Diva Dish: Divas Down Under

Diva Dish: Divas Down Under

In this week's Diva Dish, travel to Australia and New Zealand with Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly; chat with BFFs Victoria and Natalya; and head to Fox Sports Net's Best Damn Sports Show Period with All-American Girl McCool.

Outback Divas
The Divas are about to head Down Under on SmackDown and ECW's tour of Australia and New Zealand. The tour kicks off Wednesday in Auckland, New Zealand, and continues through June 17, hitting Christchurch, New Zealand and Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane, Australia.

"I've been to Australia once before, and we went to Auckland, New Zealand. We were there for a few days. It was absolutely beautiful, so I'm very excited to go back there. I remember last time I was there I did some fine dining and shopping, so hopefully we'll be in that same area again," Michelle McCool told Diva Dish.

"We were right on the water -- beautiful, crystal clear, blue water. And the fans were great!" the SmackDown Diva continued. "I actually just looked at our tour schedule and it doesn't look like we're going to have much time to go out and sightsee, but every little hour I get I'm going to try to get out and spend it out and about, doing the tourist thing."

Faithful readers of Diva Dish know that Kelly Kelly is a big fan of hitting the beach, not only to catch some rays, but to surf.

"I'm really excited to see the beaches and to surf. I've been reading about it. My ex-boyfriend was a pro-surfer and he taught me how to surf. So I'm really excited to go to Australia and New Zealand," Kelly Kelly said.

But the waves aren't the only things she plans on checking out.

"I heard there are a lot of hot men in Australia, so I'm really excited to see some! I love their accents, too. No dates, I'm just window shopping," the ECW Diva giggled.

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Victoria + Natalya = BBF 4-Ever
Two of SmackDown's most devious Divas seem to be joined at the hip lately. Whether it's in the ring, in the Divas' locker room or out on the town, Victoria and Natalya are inseparable. They've even been spotted sporting custom-made, matching "Best Friends" T-shirts and necklaces. Diva Dish recently sat down for a chat (or should we say ego-fest?) with the BFFs.

"I went shopping today. I got us matching necklaces. We had special custom T-shirts made that say ‘Best Friends' and they're a split heart, just like the necklace," Victoria told Diva Dish.

"You went all out and it was such a surprise because May 27 was my birthday," Natalya chimed in. "I came into the building and this little one over here had a package waiting for me. She went out and got the shirts, and had them custom made for me. I thought I was going to cry, but you know, being third-generation, we don't cry."

"We don't cry! There's no crying in wrestling!" Victoria replied.

"You can give me a high-five on that one, girlfriend!" Natalya said, as the duo erupted in laughter.

Victoria said she's grown so close to Natalya since she became a Diva, they act like sisters. And the Divas aren't joking when they say they finish each other's sentences.

"One thing I have to say, and I believe this in my heart of hearts, is that what you have that I was most attracted to, is that you're violent and original," Natalya said to Victoria. "And for me it's like, there is not another woman who I can find who can get on my level to be violent and original. She brings it. Every single night there's just this energy and I feed off it."

"We're very lucky because I feed off her, because she's very talented. You're very original, too. I've learned wrestling skills from you. Your confidence level is amazing out there," Victoria told her best bud.

"You are amazing," Natalya said.

"You are amazing," Victoria responded.

"We are — " Natalya started.

"Amazing!" Victoria finished.

When Diva Dish informed the pals they were two of the most downloaded Divas on WWE.com in recent weeks, Victoria admitted she was a little bit surprised.

"I'm so used to people downloading those little skinny girls, like Kelly Kelly and Michelle -- the cookie-cutter blonds. Now it shows we're being appreciated as athletes with wrestling abilities -- that we can back up what we do," Victoria said.

But Natalya wasn't shocked she and her best friend are making waves online.

"Naturally, being the first third-generation Diva in WWE, it just felt right when I heard I was one of the most downloaded Divas," Natalya said.

"People want to know what I'm up to, what I'm wearing, what I'm talking about, what we're doing, what we've been doing -- they just want to see Natalya and Victoria. She doesn't give herself enough credit, but this woman is amazing. I know it's not Valentine's Day, but I wouldn't be able to do it without you," Natalya said, looking at her friend.

"Awwww. You give me a hug. Come here, BFF!" Victoria said, embracing her friend and then continuing: "We have good chemistry in the ring and outside the ring. I think it shows in our performance. We put our hearts and souls into every single match. We try to be the best, because you know what?"

"When you mess with the best, you go down with the rest. Yeah, baby!" the two said in unison.

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Talking sports
Michelle McCool
told Diva Dish that one of her longtime dreams came true this week when she was a guest star on Fox Sports Net's Best Damn Sports Show Period.

"It was so much fun. John Cena was one of the celebrity co-hosts, along with Eddie George from the Titans, and Charissa Thompson and John Salley. It was great. I had so much fun. They were so nice," McCool said.

The All-American Diva, who is a big sports fan, said everyone on the set made her feel welcome and comfortable.

"We talked about sports-entertainment, about how the Divas match up to the guys, about how we get injuries. I talked about being a teacher and having my master's degree in education. We talked about my love for sports growing up, how I got into WWE and what it's like to live a dream," she said.

"I could have stayed there all day. They were so much fun to talk to and so much fun to be around. I can't wait to see it!"

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