Diva Dish: Celebrating a SmackDown bond

Diva Dish: Celebrating a SmackDown bond

In this week's Diva Dish, we honor the friendship of Victoria and Natalya, offer congratulations to a brave Beth Phoenix, celebrate Summer Skin with Lilian Garcia and wish a happy birthday to Cherry.

Celebrating friendship
When SmackDown BFFs Victoria and Natalya headed Down Under recently on WWE's tour of Australia and New Zealand, the Divas were inseparable. From shopping for matching Uggs to wear with their matching "Best Friends" shirts and necklaces, to backing each other up in the ring, Victoria and Natalya were never apart. The Divas immortalized their trip together with a special drawing -- a unique piece of artwork they shared with Diva Dish.

"I saw an artist sitting down. What better way to capture our friendship, our memory, than to get our caricature done?" Victoria said, pointing out the silly wine glass in Natalya's hand (she doesn't drink).

"It could have been sparkling water with a twist of lime," Natalya laughed.

"Absolutely, because you do it with style!" Victoria smiled.

"What was so touching about it was that we were in a moment where we were overseas, we were in another country, and we were still able to embrace our relationship and really capture that love, honesty and truth of our friendship with this caricature," Natalya said.

 "You could really just feel the energy around us. People gathered around us to watch this picture being drawn. I've never felt that way about a friend before."

Brave Glamazon
Beth Phoenix
has never been a Diva to back down from a challenge. That's why this past Monday on Raw, The Glamazon got in the ring with Santino Marella and picked up a win. (WATCH)

"I did what I said I'm always going to do -- raise the bar. Santino issued an open challenge to anyone in the locker room. The Divas have a locker room, as well, you know," the Raw Diva said.

"I'm sure he didn't expect me when I came out. A lot of my opponents have underestimated me in the past and I'm here to make a statement -- that each and every time I come to the ring, The Glamazon is doing nothing but heading straight to the top," she continued. "Former Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella is a tough guy, but tonight The Glamazon was tougher!"

Phoenix assured us she's not afraid of any opponent, and if Marella wants to return for more punishment, she's game.

"As many times as Santino wants to challenge me and put me down, I'll be glad to take him on and show him that The Glamazon is tops!" she said.


Summer fun
Lilian Garcia
was overjoyed after her recent WWE.com Summer Skin shoot. While taking hundreds of beautiful photographs and shooting exclusive WWE.com video footage, the Diva proved to be back in tip-top shape.

"It felt good because it's the first time I've done anything like that since I tore my ACL, so it put it to the test. It was great to be able to run, leap and land without hurting myself. It was awesome," she said.

The Raw ring announcer is especially excited to show our fans a different side of herself, all the while sporting some very sexy swimsuits.

"Unless the fans are real die-hard and have followed me for nine years, they don't get to see me outside of the ring announcing and singing, which is very … proper. This shows them a different side of me, just being quirky and fun," she explained.

"I have a hard time trying to be sexy -- I can't even do that! I think I'd rather smile in a photo than try to be sexy, and I'd rather play sports. That's why I incorporated rollerblading and running. Even though I'm not a wrestler, I'm very athletic. I don't think our fans know that about me."

Garcia is especially looking forward to her Summer Skin launch on Aug. 19 because it's a special day in the Diva's life.

"It actually comes out on my birthday! It's going to be on WWE.com on Aug. 19," she said.

"Summer Skin is just all about having a fun day, and inviting our fans to come to WWE.com and check it out. Hopefully they'll get a smile out of what we did."

Sweet birthday
Speaking of birthday girls, SmackDown's sweetest Diva, Cherry, celebrated hers this week while on the road with WWE.

"Well, today is my birthday!" she told Diva Dish on Tuesday. "I'm here working, which is a great place to be because I'm here with all of my family and friends on my birthday and it's such a special day. Most people wouldn't want to work on their birthday, but there's nowhere else I'd rather be."

The Diva was especially touched by the outpouring of support and love from our fans in Charlotte, N.C., this week.

"When I got here today, I saw a bunch of WWE fans outside with signs that said ‘Happy Birthday.' That was so sweet! Not many people know about the personal lives of the WWE Superstars, so it's sweet to get a personal greeting like that, especially on a special day like this today," Cherry said.

As for her birthday plans, the Diva was also looking forward to returning home to celebrate again with her family and close friends.

"I'm going to have an intimate dinner with my family at home, and I will get to see my nephew, who is just as sweet as a button," she said. "I love long, leisurely dinners when the conversation just goes on and you get engulfed with everyone around you. That's really what I enjoy. That's what I want for my birthday -- no presents, I just want to be with my friends and family!"

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