Diva Dish: DJs rock with a Diva

Diva Dish: DJs rock with a Diva

In this week's Diva Dish, Lilian Garcia shines at the DJ Times Convention; Maria, Eve and Candice Michelle get bronzed on E!'s Sunset Tan; Maryse stops traffic; and Tiffany shows off her strength.

Dance with a Diva
Lilian Garcia
was a special presenter at the DJ Times Convention at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlantic City, N.J.'s Trump Taj Mahal Resort & Casino last week. The Raw ring announcer and recording artist hobnobbed with music industry executives, DJs and other musicians at the after party held at House of Blues at Showboat.

"Cyndi Lauper was there -- she has a dance record. Katrina from Katrina and the Waves, DJ Roonie G and DJ Second Nature performed amazing sets. I got to open up the show. Joey Fatone was the official host," Garcia said.

"Jo and Slade were there from Bravo's Date My Ex because Jo has a new record that's also dance. She was there performing, closing the show," she said.

The Diva was also particularly excited to meet Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist and producer, Akon.

"It was awesome. When they told me he'd be part of the show, I was so stoked," Garcia said. "Meeting him, he was just so genuine and so down to earth. That guy likes to smile! He was backstage just having a great time. And his show was great. It was fun to be a part of it."

And WWE Universe, get ready for some breaking news… The Diva wasn't only there just to present. She was at the convention to begin preliminary work on her next record!

"I was there because I'm actually working with DJ Mike Rizzo on some new songs, and we're starting to put together some tunes," she said.

Check out exclusive photos from Garcia of her and other music industry celebs. For more on the DJ Times Convention, visit djtimes.com/djexpo/2008/.

Bronzed and beautiful
, Eve and Candice Michelle recently stopped by Sunset Tan in Hollywood to bronze before a WWE photo shoot. The Divas were featured on the salon's E! Network hit reality show on Sunday.

"We had such a good time doing it. We got tanned for the photo shoot we had to do, so it worked out really great," Maria told Diva Dish. "It was funny because we all went in there white as ghosts and we came out looking like we were at the beach!"

The three Divas are Los Angeles-area residents, so they were already familiar with Sunset Tan and the show.

"It was really fun. We got to meet Erin. Actually, I had met her before because I've been to that tanning salon before," Eve said. "But they gave us great tans and it's a good place to know. We're going to go back there later. And it was fun to hang out with Maria and Candice because I don't get to hang out with them that much!"

Check out exclusive photos of the Divas at Sunset Tan. For more on E!'s Sunset Tan, visit Sunsettan.com. Also, check out some of the Divas' latest blogs on WWE Fan Nation. Read: Maria's blog and Candice's blog.

Stopping traffic
While recently traveling between live events in South Carolina, Maryse certainly caused a stir among several local police officers. The SmackDown Diva was pulled over in Saluda, S.C., for speeding, but naturally, the beauty talked her away out of a ticket.

"Well, like I always do when a cop stops me, I played the ‘Hey, I speak French. I'm sorry, I don't understand English. Excuse me, can you repeat? Excuse me, can you repeat?' like 12 times," she laughed. "So, finally I got into a conversation with him and finally he said to just calm down and just drive a little bit slower and don't speed."

Then the officer admitted to Maryse that he knew WWE was in town and he pulled her over because he couldn't resist taking a photo with the Diva he loves to watch each week on SmackDown. He assured her he wouldn't give her a speeding ticket in exchange for the memento. The problem was, neither Maryse or the officer had a camera.

"So, he talked into his little phone on his shoulder and he said, ‘Hey guys, I need a camera right now. I'm with WWE Diva Maryse.' Eleven cars showed up," she said. "I was at the gas station at two in the morning with 11 cars with the flashing lights on around my car!"

The Diva posed for an impromptu, 30-minute photo shoot with the policemen, who gave her a phony ticket as a joke.

"I disrupted the whole town that night. I'm sorry if anyone needed help because no one was available. They were all on my case," she said. "I'm stopping traffic, with all of the attention, doing a photo shoot at 2 a.m. in South Carolina, lost between Ashville and Augusta. They don't see girls like me all the time, so … it was just funny!"

Power and poise
ECW fans know that Tiffany, the assistant to General Manager Theodore Long, is more than just a pretty face and an intelligent beauty -- she's strong and determined, too. The new Diva started her high school's first all-female powerlifting team.

"We had a boys' team, but it wasn't fair. We were all cheerleaders. We were cute cheerleader girls, but we thought if boys can do it, girls can, too," Tiffany said. "So we started the team, and that first year, we took third place at state, which was pretty incredible for a first-year team."

Tiffany explained that normally a powerlifting team has 11 members, but her school's had just five, and they still were champions.

"My bench press was 110, which was my not-so-good lift. My squat was 225, and my dead lift was 275. Those were my maxes," she said. "I was in the weight room and I remember I was trying to lift up 225 and it was like it was nailed to the ground. Right after that, the meet was the next Saturday, and I lifted 275 like it was nothing. There was so much adrenaline. Isn't that cool?"

Tiffany and her teammates had to obtain funds to start the team, plus convince school officials, coaches and the boys' powerlifting team that they'd be a success.

"It didn't really take much convincing to tell them that a couple of cheerleaders wanted to start a girls' powerlifting. That wasn't very hard," the ECW Diva smiled.

"It was such a good time. I think because we were all cheerleaders, we'd always go to the meets with our hair and makeup done. We'd be the only team. The other girls' hair was back, they weren't all dolled up. We did it Divas-style. Always a Diva!"

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