Diva Dish: Thoughts on an heiress

Diva Dish: Thoughts on an heiress

This week in Diva Dish, Jillian, Brooke, Vickie Guerrero, Layla and Mickie James share their honest opinions on jailbird Paris Hilton. The Divas and Timbaland clobber the competition on MTV Battle of the Videos online, Kristal dishes the details on her magazine cover shoot and WWE 24/7 Online continues its celebration of Summer Skin.


Thoughts on an heiress
She's in the clink, she's out of the clink, she's back in again… Everyone's talking about the heiress the world loves (or just loves to loathe). But what do the Divas have to say about Paris Hilton's jail sentence?

"Paris Hilton is in jail -- those are my thoughts about that," Jillian said matter-of-factly. "You know, I have a kitten named after Paris. That's the only Paris I really care about."

It seems SmackDown's resident songstress really has no sympathy for the heiress. (Hey, this isn't Britney Spears we're talking about after all.)

"Maybe she shouldn't have broken the law. If I went to jail, would she feel sorry for me?" Jillian quipped.

Extreme Exposé's Brooke told Diva Dish she's not a fan of Hilton, and thinks she deserves her full, 45-day jail sentence, sick or not.

"The whole thing with her having a mental breakdown -- everybody that goes to jail has a mental breakdown. If it wasn't like that, why would people be sent there?" Brooke said. "It is for her to think twice about what she did, and not to do that ever again. I don't think she should have special privileges just because she's Paris Hilton and has lots of money."

The ECW Diva said she thinks Hilton's jail time will teach her a much-needed lesson.

"I think it's good. I think it's actually going to put her in check and give her a wake-up call, like hey, there are normal people out there and you can't run around and do what you want because you're a heiress to a huge hotel chain!" Brooke said.

Vickie Guerrero told Diva Dish justice is being served by sending Hilton back to jail.

"I think she should be treated like every other citizen who breaks the law, and answering to what the judge wants them to do," SmackDown's Assistant General Manager said. "I admire her that she wants to carry out her sentence. Sick or not sick, I think she needs to stay in jail and finish out her time."

Extreme Exposé's Layla said she's shocked Hilton actually went to jail.

"I think maybe they're making an example of her, or maybe they're saying if you are a celebrity or have status, you can't break the law," the ECW Diva said. "I think it's going to be really hard for her. It's probably going to change her life."

Layla said she believes that if you commit the crime, you've got to do the time, regardless of who you are.

"She's obviously very well-bred. She's used to a different life. So for her to be in prison… Let's hope it changes her," Layla said with optimism. "It's something that had to happen in her life. It may be a negative part right now, but hopefully it'll turn out to be something positive in the end."

Mickie James said she thinks Hilton's getting a harsher punishment just because of her starlet status.

"You shouldn't make the consequences stiffer to make an example out of her just because she's a known figure. I could be totally wrong, but I feel like she's getting a stiffer punishment," the Raw Diva said.

Mickie explained that she thinks it's hard to feel sorry for someone who is so privileged, but being famous isn't always easy.

"I kind of do feel bad if she's crying. People are really dogging her out. It's hard enough being in the public eye all the time," Mickie said.

"No matter what you do, they're going to always say something bad. It's easier to say something bad about someone than it is to compliment them," she said. "I find that a lot of people get a bad rap because people just love to bring other people down."


MTV honors
It's official! Timbaland and The Hives' "Throw it on Me" music video starring WWE Divas clobbered the competition on this week's MTV Battle of the Videos online, getting 58 percent of online viewers' votes. Thanks to our fans, the Divas' video got the top spot and is featured on MTV, MTV2 and MTV.com. (Tune into MTV2's Elite 8 to check it out, Monday through Thursday at 9 a.m. and 2 and 10 p.m. ET.

Congratulations to Timbaland, The Hives and WWE Divas Maryse, Ashley, Torrie Wilson, Layla, Brooke and Kelly Kelly, this week's MTV Battle of the Videos champions.


Cover girl
Last week in Diva Dish we reported Kristal was shooting her very first magazine cover for September's African Americans on Wheels. The SmackDown Diva said she had a blast during the California shoot, and shared a few details with Diva Dish.

"For the cover of the magazine, I wore a yellow top with a gold tiger embellishment in the front, and some black hot shorts and a Harley jacket," she revealed. "I posed with a Harley-Davidson motorcycle."

So what can our fans expect to see when the magazine hits newsstands Aug. 14?

"Hot wheels, hot chicks, road rash… Yeah!" Kristal smiled.


Summer Skin
Speaking of the beach, have you checked out WWE 24/7 Online lately? To kick off summer, WWE 24/7 Online is celebrating the Divas with videos never-before-seen on the Web.

Six steamy videos of Torrie Wilson, Melina, Victoria, Candice Michelle, Ashley and Maria are available at WWE 24/7 Online. See the WWE Divas welcome the warmth in their own very special, very sexy ways. Celebrate all summer long as WWE 24/7 Online becomes the home of Diva-licious action. Think you can handle it? Head on over to WWE 24/7 Online.

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