Diva Dish: Gridiron girl

Diva Dish: Gridiron girl

This week in Diva Dish, Victoria shares her love for a new sport. Raw Divas Beth Phoenix, Melina, Maria, Candice Michelle, Mickie James and Lilian Garcia talk about their perfect summer dates. Finally, Lilian readies to sing the National Anthem, while Jillian thinks about a big move.


Gridiron girl
When Victoria isn't roughing it up in the SmackDown ring, the two-time Women's Champion loves to watch live arena football.

"On my days off, I've been going to arena football games. It's totally awesome. I love it. I got invited by some gym owners to go watch the Louisville Fire," she said.

"They had an auction where you bid on the jerseys the players wear, and the money goes to the Special Olympics," she explained. "The player, Speaks, was kind enough to take a picture with me."

Since Victoria is so used to being in the ring, in front of tens of thousands of our fans, she said it's been a different, but rewarding experience becoming a Louisville Fire fan.

"It's like I didn't even know how fun it is to be a spectator at a sport. I loved it -- the entertainment, the halftime show, the free T-shirts," she said. "I got to be a fan!"

For more information on the Louisville Fire, visit their official Web site.


Diva dating
With the last long holiday weekend of the season looming, the Divas have time for just one more hot, summer date. The Sexiest Women on Television told Diva Dish how they'd love to spend the day with the perfect guy. This week, we'll hear from some Raw Divas.

"My ideal summer date would definitely be outdoors, something by the water," Beth Phoenix said. "A beach date would be awesome, with like a little picnic basket, some fruit and bread -- just something really, really relaxed and laid-back. I like just relaxing all day, maybe playing in the water a little bit. It's just totally a day to chill."

The beach seems to be a popular destination for the Divas' dates.

"It would be on the beach in Hawaii, where everything is candlelit, it's sunset, it's warm and there's dancing. All I'd need to wear is a red sarong," Melina said.

"I'd say a Hawaiian beach, with the waves crashing in on a gorgeous clear night, with the stars sparkling," Maria smiled. "We'd have some summer frozen drinks, like pina coladas. The guy would have to sit really close to me. It would be really simple and intimate, and definitely on a beach."

Candice Michelle would also pick the sun and the surf, but she'd stay a little bit closer to home.

"I like long, romantic walks on the beach…" the Women's Champion giggled. "No, my perfect summer date is really casual. Actually, I wouldn't mind a walk on the beach, like Venice Beach. I like doing things that are upbeat and fun. Let's go out and have a good time. I'm not about sitting on my couch and letting it eat me on a date. So let's go get a great lunch, get a suntan, go swimming. A date is always nice if you have to get wet… in the water, in the ocean!"

Mickie James told Diva Dish she's not sure if there really is a "perfect" date, but since it's summertime, she'd stay outdoors, too.

"Perhaps, you know those tiki bars out on the beach? That would be really cool, to go out to something like that, where there's music so you can dance, but you can talk, and hang out by the ocean," Mickie said. "Because when I think of summer, I think of the ocean. That would probably be pretty nice."

Lilian Garcia said the summer equals being athletic, playing sports outside and hitting the beach, of course.

"You can take me rollerblading, biking, waterskiing. I love the beach, too. I love laying out all day on the beach, listening to music and swimming," Lilian said. "I love to take Jet-Skis out on the beach. … It's all about being outdoors in the summer and being wild and free, but doing something athletic."


Lilian sings
Hey, Lilian fans -- mark your calendars! The Raw ring announcer will be singing the National Anthem before the New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins game on Sept. 23 at The Meadowlands in East Rutherford, N.J. It's the fifth year in a row Lilian will be singing the National Anthem for the Jets. Her appearance is part of the NFL's celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and Wayne Chrebet Day.

For more information on the New York Jets, visit their official Web site.


On the move
Raw Diva Jillian, who lives in Louisville, told Diva Dish she's contemplating a big move to be closer to her family.

"I possibly want to move to Florida. I have a brother and a sister in Florida. And there's no state income tax, can't forget that one," she laughed. "Anyway, I don't want to live with them, but I want to live near my family. I'll get my own house in the same subdivision as my sister and brother. Isn't that cute?"

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