Diva Dish: Island survival guide

Diva Dish: Island survival guide

This week in Diva Dish, the Divas discuss what they'd bring if they were stranded on a deserted island. From eyebrow pencils to pets to ice cream, Divas Victoria, Jillian, Michelle McCool, Candice Michelle, Cherry, Maria, Melina, Torrie Wilson, Kelly Kelly, Kristal, Vickie Guerrero, Brooke and Mickie James discuss. Also, Lilian Garcia makes her highly-anticipated Raw return, All-American Girl Michelle McCool shops 'til she drops, the Divas do the Fourth of July and new Divas matches spice up WWE 24/7 Online this summer.


Island Divas' must-haves
We at Diva Dish think it's every man's dream to be stranded on a deserted island with a WWE Diva. If you could bring just three things to that deserted island, what would they be? (We mean other than one Raw Diva, one SmackDown Diva and one ECW Diva!) The Sexiest Women on Television share what they couldn't survive without.

"I'd bring water -- gallons of water. Chocolate -- lots of chocolate. Not so much food, because I love sushi and sashimi, so I can eat raw fish. And a hot man, for some hot lovin'!" smiled SmackDown Diva Victoria.

It seems one Raw Diva might be ready to sign up for Lip Balm Anonymous.

"I can do without everything but ChapStick! The minty Blistex … the bright green one," Jillian said. "So I'd take ChapStick, a toothbrush and a Britney CD!"

Michelle McCool would make the most of her time on the island by sunbathing.

"I'd take suntan oil. I don't need a bathing suit because I'm stuck there alone, so I might as well go nude -- no tan lines," said SmackDown's All-American Girl. "I'd also bring ChapStick. Only three, huh? Suntan oil, ChapStick and probably sunglasses."

A few of the Divas would bring the people and pets they love the most.

"I'd probably bring three of my friends because I think any time you're with your friends, you just have a blast and you get creative with things," said Women's Champion Candice Michelle. "If we don't want to get off the island -- which we probably don't -- we could find some trouble to get in. Otherwise, we'd just sunbathe and hang out."

Take a wild guess who Cherry would bring. (Come on, this one's easy!)

"I'd probably bring some type of food…" the SmackDown Diva said. "And Deuce and Domino!"

Seems Raw's fashionista Diva would leave the clothes at home in this case.

"I'd take my special someone… And some ice cream? Maybe? Oh, and my car!" Maria giggled. "My special someone, some ice cream and my car, and I'd be good to go!"

Melina pointed out fellow A-listers always travel together, and she'd never leave home without her favorite accessory -- the ECW World Champion.

"Of course I'd take Nitro!" scowled the Raw Diva. "What else would I need? Well, maybe an endless water fountain and a magic, never-ending vending machine, too."

Torrie Wilson can't live without her favorite furry, four-legged pals.

"I would have to say I'd bring Stewie and Chloe, my two dogs; and lots of Champagne!" smiled the SmackDown Diva.

Fellow animal-lover, Kelly Kelly, would take her cherished pet, too.

"I would take my cat, my special someone and food, because I love food!" squealed the ECW Diva. "I love candy. I'm a candy junkie. That seems to be very bad, because I'm constantly eating cakes and cookies and chocolates -- it's bad! I get it from my mom. She loves junk food, too."

Kristal wouldn't stop being glamorous just because she's stuck on a deserted island.

"I'd take my eyebrow pencil -- that's very important," said the SmackDown Diva. "And a five-gallon container of water and an US Weekly."

SmackDown's Assistant General Manager would also pack reading material.

"I'd bring my Bible, food and a radio," said Vickie Guerrero.

ECW's Brooke would take a more practical approach. Her mind would be set on leaving!

"The three things I would bring are a boat, so I could get the heck out of there; some toilet paper and food," Brooke said.

Finally, Mickie James, who thought long and hard about this question, decided she'd need more than three things. We'll let her slide this time!

"This is hard! … I'd bring a flare gun, so I could shoot it up if I saw a boat go by and it could help me. I'd hope to have one, because I wouldn't really be able to bring it, because if I was stranded on a deserted island, would I really be able to bring anything, or would I kind of just be stuck with what was there?" Mickie pondered.

"I would bring sunblock, just to protect my skin because I'm going to be out in the sun and I won't really have a lot of shelter until I make it. I wouldn't bring food, because hopefully there would be some sort of food on the island, like coconuts and fish," said the Raw Diva.

"I would bring pictures, because they're fun and they'd help me remember my loved ones. And a pen and paper so I can write down everything," Mickie said. (Hey, at least she'd be prepared!)


Welcome back
Lilian Garcia made her highly-anticipated return to Raw this week, after a more than three month absence as ring announcer. Lilian injured her ACL while skiing in March. She told Diva Dish she missed being in the Raw ring, and appreciates our fans' warm welcome back.

"The reaction from the crowd was incredible. I want to thank our fans who have supported me throughout all of this. Whether it's on my Web site, or everywhere I turn -- when I see them on the street, they're always like, ‘When are you coming back?!' " Lilian said. "So to go through that curtain, hear the applause and the crowd reaction of everyone being so happy to have me back and saying, ‘Oh my gosh, the voice is back,' it just feels great."

Lilian prepared for her return by rehabilitating her knee every day after her surgery. While she was able to announce the first two matches from the Raw ring, her injury forced her to announce the remaining matches from ringside, as it was difficult to climb the ring stairs in high heels! Lilian promised she'll be back in the ring on Monday's Raw. She said the influx of well-wishes from our fans is what kept her strong throughout the past three months, and she's thankful.

"All the letters I've gotten, e-mails and messages on my Web site -- that's what got me through it. I wanted to come back a whole lot sooner, but there was just no way around it," she said. "The first three months is the danger zone when you can hurt it again, and go through the whole thing all over again, and that was the last thing I wanted to do! So I seriously had to take these three months and concentrate on that. But it's been completely worth it."


Shop 'til you drop
Have you checked out WWE.com's exclusive extended cuts of the Michelle McCool: All-American Girl series yet? This week the SmackDown Diva does something near and dear to the heart of each and every All-American Girl -- shopping.

"Shopping is something I do often and I need to stop. It's a problem!" she laughed.

"My shopping habits vary. It depends on what I'm looking for. Sometimes when I'm looking for something in particular, I have a mindset of being a quick shopper. I go in, get it done, find what I want and get out," Michelle explained. "Sometimes I just go in to look. I find cute dresses, stuff I can wear on TV, comfy clothes -- it just depends on what I'm feeling."

Check out an exclusive, hot video of Michelle shopping now!


Divas do the Fourth
How did the Divas celebrate Independence Day? Check out this week's special edition of Diva Dish: Divas do the Fourth of July. Let the fireworks fly with Mickie James, Maryse, Cherry and Michelle McCool. Read it now.


Divas, 24/7
Have you checked out WWE 24/7 Online lately? This summer, WWE 24/7 Online is celebrating the Divas with exclusive videos of the Sexiest Women on Television.

Watch when Torrie Wilson and Melina made the summer of 2005 even hotter when they faced off in a Bra and Panties Match at The Great American Bash. If that's not hot enough, try a Fatal Four Way with Ashley, Kristal, Jillian and Michelle McCool, all clawing at each other's clothes at The Great American Bash 2006. Then take a steamy trip to the Big Apple when Maria does New York. Check out these matches and more hot, Divalicious action at WWE 24/7 Online and take a peek at July's sexy Summer Skin photos.

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