Diva Dish: Mickie James saddles up

Diva Dish: Mickie James saddles up

This week in Diva Dish, Mickie James finds help with her horses through WWE.com, Maryse, Ashley, Torrie Wilson, Kelly Kelly, Brooke and Layla compete online for an MTV award, Kristal readies to become a cover girl, Candice Michelle is still smiling over her sweet success, Maria heads south to the beach and WWE 24/7 Online celebrates Summer Skin.


Saddle up
Recently in Diva Dish, we offered young readers interested in riding and showing Mickie James' horses a chance to contact the Raw Diva online. The response was overwhelming, and Mickie couldn't be happier.

Not surprisingly, Mickie said her inbox was flooded with e-mails from Diva Dish readers worldwide, many who don't even ride horses. Sure, she was flattered, but luckily a few young riders wrote to Mickie, too.

"I found about five people that I have selected that when I get back from Portugal, I'm going to try to make further contact with," Mickie said. "I've narrowed it down to five people, but three of them are really close. So I think it's going to come down to those three people."

Mickie explained there are two main requirements for those interested in helping her with her horses.

"No. 1: It has to be something that their parents aren't pushing them to do -- it has to be something they really, truly want to do," she said.

"No. 2: They really have to really want to do this, and they're not just saying it so they can meet me or other Superstars, because really, in all honesty, they're probably not going to meet very many Superstars!"

Good luck to the young riders who Mickie has selected. Stay tuned to Diva Dish for updates on Mickie's horses.

Also, Diva Dish would like to give a special thanks to WWE Magazine, which provided the photos of Mickie and her horses. They're from WWE Magazine's Winter Special Issue, Hanging with the Superstars. Check out the Diva Dish photo gallery for more photos of Mickie and her horse.


MTV honors
Timbaland and The Hives' "Throw it on Me" music video starring WWE Divas is throwing down on this week's MTV Battle of the Videos online. Now, it's up to our fans to vote the Divas' video into the top spot so they will be featured on MTV, MTV2 and MTV.com.

Go to www.mtvbattleofthevideos.com and vote now so "Throw it on Me" will beat The White Stripes' and Justice's videos. Timbaland, The Hives and WWE Divas Maryse, Ashley, Torrie Wilson, Layla, Brooke and Kelly Kelly can be this week's MTV Battle of the Videos champions, but they need your votes.

Vote now and vote often through Monday. The winning video will air on MTV, MTV2 and MTV.com next Wednesday. As of press time, "Throw it on Me" is in the lead, and let's keep it there. What are you waiting for?! Vote now!


Cover girl
It's a momentous week for SmackDown Diva Kristal, as she's posing for her very first magazine cover. She'll grace September's African Americans on Wheels, which hits newsstands Aug. 14.

"I'm looking forward to this. It's my first cover shoot, ever. I've never been on the cover of a magazine, can you believe it? I'm excited," she smiled. "I'm interested to find out what I'm going to wear -- or what I'm not going to wear."

Kristal told Diva Dish she loves cars, especially fast ones. She said she hopes to pose with some of her favorite cars.

"I like the Lamborghini Diablo. I'm a big BMW girl -- I like the BMW 6-Series. I like really nice, fast cars," she said. "I like classic cars, like a nice Chevy Chevelle, something like that."


Sweet success
Candice Michelle is still smiling over her sweet victory over Women's Champion Melina during their Pudding Match at One Night Stand.

"I don't think I'll ever eat pudding again in my life, but it was still a sweet success. Any time I come out with a win, that's nice. Just taking it to the next level is where I'm looking to go," Candice said.

The Candylicious Diva explained pinning Melina was a bit of a sticky situation, but she's proud she came out on top.

"The pudding is extremely hard to move in. You really can't move at all. Plus, it's very slippery," she said. "But still, I came out on top, and I think my outfit said it all -- I was the cherry on top."


Beach babe
Watch out, Miami Beach -- Raw's fashionista Diva is ready to paint the town -- and the beach -- red.

"This week I am going to Miami Beach, Florida. I'm hanging out with my best friend in the whole wide world, Emma," Maria said. "We're going to have some fun in the sun and just relax on the beach and have some girl time. I definitely need that every once in a while."

Not only is Maria looking forward to relaxing her toned and tanned body in the sand, but she said she's ready to unwind.

"I think vacations are most important to relax your mind, and right now I think it's a good time for me to do that. So I'm going to take a little time, go to Miami Beach for three days and it will be awesome."


Summer Skin
Speaking of the beach, have you checked out WWE 24/7 Online lately? To kick off summer, WWE 24/7 Online is celebrating the Divas with videos never-before-seen on the Web.

Six steamy videos of Torrie Wilson, Melina, Victoria, Candice Michelle, Ashley and Maria are available at WWE 24/7 Online. See the WWE Divas welcome the warmth in their own very special, very sexy ways. Celebrate all summer long as WWE 24/7 Online becomes the home of Diva-licious action. Think you can handle it? Head on over to WWE 24/7 Online now.

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