Diva Dish: Lovely Lilian; back-to-school with the Divas

Diva Dish: Lovely Lilian; back-to-school with the Divas

This week in Diva Dish, more news on Lilian Garcia's record release; Michelle McCool, Torrie Wilson, Jillian and Cherry tell back-to-school tales; Candice Michelle prepares for SmackDown's big wedding; Beth Phoenix reveals her family ties; Jillian and Melina hit the road; and Cherry muses on her recent trip to Europe.


Lovely Lilian
Lilian Garcia
's highly-anticipated record, ¡Quiero Vivir!, will be released on Oct. 9, but our fans can pre-order an autographed copy now at WWE Shop. Check out exclusive clips of the tracks "Desenamorada," "Angel," "Where Did Love Go?" and "Adonde," plus the debut single, "¡Quiero Vivir!," on Lilian's Diva page now. The record features 12 tracks, including a duet with Latin superstar Jon Secada.

Are you an aspiring musician? Let the Raw ring announcer give you her advice on the music industry. Ask Lilian for advice now and she will respond to one message per week here on WWE.com.

Mark your calendars -- this Sunday, Lilian will sing the National Anthem at the Meadowlands prior to the NFL game between the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins. Her appearance is part of the NFL's celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and Wayne Chrebet Day. Also, Lilian's official record release party is Oct. 11 at the Knitting Factory in New York City. Get your tickets now!


Fall is here, and that means children across the world are back in school. Diva Dish asked a few Divas about their fondest school memories, beginning with former teacher, SmackDown Diva Michelle McCool.

"My favorite subject was P.E. I always wanted to be in P.E., playing sports," the All-American Diva said. "My next favorite would have to be science. I like to get down and dirty and dissect, like dissecting frogs or whatever else we could dissect. But P.E. was my favorite, by far!"

Diva Dish was itching to know -- does the former Florida schoolteacher miss being in front of a classroom?

"This is obviously my dream job, that's why I'm here. I could go back to teaching any day, which I would. I love the kids. I miss the kids. I still have a good rapport with the kids in my hometown," Michelle explained. "Last week I was out there watching them play high school football. I go out and watch them play sports. Some of them come by the house to say hello. I miss them, but I get to see them, as well."

SmackDown's Torrie Wilson told Diva Dish she loved getting back into the classroom come fall.

"I really enjoyed going back to school. It was always really exciting, and I was anxious to get back and see my friends," Torrie said. "Plus, football season starts, which is fun. I hated math -- I was horrible at it! I loved reading and writing, and of course gym class."

Jillian admitted to Diva Dish she wasn't into hitting the books.

"I didn't do a lot of work in school. I was more into having fun," the Raw Diva said. "But if I had to pick a favorite class, of course it was music. I always got an A, thanks to my beautiful voice. Want to hear it?"

For Cherry, she said it was her favorite teachers who made school more enjoyable.

"My favorite subject would have depended on the type of teacher I had. If the teacher was fun, then I enjoyed class. I didn't have a favorite specific subject," Cherry said. "Like in high school, I really liked math because I had a really good math teacher, and I had a really good science teacher. It really depended on who made school the most interesting."


Wedding bells
Don't forget -- you're invited to tonight's wedding of SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long and Diva Kristal, at 8/9 CT on The CW Network. Women's Champion Candice Michelle told Diva Dish she'll be there.

"I'm excited for the wedding. Kristal and Teddy seem very happy. They had a great bachelorette and bachelor party, which I'm a little sad to say I missed out on. But we can party after the wedding!" Candice smiled. "Jagged Edge will be there. All the Superstars will be there. It's going to be a big wedding and it's a celebration and everyone is coming!"


Family ties
While Beth Phoenix lost her Women's Champsionship match to Candice Michelle at Unforgiven, Raw's Glamazon said she was proud to be part of her first pay-per-view match.

"It was an awesome feeling, going into Unforgiven. I felt like finally I had a chance to come into my own, to be myself as the Glamazon. It was an awesome experience, although next time we all know I'll come out on top," Beth said.

The Glamazon said Unforgiven was extra special for her, because her brother was in Memphis, Tenn., for the pay-per-view.

"My brother came into town to watch Unforgiven, and I was able to spend some time with him. My brother and I are really close," Beth explained. "We're really close in age, and he was on the amateur wrestling team with me, so to have him there, every step of the way in my career, is awesome. So it was important for me to spend some time with him and catch up, because he's my heart. He's really close to me."


On the road again
Jillian wanted to thank all our fans who have been sending her get well wishes after her recent wisdom teeth surgery.

"Well, I am back to normal, and I think I can sing even better than ever now," she grinned.

Jillian's feeling so great, she even took a girls-only road trip with fellow Raw Diva, Melina.

"Melina and I took a road trip. We drove from home to Nashville to Raw, and then from Nashville to Atlanta to SmackDown together. Let's just say we were crazy!" Jillian laughed.


Eurotrip Diva
Cherry told Diva Dish she had a blast on SmackDown's recent European tour.

"We just got back from our overseas tour of Spain and France. That was really exciting. We got to hang out and see a lot of the sites. I passed the Eiffel Tower, but it was in the distance… but I passed it!" she smiled. "It was the first time I was ever in Paris. One show was in a bullfighting ring, which was really interesting. It was somewhat of an outside show. Seeing all our fans there was amazing!"


Lucky gal
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