Diva Dish: A new Diva friendship

Diva Dish: A new Diva friendship

In this week's Diva Dish, Victoria and Lena Yada spend another day off together, Divas Champion Michelle McCool hits the beach, Kelly Kelly moves in, and Victoria and Maria share some of their culinary delights.

Play ball!
Natalya better watch out! Lena Yada seems to be moving in on her best friend, Victoria. As reported recently in Diva Dish, the devious duo spent a day off at Hershey Park. Last week, they hung out during all of their free time in Chicago.

"We ended up going to a White Sox game yesterday, on our day off. We like to take advantage of our days off," Victoria said.

"This time I thought I'd get in on the festivities," Lena said. "Instead of just painting her stomach, I thought I'd join her. This time Victoria had ‘Dirty' on her stomach and I had '30' in celebration of one of the players we all know here at WWE, Nick Swisher, ‘Dirty 30.'"

Since both Divas lived in Chicago at one time, Lena is convinced it's a sign -- she is destined to be best pals with the SmackDown Diva.

"Watch out Natalya! I'm going to be Victoria's new BFF. I'm her new girl. I'm putting in the time to let her know I'm here for her as a friend," ECW Diva Lena said.

Stay tuned to WWE.com's Diva Dish for more on the blossoming friendship of Victoria and Lena. The Diva duo promises to keep their fans updated on their adventures in future Dish columns.

Divas Champion Michelle McCool recently took a few days off for a much-needed vacation in the tropics to relax on the beach.

"For the first time in four years, I took a couple of days in between live events and went on a little getaway vacation, went to the islands and laid on the beach all day long and did absolutely nothing except swim in the ocean, lay on a raft in the ocean, snorkel and Jet Ski. It was heaven," she said.

"I got my tan on. I came back a little dark, with my hair bleached out a little bit from the sun. There's nothing better than sand between my toes, hearing the waves crash and soaking up the sun all at the same time. It was very relaxing."

It's no secret that the SmackDown Diva's beautiful physique makes heads turn, especially when she's showing off her bikini-ready body.

"I don't mind somebody walking by and saying, ‘Hey, you look nice,' or ‘I love your bathing suit,' but occasionally a person drinking too much alcohol walks by grunting," she laughed. "Or you'll get the obnoxious one that says, ‘Hey, what's your name?' … ‘It's not going to matter because it's not going to come out of your mouth,' is what I want to say!"

The Divas Champion says she tries to just smile and walk away from an uncomfortable situation, but if she has to, she's not afraid to put someone in line.

"The good thing is, I like to play football on the beach, so, I always have a football in my hands if somebody smarts off one too many times," she said. "If you want to compliment, do it in a respectful way. But for the most part, everyone's there for the same reason -- rest and relaxation -- a little R and R. And that's what I did."

Learn more about the Divas Champ by reading her blog at WWE Fan Nation.

Movin' on up
Diva Dish would like to congratulate Kelly Kelly on the official purchase of her first condominium.

"It's in downtown Tampa, right on the water. It's really exciting, because this is the first time I've ever really lived on my own. I'm independent, doing my own thing," the Raw Diva said.

Kelly Kelly is particularly excited to decorate her new place, but she's not so sure about throwing a housewarming party just yet.

"I was talking to Batista, who lives in Tampa, too, and he said I should have a houseparty. I was like, ‘If you plan it!'" she laughed. "I don't know if it's too much. I'm never home. And I'm thinking about getting a dog to keep me company. And my sister wants to move in with me, but I don't know. My mom was like, ‘You guys will fight the whole time!'"

But if the Diva does decide to celebrate the purchase of her new condo, the first invitee on her list would be none other than the Women's Champion.

"I'd invite Mickie James, because she's usually the life of the party. She's helped out a lot. I'm sure she knows how to plan a party," Kelly Kelly said.

"But I wouldn't invite Beth Phoenix because she looks like she'd ruin a party. She'd be a party pooper!"

Culinary travels
has made it her mission to enjoy each city she visits while on tour with WWE. Recently, on a trip through the Northeast, the SmackDown Diva took time to savor some of Beantown's culinary delights.

"I got to enjoy a little bit of Boston. I got to eat Brazilian food, where they bring it on a spit. I had chicken heart, sirloin, lamb," she said. "I like to experience other cultures. It's a hobby of mine. I like to eat different kinds of foods."

Simple pleasures
Speaking of eating, another SmackDown Diva has recently been tapping into her inner child when having a bite before getting in the ring.

"I never started eating peanut butter and jelly until I got involved with WWE because when I first got here, our catering was not so good. Nothing looked appealing," Maria chuckled. "So one day, a fine gentleman said, ‘Why don't you have peanut butter and jelly?' So I've had peanut butter and jellies here and there ever since, and they are delicious and I love them!"

The Diva is partial to crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jelly. But don't mistake her love for the classic sandwich for a pre-match, good luck food ritual.

"Peanut butter and jelly just kind of happens because I don't like a whole meal before getting in the ring. It makes me look and feel poochy -- which is a good word for it -- or fluffy, as others like to say," she laughed.

Want to know more about Maria? Check out her WWE Fan Nation blog.

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