Diva Dish: Divas burn Paris

Diva Dish: Divas burn Paris

This week in Diva Dish, Ariel, Michelle McCool and Chloe have some choice words for a prison-bound heiress. Spring has sprung, and Torrie Wilson, Melina, Candice Michelle, Victoria, Mickie James and Maria talk about their head-turning, warm-weather style. Also, Melina preps for a trip down memory lane and Candice Michelle shares her passion for American Idol.

That's hot… not
When it comes to the prison-bound heiress everyone's talking about, a few WWE Divas expressed some strong opinions to Diva Dish.

"Paris Hilton -- she got exactly what she deserved. Who does she think she is?" ECW's Ariel hissed. "Daddy can't bail her out all the time."

Michelle McCool said she's not a fan of Hilton, but she does enjoy watching The Simple Life, the E! reality show in which Hilton co-stars with Nicole Richie.

"It makes me laugh. I'm easily entertained, I guess," the SmackDown Diva chuckled.

The former teacher has no sympathy for Hilton, though.

"As far as going to jail, honestly, I feel like if you do it, you have to pay the consequences, and that's what's she's doing," she said. "Tough luck. Maybe it'll teach her a lesson and hopefully it'll teach a lot of other people a lesson, in my opinion."

Chloe, on the other hand, was more concerned about the well-being of Hilton's famous four-legged friend.

"Woof! Woof!" Chloe barked. (Translation: "Oh no -- who will take care of Tinkerbell while Paris is in the clink?!")


Spring fever
Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom and the WWE Divas' fashions are getting a little sexier. But do skimpier clothes equal more stares from admiring onlookers? Diva Dish asked some of the Sexiest Women on Raw for their take on things.

Torrie Wilson confirmed our suspicions -- the stares increase when the mercury rises.

"I do feel a little more stares when the weather gets hotter, and it probably is because the hemlines get shorter and the tank tops get skimpier, but you just try to accommodate for the hot weather," she said. "The stares are good to a point. When people start overtly staring, it gets a little beyond annoying sometimes, especially in airports."

Women's Champion Melina confidently said onlookers always stare at her, no matter if it's winter, spring, summer or fall.

"It's true, I'm wearing a little less as it's getting hotter outside," she said. "The stares don't bother me. I'm used to it. It's the same old thing, just like the paparazzi."

Candice Michelle said her favorite outfit any time of year is her birthday suit.

"It doesn't really depend on the weather. If I'm in the mood to go out and dance on tables, there may be less clothes," she giggled.

Candice said she's happiest when it's sunny and warm outside, so it's no surprise she's a fan of wearing as little as possible. And who wouldn't want to look at Candice?

"Stares don't bother me, as long as they're nice stares -- to me it's a compliment. I'd rather have somebody want to look than not want to!" she said. "But if you're being rude, then you know, the stares are not welcome."

Victoria, on the other hand, said she pays no mind to onlookers.

"I really don't notice! Maybe I'm in my own la-la land," she said, blaming spring allergy season for her aloofness.

"I do look forward to spring fashion. The clothes are not as heavy. You can see my ring gear. I'm not ashamed," Victoria coyly smiled. "But my area is a little conservative. I own a family restaurant, so I'm not one to go, ‘Hey, look at my tummy! Look at my cleavage!' I'm a more family kind of girl."

Mickie James, who enjoys clothes shopping, as seen in her Backlash diary on WWE.com, said a lack of clothes shouldn't necessarily warrant more stares.

"I think any outfit can be sexy, whether it's jeans and a sexy top or whatever," Mickie said. "Obviously if you're wearing something kind of trashy, maybe you'll get some stares, but it's not because it's sexy, it's more like, ‘Oh my goodness, I can't believe she's wearing that!' It may not be the stare you're looking for."

Raw's resident fashion plate, Maria, had plenty to chat about spring's head-turning styles.

"More stares don't bother me at all. I wouldn't be a WWE Diva if I didn't like being looked at and doing photo shoots," she smiled. "I look forward to spring fashions because I love clothes, not because of the extra stares from guys. Plus, if my man likes it, I don't care about anybody else."

Maria had a few spring fashion tips for Diva Dish readers, too. One of her new favorite purchases is a sailor-inspired dress with pockets.

"It's very, very popular this season to have pockets on dresses and skirts. I think it's because of the way it looks when you walk with your hands in your pockets. It has more of a slender, streamlined look to it," she said.

Also "in" are bubble skirts, which give the body a more hourglass shape; and chunky-heeled shoes, cork heels and shoes that completely match an outfit.

"Like wearing a hot pink dress with hot pink shoes," Maria explained, saying hot pink and red are popular this warm weather season.

No matter the colors the Sexiest Women on Television wear this spring, they're bound to turn heads and drop jaws, we certainly know that.


School days
The Women's Champion is ready to take a trip down memory lane. Melina told Diva Dish her high school reunion is coming up, and she wants to attend.

"I don't really keep in touch with many people, but I'm starting to. Those people don't see me just as a person on TV, they see me as the person I was and that I am," she said.

Melina wants to catch up with high school pals and see what her classmates have accomplished.

"My friends I do stay in touch with, they're excited and happy for me to be Women's Champion. I don't know if anybody knew that I'd be a WWE Diva; they just knew I was different," Melina said. "I always loved to entertain and I loved sports in high school. People knew I was different and special, but they didn't know just how special. Now everyone wants to watch WWE and is proud of me."

The Women's Champion said she plans to bring her favorite accessory to the reunion, which will undoubtedly attract the paparazzi.

"I'm going to bring Nitro with me; he's my accessory. I want him to see the people I grew up with so he sees more of me and hears stories about me," she said. "So hopefully I'll get to go to the reunion. I'll take my Women's Championship with me and show everyone!"


Idol fever
While it seems most of the WWE Divas aren't big American Idol fans, Candice Michelle loves the Fox reality show. As previously reported in Diva Dish, her celebrity crush is Blake Lewis. The hip beatboxer has made it to the semi-finals, and Candice is thrilled.

"My favorite show is American Idol. Blake is my pick for this season's new American Idol, and he's still in the running," she said. "I'm cheering for him. I do vote for him when I'm home to watch it."

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