the game with Jillian until she says, ‘I win,' " Melina said.

"And Melina, she's a drama queen, about guys and everything, that's why she's Rachel!" Jillian cackled.


¡Quiero Vivir!
Lilian Garcia's highly-anticipated debut is on sale now! Check out the ¡Quiero Vivir! microsite and order the album now at iTunes or WWEShop.com. Don't forget to take a peek at the Raw ring announcer's appearances page to see if she'll be signing copies of ¡Quiero Vivir! in a city near you!

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