Diva Dish: Naughty or nice in Italy?

Diva Dish: Naughty or nice in Italy?

This week in Diva Dish, Candice Michelle, Victoria, Kristal, Mickie James and Melina share stories from Italy; Ashley rocks on; and Vickie Guerrero gives a healthy tip.


Italian adventures
As the Divas return home from their recent European tour, Diva Dish talked all things stylish with the Sexiest Women on Television. While in Italy, a few of the Divas shopped ‘til they dropped.

Candice Michelle kicked off the Divas' fashion show on Raw last week, and she looked like a glamorous angel in a white dress and matching wings.

"I thought I'd walk the runway with a Victoria's Secret style. I combined a costume and really gorgeous dress I found in Milan," she said.

Sadly, with the Divas' busy schedules, there wasn't too much time to shop in Milan's trendiest boutiques. Victoria found her dress in an airport shop.

"Actually, the airports were phenomenal -- that's where I got my outfit. Airport prices are outrageous, but I went in, told the girl, ‘dress me, I am your model.' She picked my dress, shoes, necklace, and the WWE fans got to see a pure side of Victoria," she said.

"I don't even know what brand it is. I'm not a brand person. I know Dolce & Gabanna, that's it. I think all of the Divas totally dressed differently and showed every aspect of Milan fashion," Victoria said.

Kristal, on the other hand, is a fan of a few of Italy's finest labels.

"While in Milan, I want to go downtown and check out some Prada and maybe some Gucci stores and bring back some Italian fashions," she told Diva Dish.

Mickie James made Italian fashion all her own during the Raw runway show, adding a little cowgirl into the mix.

"I used some Italian clothes, but kept it with my own style. My boots were my favorite," she said.

Women's Champion Melina said she had no time to shop, other than for her outfit for the Raw fashion show.

"Even in the United States, whether it's on Melrose or in New York, I'm buying Italian fashion -- shoes and everything," she said. "But I've been working so much and training so much I really haven't had time to shop, and that's really hard for me to say, because I'm a shopaholic."

"This trip has been my most serious trip ever, especially since I'm Women's Champion. I have a responsibility and I'm keeping it right now," Melina said.

In addition to noticing the fine Italian fashions, the Divas noticed another thing -- just how different the male Italian WWE fans are compared to American WWE fans.

"Men are a lot more forward here. They are very overtly obvious with what they want, and they tell you, which is… I don't know how to take it," Kristal said. "Guys at home play more games, and the guys here do not. Italians are very direct, very forward. But games are fun to play!"

Victoria noticed that whenever she passed a guy in Italy, he wouldn't be very nonchalant about checking her out.

"They'll let you know how you look and stuff like that. It's a nice compliment. It's nice to know you're hot internationally," Victoria said.

Another thing she noticed?

"The guys are very tiny here!" Victoria said. "The guys are really skinny and conscious about their weight. When I stand next to them I feel gigantic because I'm very muscular."

Candice was smitten with just how romantic Italian guys can be.

"Even if they're trying to pick me up in a really forward or arrogant way, they have the caliente, perfecto way of coming up to me," she giggled. "I think it's sexy. I just take the cute side of it and I really like it. As long as you have a little bit of smoothness -- smooth wine, smooth men -- it's a good mixture."

Mickie said she had a tough time understanding the Italian guys, so she couldn't tell if they were hitting on her or not.

"I just smile and nod. I hear a lot of ‘bellissimo,' whatever that means. Beautiful, I think?" she smiled. (Yes, Mickie, you are beautiful!)

Michelle McCool said not too many Italian guys hit on her while on the European tour, but she has a pretty good idea why.

"I haven't noticed too much of a difference between Italian guys and American guys, but we're sports-entertainers so maybe they know to stand back a little!" she laughed.

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Musical chick
We all know Ashley's a big fan of music -- just check out her rockin' blog, Bangin' with Ashley. But did you know a young Ashley played instruments?

"I played the piano when I was a little kid, and random string instruments. I also played the viola. I was in the orchestra in like the fourth grade," she said. "I was into music since I was a kid. My family always sang at family parties. My grandma sang. It's something that's in my blood."

While she's quite busy these days being a SmackDown Diva, Ashley said someday we might see her on the charts.

"If I ever got a chance to, perhaps. At the current period in my life I'm concentrating on wrestling," Ashley said. "It's not something that I'm actively pursuing, but it's not too far fetched. That's how into music I am."


Quite a concoction
Just got back from a trip? Feeling a little under the weather? SmackDown's Vickie Guerrero has a tip that might help you get back into shape.

"I get a bottle of distilled water. I put in a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, pure Grade A maple syrup and I juice about 15 lemons and pour that in there, too," she explained. "It's a cleansing drink. It's really good after travel when you get home. It cleans all the dirt out of your system."

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