Diva Dish: Hot summer memories, part two

Diva Dish: Hot summer memories, part two

This week In Diva Dish, SmackDown Divas Maryse, Michelle McCool and Victoria share their hottest summer memories. Kelly Kelly makes her action figure debut, Maria gets ready to rock, Michelle wraps up her All-American Girl series and Mickie James talks about the rules of dating.


Summer memories, part two
Last week in Diva Dish, we filled you in on the Raw Divas' most memorable summer moments. This week, a few SmackDown Divas share their hottest memories.

We at Diva Dish think it might be every guy's dream to be saved by a little mouth-to-mouth from a WWE Diva. Who knew Maryse is trained in life-saving techniques?

"I was a lifeguard for three years, when I was around 16-years-old. So for my first job, that was awesome, working on the beach," Maryse said.

"It was funny -- we had those Baywatch-like, red bathing suits. Once I had to save a kid's life. A couple of guys, too, but maybe they were faking… They were not very serious. It was a very bad sell!" she laughed.

Michelle McCool kept busy during summers with work. No matter what, it seems the All-American Diva always found time to have fun, too.

"I had a job during the summer. I taught dance and I took dance, so I was busy with that," she said.

"My other job was babysitting, which was nice because I'd go on family vacations, and we'd go to beach resorts. All I'd have to do is lay out in the sun and entertain the kids in the pool. That's my kind of job!" she smiled. "If I wasn't doing that, I was on the beach, from 8 to 5. I can't get the sand out from between my toes, I'm from Florida!"

When we asked Victoria about her summer memories, she recalled her first high school kiss as a teenager in California.

"I didn't really have a big crush on this guy. I just thought he was a handsome guy, who was the big football player, in student council -- you know, the preppy, all-American guy," Victoria explained. "I remember him going through problems with his girlfriend, and I was thinking, ‘She's stupid. He's a good guy. She's crazy. He's such a perfect role model.' "

The rumor mill started, and the guy thought the future SmackDown Diva had a crush on him. (He should be so lucky!)

"So we all went out to the beach. My friend was trying to teach me how to French kiss on a pillow -- you twirl your tongue, you poke in and out, you gently lick the lips -- that kind of stuff. I really was clueless," Victoria laughed.

"Anyway, we were on Newport Beach. There was a perfect moon, the waves were tumbling and we were walking along the sand. He kissed me, and it was the worst kiss of my life!" Victoria said. "It was not anything I imagined! I was just standing there, frozen, thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, this is what I've been waiting for?!' "

Victoria said as soon as the kiss was over, she told the guy their friends were waiting for them and she ran away, off the beach.

"The whole school heard about it the next day. I kept saying, ‘No, no, no, no -- we're just good friends, we're just good friends.' That's the worst thing I could probably say, huh?" she smiled.


Extreme action figure
Beautiful, blonde bombshells are often immortalized, but how many can say she has her very own action figure? Well, Kelly Kelly can. The ECW Diva's first action figure was recently released and she couldn't be happier.

"It's awesome. I'm so excited. The first time I saw it, I really couldn't believe it," Kelly Kelly told Diva Dish.

"When I was younger, I always played with Barbie dolls. I had hundreds of them. My mom still has them in our garage, in a big ol' bin. My nickname throughout high school was ‘Barbie.' So I think it's so cool that I have my own doll."

The young Diva feels honored to already have her own action figure.

"I never thought, in like a million years, I'd ever be a doll. I never thought there would be a Kelly Kelly. I'm only 20 years old. It's so surreal," she explained. "And the doll looks just like me. It's insane."

Kelly Kelly is proud that she's the first Diva in Extreme Exposé to have her own action figure, but she thinks it won't be long before her dance partners do, too.

"They had planned my action figure even before we started Extreme Exposé. I think they'll come out with the other Divas' so we can be a trio," Kelly Kelly said.

"Maybe Brooke and Layla are a little jealous because when I was talking to them about it, they were like, ‘Oh, I can't wait for my doll!' They were probably a little upset that mine came out first!" she laughed.

Kelly Kelly told Diva Dish she hopes all our fans will get her first action figure. Check it out now at WWEShop.com.


Rocker Diva
Calling all Maria fans… The Raw Diva will be making a special appearance at the Tinley Park, Ill., Ozzfest tour stop next Friday! This year's hard rock/heavy metal tour includes bands such as Static-X, Lamb of God, Lordi, Hatebreed and, of course, Ozzy Osbourne, who performed on SmackDown a few months ago.

"I'm really not too familiar with all the bands that will be at Ozzfest," Maria admitted. "But I may get to meet Ozzy. Maybe I can make that happen. I really want to see him!"

As recently reported in Diva Dish, Maria was moving back near her Chicago-area hometown. (Stay tuned to Diva Dish for more specifics on her move.) This Ozzfest tour stop is sort of a homecoming for the Diva.

"You know, I just moved, so Tinley Park is only a little bit away from me. I'm excited I can go to the show and back home in the same night!" she giggled.

For more on Ozzfest, see the tour's official Web site.

Sunshine State sweetheart
In the final installment of WWE.com's exclusive, extended cuts of Michelle McCool: All-American Girl, the SmackDown Diva has some fun in the sun while hanging out at the beach.

"I love going to the beach. I'm from Florida, so to me, there's nothing better than spending the day in the sun on the shore," she said.

Even if Michelle's spending the day at home, she still lounges around in a Floridian's favorite article of clothing -- a bikini, of course!

"If I'm at home, 99 percent of the time, I'm in a bikini -- whether I'm washing my car, or I'm outside planting in the garden or I'm cleaning the pool -- whatever I'm doing. I'm a Florida girl at heart, and I'm usually in a bathing suit and flip-flops," she smiled.

"I live by a railroad track, which doesn't bother me at all, and it goes right behind my house. I get a few honks and make some heads turn, so I have to be careful that everything is tied on!" Michelle laughed.


Diva dating laws
We've all had our moments, arguing with parents over the rules of dating, especially when it comes to curfews. Mickie James told Diva Dish she had to adhere to some firm rules when she was a teenager, too.

"I wasn't allowed to date until I was 16. Talk about strict, strict!" the Raw Diva said.

"Even when I was 17, I still had to be in the house by like 10. Even when I was 18, I lived under my mom's and stepdad's roof, I still had to be in the house by midnight," she explained. "If I was going to be late, I had to call and tell them when I'd be home. But I appreciate it now."

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