Diva Dish: Talkin' tunes

Diva Dish: Talkin' tunes

In this week's Diva Dish, Kelly Kelly rocks out at a Shinedown/Kid Rock/Three Doors Down concert, Maria comments on Miley Cyrus' photo scandal and Mickie James puts the top down and cranks up her favorite song.

Rockin' Diva
During a recent weekend off from in-ring action, Kelly Kelly got the V.I.P. treatment at a Shinedown/Kid Rock/Three Doors Down concert.

"One of my really good friends who I used to do bikini contests with dates the lead singer of Shinedown. I know they sing the Night of Champions song, ‘Devour,' so I thought that was really cool," the ECW Diva said.

"I went backstage and met all the guys and I had a great time. I met Kid Rock and Three Doors Down. I got to stand on the stage and watch them. It was really, really cool!"

Kelly Kelly said she was surprised by how much WWE Superstars and Divas have in common with rock stars.

"Rock bands are a lot like us. They have to go to the arenas early for rehearsal. They were telling me about their tour dates and how they're on the road for a long time," she explained. "It's pretty similar to what we do. But it was really cool. I had a great time!"

Stay tuned to WWE.com for more on Shinedown's "Devour," the official theme song of WWE's Night of Champions. Also, listen to Kid Rock's "All Summer Long," the official theme song of WWE's Backlash.

On Miley's side
At a recent Raw event, Maria tracked down Diva Dish because she felt very passionate about expressing her thoughts over a recent photo scandal involving a popular teen queen.

"Miley Cyrus … there are so many worse things you can do than take an innocent picture. I literally ran to the newsstand to find out what everybody's talking about in Vanity Fair," Maria said.

"I saw one photo on TV played over and over and over again. I was like, ‘There has to be something more in this magazine.' I opened it up and I saw two things. I saw a little girl with her father … how can anybody make that suggestion?! I do not know. I wish I had that great of a relationship with my father when I was that age! So stop giving the girl a hard time about that," she continued.

"Second, the picture of her by herself -- there is nothing bad about that. How many times have you seen baby pictures where the child is naked? Does anybody make a stink out of that? No. How many times have you seen pictures of girls wearing much, much less than that? She's a little girl that's holding a blanket up. I mean, please!"

Maria told Diva Dish that Cyrus' critics should stop focusing on the negative and give the teenage performer a break.

"She's a talented young lady who makes great decisions. Her father is supporting her. Why don't we focus on the good things in the world -- the love between a father and daughter?" Maria said.

"And even though pop music isn't my thing, I love her songs. So girl, go on with your bad self. Don't let anyone tell you that you are not morally correct, because I think you're more morally correct than anybody else out there!"

Top down tunes
Now that the weather is warming up, Mickie James is taking advantage of springtime by cranking the tunes in her new, red Mercedes-Benz convertible.

"I've been cruising in my new car all over the place," the Women's Champion said.

"And I suggest every female in America go out and get this CD -- Mary J. Blige's single, ‘Work That.' That song is my anthem -- ‘Work That.' Sing it, Mary -- that's all I have to say!"

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