Diva Dish: More MTV honors to come?

Diva Dish: More MTV honors to come?

This week in Diva Dish, Extreme Exposé talks about the soaring success of their "Throw it on Me" video. One of SmackDown's newly drafted Divas, Torrie Wilson, says she's ready to make new friends on Friday nights. Mickie James makes a splash, All-American Girl Michelle McCool is loving life, Lilian Garcia is featured in a magazine and the Divas show off some Summer Skin.

It's a winner
Now that they're champions of MTV's Battle of the Videos online, ECW's Extreme Exposé were excited to talk to Diva Dish about winning the competition for the "Throw it on Me" video along with Timbaland and The Hives.

"Well, we knew the video was going to be awesome -- it has the WWE Divas in it!" Layla said, admitting she had a hunch they'd win the competition.

"Not trying to be conceited or anything like that, but WWE does have a big fan base," Layla said. "Timbaland has a huge fan base, too. Just putting us together, I knew it was going to be a smash."

Layla's right. Sources have told Diva Dish that the "Throw it on Me" video has a great shot at being nominated for a MTV Video Music Award. To top it off, the video is No. 16 on YouTube.com's most-watched list for this month, with close to 2 million views.

This recognition proves the Divas' hard work has really paid off, not to mention the added attention the Divas are receiving. When Brooke found out the video was nominated online at MTV, her phone began ringing off the hook.

"My friends were calling and saying, ‘Oh my gosh -- I see you on MTV!' They were freaking out!" Brooke smiled. "I remember sitting there, watching music videos, hoping one day I could actually be in one. But to work with Timbaland -- one of the top record producers -- it's insane!"

Kelly Kelly told Diva Dish a special Divas fan is partially responsible for the video's win online.

"I told my mom and she was voting every second -- it was hilarious. She updated me every hour to tell me we were winning. It was great. I voted myself, of course," Kelly Kelly admitted.


Life after the Draft
One of SmackDown's newest Divas, Torrie Wilson, revealed to Diva Dish that when she was drafted away from Raw, she was stunned… and saddened.

"I was really sad to leave some of my friends on Raw. I couldn't stop crying! Some of the Divas are my best friends, and we're together four days a week, so we're like sisters, so I'm really sad," Torrie said, noting she'll especially miss Candice Michelle.

Torrie said the opportunity to move to SmackDown allows the Diva to create new friendships with others on the roster, which she's excited about.

"I'm definitely looking forward to making new friendships with the SmackDown Divas. I'm really good friends with Michelle McCool, so I'm really excited to be able to hang out with her more," Torrie said. "I love Kristal -- she's really sweet. I love everybody in the locker room, so I'm sure I'll be fine."

Now that her apple-spitting ex-boyfriend is out of the picture, we asked Torrie if she has her pretty eyes set on any of the SmackDown Superstars.

"Well, Carlito's kind of an a** these days, so I'm sure it would be easy to replace him," she admitted. "But I don't have my eye on anybody. I'm laying low for a while, I think. Men are trouble!"


Dive in
Yesterday was the first day of summer, and Mickie James says she's ready to dive into her swimming pool. Slipping on her bikini is the easy part -- getting the pool ready for the summer wasn't!

"My pool's up and running. The pool guy -- it only took him three months to fix my pool -- finally fixed it," the Raw Diva said.

Just what happened to Mickie's pool? Try not to laugh too hard at this one.

"He had to put in a new liner, because my beloved best friend jumped into the pool with a chicken suit on last year and put 5,072 holes in the pool liner, which I spent a lot of money trying to fix, but they couldn't find all the holes. Therefore, we just had to change the liner. It's pretty funny," she smiled.


Loving life
She's an All-American girl, and she's loving life. SmackDown Diva Michelle McCool is sharing the things she loves most with our fans. Stay tuned to SmackDown every Friday night on The CW and check back on WWE.com to see exclusive videos of Michelle showing off her sexy, toned body while participating in some of her favorite activities, from playing tennis, to running on the beach to something near and dear to every young woman's heart -- shopping.

Check out this week's Michelle feature now!


Read all about it
Lilian Garcia is featured in the summer issue of REGO magazine, the leading Latino college and urban lifestyle publication. The Raw ring announcer, who is still recovering from a ski injury, talks to REGO about growing up in Spain, her upcoming debut album and life as a WWE Diva. The quarterly magazine is on newsstands now. For more inforation on REGO, visit its official Web site.


Summer Skin
Have you checked out WWE 24/7 Online lately? To kick off summer, WWE 24/7 Online is celebrating the Divas with videos never-before-seen on the Web.

Six steamy videos of Torrie Wilson, Melina, Victoria, Candice Michelle, Ashley and Maria are available at WWE 24/7 Online. See the WWE Divas welcome the warmth in their own very special, very sexy ways. Celebrate all summer long as WWE 24/7 Online becomes the home of Diva-licious action. Think you can handle it? Head on over to WWE 24/7 Online.

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