Diva Dish: Michelle McCool serves up Gold

Diva Dish: Michelle McCool serves up Gold

In this week's Diva Dish, Divas Champion Michelle McCool joins U.S. Olympic Gold Medalists, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh, on the volleyball court, Maria offers the Chicago Cubs good luck, Lilian Garcia prepares for her Spanish homecoming, Natalya walks the red carpet in Canada, Eve travels to Mexico, Brie Bella leaves an impression on Friday nights and Beth Phoenix has choice words for Batista.

Golden trio
Divas Champion Michelle McCool was a special guest at the AVP Crocs Cup Shootout presented by Bud Light Manhattan Beach Open last weekend in California. The SmackDown Diva was honored to make the first ceremonial serve before the tournament was won by U.S. Olympic Gold Medalists Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh. (PHOTOS OF DIVAS IN OLYMPICS GEAR)

"I was out there with two Gold Medal Olympians. How cool is that?" the Diva said. "I had a lot of fun. Before their match, they were warming up and Kerri Walsh was actually letting me serve to her."

McCool told Diva Dish that May-Treanor and Walsh are not only gifted athletes, but down-to-earth women with an incredible sense of sportsmanship.

"They were playing with the kids, signing autographs, just warming up. They're good sports, too," the Divas Champion said. "They got fired up, if need be, but otherwise they were shaking hands, congratulating the other ones.

"I know people say we're Superstars, but they're out there representing our country," she said of the volleyball champions. "There couldn't be two better people to represent our country. They're amazing athletes. They're amazing people. I just had a blast."

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Good luck charm
returned home to Chicago last weekend to enjoy one of her favorite pastimes -- cheering on the Cubs at Wrigley Field. It seems the Diva brought luck to the team, too.

"It was amazing. I was six rows up, watching all of the Cubs. Soriano actually waved at me," she smiled.

Once the team clinched the 2008 National League Central Division Saturday with a 5-4 win over the St. Louis Cardinals, the real celebration began.

"The players were all coming over after they had put on their T-shirts and their goggles and their brand-new hats, and they were spraying me down with the champagne," the SmackDown Diva said. "I was right there, standing out there, right next to the field!"

Spanish homecoming
WWE is touring Europe this weekend, and Raw ring announcer Lilian Garcia was elated to return home to Spain.

"Every time I hear the word ‘Spain,' I get goosebumps. I'm so excited. I can't wait to go home. We're hitting Bilbao, Barcelona and where I grew up, Madrid. I was there for eight amazing years and I absolutely love it," the Diva said.

"We usually do the shows in the bullfighting rings, which are outside. The ring is set up in the middle. It's just amazing looking around. It's so intimate. The crowd is so loud and so into it. It's so exhilarating. It's phenomenal."

Garcia's advice to the other Superstars and Divas on the tour is to enjoy everything Spain has to offer, including the architecture, nightlife, tapas, shopping and sightseeing.

"It's a place you just keep looking and you always find something new to look at and something interesting," she said.

PHOTOS from WWE's European tour

Canadian pride
is feeling especially rejuvenated this week, as the Diva returned to her native land -- Canada -- last weekend.

"I went to Toronto to promote The Score [Television Network] going HD. They have a brand new studio that CM Punk and I visited. We did a lot of promotional work over there," the SmackDown Diva said.

"We were interviewed onstage, live on The Score. I got to talk about what it means to be a WWE Diva and why I'm so proud of where I am, being Canadian and having it intertwined with where I am today. It was fun to share that," she said.

The Diva also enjoyed some pampering before walking the red carpet in designer duds at The Score's HD launch.

"I worked it liked I owned it, because I don't rent, lease or refinance. And I'm not doing a second mortgage, either," she joked about her red carpet dress.

"It was amazing and I felt really happy to be in Canada and have the fans embrace me for just being Natalya, for being on SmackDown, for getting to where I am today, and honoring me."

WATCH: Natalya & Punk at "The Score" HD party

Viva Mexico
recently traveled to Mexico with WWE where she attended her first press conference as a Diva. She joined Triple H, Big Show and Shane McMahon at the TV Azteca Press Conference in Mexico City to promote WWE's partnership with the network. (PHOTOS)

"It was great to see all the fans who came out to support us and all the media that came out to hear our announcement," the SmackDown Diva said. "It was also just great to reach out to our Spanish-speaking fans and that we're starting to network more towards Mexico and Latin America."

Eve said the WWE Universe's presence is strong and growing in Latin America, which she witnessed in Mexico City.

"It's very important, not only because I have a Latina background, but I just think it's important for us to recognize the potential for growth there is in Latin America," she said. "There's a huge fan base there, and it was very apparent to us while we were down there. The fans are very passionate and very excited that we were down there representing."

Impressive debut
Brie Bella
has been on SmackDown for only a few weeks, but the newcomer is certainly making an impact in the Divas' division, pinning former two-time Women's Champion Victoria three weeks in a row. (PHOTOS | MORE PHOTOS | WATCH)

"It feels amazing because Victoria is one of the top female sports-entertainers. She's someone who I watched before I came to WWE," Bella told Diva Dish. "Not only does it feel good to win, but to beat Victoria. I'm just on cloud nine."

Tonight on SmackDown, Bella will team up with Maria to face Victoria & Natalya in tag team action. Bella has one trick up her sleeve when it comes to facing her rival.

"There was something my mother always instilled into me, and that's determination," she said, going on to reference her first win against the master of the Widow's Peak. "I was just so determined. I kept telling myself, You've got her. You've got her. And look, I won!"

A Diva scorned
Women's Champion Beth Phoenix offered Diva Dish some choice words for Batista days after he Batista Bombed her into her boyfriend, Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella, on Raw.

"Obviously it was just Batista being nothing more than the big, spineless bully that he is," the fuming Diva said.

"Now I have to walk around with Santino wearing that ridiculous face mask. Do you know how that hurts my image? All of his modeling gigs? Batista's going to pay for this, and pay big time," Phoenix warned.

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