Diva Dish: Hot summer memories, part one

Diva Dish: Hot summer memories, part one

This week in Diva Dish, Raw Divas Candice Michelle, Maria, Mickie James, Melina and Jillian share their favorite summer memories. Also, take a sexy shopping trip with SmackDown's Maryse, and go for a swim with Michelle McCool.


Summer fun
Ahhh, summer. Everyone has memories of the hottest season of them all, whether it involves vacations by the seashore, a first kiss or just spending time with loved ones. What do the Raw Divas think of when they reminisce about the summer? Read on for all their funny, sweet and sometimes silly summer memories.

"My favorite summer memory is when I grew up in Wisconsin, we had a big fair called Summerfest. It's the biggest festival all year. Everybody looks forward to it in Wisconsin, and people from around the world travel to Wisconsin just to come to this fair," said Women's Champion Candice Michelle.

The Diva said her favorite part of Summerfest is running into Wisconsin pals and kicking it old school. Plus there are live bands, huge fireworks displays and of course, great food.

"When you're from Wisconsin, you like to drink beer and eat brats, and fried pickles! Cheese is really big, actually. Not only do we have cheese, but we have fried cheese, fried cheese curds, cheese on a stick -- you can eat cheese almost any way you can imagine," Candice Michelle giggled.

Maria's favorite summer memories involve her hometown, too. But the fashionista Diva said she's making her best memories at this very moment, as she's moving back to Chicago.

"I have been in Louisville, Kentucky, for 2½ years now, and I was training at Ohio Valley Wrestling, and I am now moving back to Chicago -- my home, and I'm moving near my family. It's actually a town outside of Chicago, but I'm not going to divulge where!" Maria giggled. "I'm excited. It's my own place. It's going to be a new experience, new friends, a new gym, new restaurants -- it's just going to be very, very exciting. I just can't wait. It's a whole new adventure for me."

(For more on Maria's move, stay tuned to an upcoming WWE.com Diva Dish.)

Mickie James' most memorable summers were spent on her family's horse farm in Virginia.

"We had 47 acres and five ponds -- four of them were man-made, and the last one was a natural pond. We'd go horse and trail riding. I trained and showed horses, so my summer would consist of getting the horses ready," she said. "Luckily we had a nice, big swimming pool there, we had ponds, we had four-wheelers and three-wheelers, and all that stuff, so that's what I remember my summers being like."

Mickie also has some silly outdoor memories she shared with Diva Dish.

"Have you ever heard of a skate? It's kind of like a stingray, but bigger. They don't have stinging nettles on their tails, but it's the same deal. We had those in the river. My friend and I were out there canoeing, and a skate clapped the water!" she explained. "It's their defense mechanism to scare off predators. I about wet myself! Here we were, trying to row back in because we were scared to death. We didn't know exactly what it was because they told us when we got back into shore what it was and what had happened."

That's not all. Mickie shared the story of one more funny mishap with us.

"Another time, I was like 13, I had on a bikini, and I thought I was some kind of cute. A bee stung me, on my bum. My whole butt cheek swelled up like twice the size of the other side! So I had to walk around with a lopsided butt for like two days," Mickie laughed.

As Melina heard Mickie tell Diva Dish her wacky stories, the A-List Diva pointed out that she never had such misfortunes in her young life.

"I don't have a bad vacation story. I never got bitten by anything, or stung by jellyfish -- nothing. I always heard stories, but nothing like that happened to me, of course," Melina scoffed.

Melina said she didn't have a job during her teenage years; rather she helped out her hardworking parents at her father's business.

"My dad owned a Latin music store, so I'd work with my dad. I did everything -- I filed, stocked, worked the cash register, helped customers; and my brother was the DJ. My parents were workaholics. That's why I'm such a successful WWE Diva today," she said.

Jillian recalled going on vacation with her family, every season of the year. But when it comes to summer trips, Jillian had an unfortunate story to share.

"I remember getting sunburned really bad, and it hurt really, really bad, and it blistered. I was in Florida. I have family there. I remember going to the beach with my dad and my sister, and I remember my dad flirting with some girls, so he didn't want to leave the beach. (Obviously, my parents were divorced,)" she explained.

"But I was burning so bad! He didn't know how bad I was burning, because I wasn't even sitting with him at the time, but I left and had blisters all over me -- all over my shoulders and my nose," Jillian frowned.

Poor Jillian! We're sure she sang away the blues, as usual.

Next week in Diva Dish, the SmackDown Divas will share their summer memories.


Shop 'til you drop
The always elegant and beautiful Maryse shared all the juicy details of a recent shopping trip with Diva Dish.

"I had one of the best shopping experiences in Montreal recently. I went to one of my favorite stores, Marciano. I had a blast trying on everything, and I bought everything!" Maryse giggled in her sexy French accent.

"I bought a nice, orange, super short, sexy dress. I bought a sexy bra with a lot of rhinestones -- I could wear it with a pair of jeans, just to go party with friends. I love lingerie, too. So I bought a lot of Maricano lingerie, which is very sexy," she purred.

Clearly, the SmackDown Diva isn't afraid to shop to her heart's content!

"I also love accessories, like boots, belts, necklaces, bracelets -- I bought everything, even a nice pair of pink boots with rhinestones, again. I also love sunglasses. I love European style. I like the real things, not fake. I like real diamonds!" she smiled.

Well, diamonds are a girl's best friend, after all.

Take a dip
In this week's Michelle McCool: All-American Girl feature, the SmackDown Diva goes for a cool swim, and shows off her toned, bikini body.

"I'm not one of those people who are afraid of the fish or the water. If I'm at the beach, I'm going to be bodysurfing," she said. "I tried real surfing before, and I ate it big time, but it's something I want to learn how to do! I love to be in the water, whether it's the ocean or swimming laps in a pool for exercise."

Check out this week's exclusive, WWE.com extended cut of Michelle McCool: All-American Girl now!


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