Diva Dish: Divas do the Fourth

Diva Dish: Divas do the Fourth

In this special edition of Diva Dish, four Divas do the Fourth… the Fourth of July, that is! Find out how Mickie James, Michelle McCool, Cherry and Maryse plan to celebrate Independence Day.

Mickie James said she's excited to go to Mexico with Raw this Fourth of July, but it just won't be the same, being away from home on Independence Day.

"Maybe I can celebrate it in my own way," she said positively. "Otherwise, Fourth of July means fireworks! I love fireworks. You have a family cookout and go see the fireworks or set off fireworks, like I do. July 4 is to celebrate our independence."

Michelle McCool is happy to have some time off so she can relax at home this Fourth of July.

"I'm a small-town girl at heart. We're going to grill out, have some barbecue and sit outside by the pool," said SmackDown's All-American Girl. "The river runs through my town and we always have a huge fireworks display downtown. So we're going to enjoy some fun together with some friends and go watch some fireworks, maybe blow some stuff up."

Cherry plans to spend the holiday with the people she loves most -- Deuce, Domino and her family.

"I'm going to lay low, relax and hang out with my family," said the SmackDown Diva. "I'll probably just hang out by the pool, play with my nephew, and relax before we go hang out in Bangkok, Thailand."

Maryse has a bit of a different take on Independence Day, but have no fear -- the SmackDown Diva is ready to party.

"The Fourth of July? I'm Canadian! I'm French!" she laughed. "Yeah, the Fourth of July. If there's a party somewhere, I'm there! This weekend, I'm there!"

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