Diva Dish: Hit the road with Victoria

Diva Dish: Hit the road with Victoria

This week in Diva Dish, Victoria gets revved-up for the opening of Black Widow Customs, Maria dates for charity and Eve lunches with two lucky fans.

Start your engines
Victoria's long-awaited opening day for her custom car shop is almost here. Black Widow Customs will open its doors on Thursday, May 22, and the SmackDown Diva couldn't be more excited.

"The day has finally come. I'm extremely thankful. There's a big buzz around the town. I strongly believe that we're going to have a huge impact on the car industry. I guarantee you that you'll see cars we work on in national car shows and grace the cover of car magazines," she told Diva Dish.

The opening of Black Widow Customs is expected to be a grand event for the city of Louisville, Ky. Local media, government officials and even several WWE Superstars and Divas plan to attend. Superstars Elijah Burke, JTG, Jesse & Festus, Domino and Jimmy Wang Yang, along with Divas Melina, Lena Yada and Jillian will accompany Victoria and sign autographs for our fans in attendance.

"The hard work has paid off for my crew. Thanks to everyone for their efforts," Victoria said. "This is also a chance to celebrate them and my chance to give back to my fans who voted me the YouTube Chrysler 300 Spin It Your Way online winner. Thanks to them for being so supportive."

The event is scheduled for 4 to 7 p.m. at Black Widow Customs, 5763 Preston Highway in Louisville. For more information on Victoria's shop, visit black-widow-customs.com.


Queen of Hearts
was a special guest at the Madhatter's Ball in Chicago this past weekend. The Diva was at the Alice in Wonderland-themed party to help raise money for the Lookingglass Theatre Company to increase interest in the performing arts in Chicago.

"It was so much fun to do. I love dressing up. I would basically like it to be Halloween everyday because it's so much fun. Everybody was dressed up in Alice in Wonderland costumes -- as cards, as Alice, as rabbits, as the Madhatter," Maria explained to Diva Dish, noting she was dressed as the Queen of Hearts.

Maria played an important part in raising money for the charity event, as a date with the Raw Diva was auctioned off to the highest bidder.

"They gave me away as a prize -- a date with me! I believe it was up to $5,000! We made $5,000 for charity. That's huge," she said. "But I haven't met the person who won a date with me yet. So that's pretty interesting! It's almost like a blind date, but it's for charity."

For more information on the Lookingglass Junior Board, visit www.lgjb.org.


Lunch with a Diva
Two lucky WWE fans recently joined Kofi Kingston and Eve for lunch in Toledo, Ohio, before a live event. The Diva said she had a fun time meeting our fans who won a radio contest, although they were a little starstruck around the beauty.

"Two gentlemen had lunch with us -- Izzy and Rob. They were two very nice guys. They were a little shy at first, but we started talking and it was very fun," the SmackDown Diva explained. "Later on, I saw them at the live event. They were in the front row, and they were very excited to be there!"

Eve said having ECW's undefeated Jamaican Superstar around only added to the fans' lucky experience.

"Kofi's always fun to be around. He's a fun-loving guy, so it was a fun experience," she said.

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