Diva Dish: Victory with a Cherry on top

Diva Dish: Victory with a Cherry on top

This week in Diva Dish, Cherry chats about her first singles victory and thanks friend Michelle McCool, while Victoria brushes off her loss and joins forces with Natalya. Also, catch a flick with Jillian, work out with Katie Lea and celebrate Maria's FHM top honors.

Sweet victory, unlucky defeat
made an impressive in-ring, singles debut on SmackDown last week when she pulled off her roller skates for a win against the ruthless Victoria. Cherry said she can't take all of the credit -- there's another Diva she wanted to thank.

"Oh my goodness, I was so scared that day when I found out I had to wrestle Victoria, but Michelle McCool really calmed my nerves, and she was in my corner. Without her support I don't know what I would have done. It was really, really nerve-racking for me," Cherry admitted.

"I really didn't have a strategy, I was just praying for it to be over quick, and Michelle just gave me some advice on what to do," said a humble Cherry. "I really thought I was going to give in there, but I just got on my feet like Michelle said to. I referred to her, and she helped me, and I was able to get that win out! I was really, really pleased and Michelle was pleased as well."

But Victoria said she wasn't so impressed by Cherry's win. The master of the Widow's Peak explained that Cherry's success was not because of her technical ability in the ring. Victoria blamed Michelle for jumping on the apron, causing a distraction.

"You saw my face, I was shocked. It was out of nowhere. I was in control and confident that I was going to win, and Michelle ‘McDrool,' again, just had to butt her nose where it doesn't belong. You know, I could have gotten the three-count way earlier, I was just enjoying the punishment and the torture of Cherry," Victoria sneered.

"This is not roller skating. This is not a roller skating rink, missy, so leave your 1950s at home," Victoria continued. "But yeah, I chose to torture her and maybe that was my fault. And lesson learned, just get the job done quicker next time."

To top off Victoria's recent loss, the Diva faced more in-ring misfortune while on SmackDown's European tour. During a match with Michelle, Victoria tore her eardrum and temporarily lost her hearing after trading slaps with the All-American Girl.

"I heard a bell ringing in my ear. When people talked to me, it sounded like they were in a hole. I thought I was bleeding from my ear!" Victoria exclaimed.

But don't count Victoria out just yet. Her unexpected loss to Cherry and her frightening injury at the hands of Michelle have only refueled the fire of the former two-time Women's Champion.

Referencing the movie Gladiator, in which the hero journeys to Rome to seek retribution, Victoria vowed: "I'll get my revenge in this life or the next!"

And now that Victoria has SmackDown's newest Diva, Natayla, on her side, will this devious duo be able to defeat Cherry and Michelle McCool and dominate Friday nights? Tune in to SmackDown on Friday at 8/7CT to find out.

Movie buff
Divas are fearless, and Jillian is no exception, especially when it comes to watching scary movies. The Raw songstress recounted a recent trip to the cinema where she saw the horror flick Shutter.

"It was good. The whole theater was very loud, so it was hard to hear a lot of parts because people were jumping and screaming," she recalled. "I didn't think it was that scary, though. I'm pretty cool when it comes to that."

But Jillian's love for the cinema stretches beyond horror movies. Recently, the Diva also watched the Sin City-themed 21.

"It was a good movie because I love Las Vegas. I'm infatuated with Las Vegas. It intrigues me. It was a really good movie," she said. "As for Vegas, it's the lights, the gambling and all the crazy stuff that goes on. It puts me in a good mood."

Work out
Every Diva on the roster is known for being beautiful, smart, sexy and, of course, strong. One of Raw's newest gorgeous faces (and bodies) is Katie Lea. She credits her impeccable figure to hard work and a new personal trainer.

"The other day we went down to the beach, and we ran around and jumped around in the sand. We were very hot and sweaty together, it was very exciting," she purred. "Of course I'm doing it to keep up with my amazing physique. I have to stay in shape. I have to cement my place as one of the Sexiest Women on Television, but it's good to get some extra help. It's so much fun!"

Sexy honors
has been named one of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World for 2008. The Raw Diva and Playboy cover girl joins other celebrities such as Megan Fox, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba on the prestigious list. SmackDown's Torrie Wilson is a past FHM 100 Sexiest Women honoree.

Stay tuned to WWE.com for more coverage of Maria's placement on FHM's 100 Sexiest Women list, and read her fellow Divas' thoughts on the honor.

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