Diva Dish: Celebrity crushes, part two

Diva Dish: Celebrity crushes, part two

This week in Diva Dish, SmackDown and ECW Divas expose their celebrity crushes; Mickie James offers an update on her horses and Maria shares a secret about fantasy.


Celebrity crushes, part two
From actors to musicians to athletes, the SmackDown and ECW Divas have a wide variety of celebrity crushes. A few of the Divas have a few crushes in common -- keep reading to find out who.

"Not only can Justin Timberlake sing, he can dance," ECW's Layla told Diva Dish. "He can also act. There's just something about him. He has this magnetism and he's extremely sexy."

Layla said she likes Timberlake because she's a sucker for a guy who can sing.

"I've never dated a guy who can sing, but I've dated guys who try to sing!" she laughed. "I definitely think Justin is hot stuff. If I ever got the chance to dance with him -- oh my gosh -- that would be amazing!"

Kristal agreed with Layla about the performer who his bringing sexy back.

"Justin Timberlake is pretty sexy. I like his dancing. … Call me!" Kristal laughed.

The SmackDown Diva's other favorite celebrity is actor Johnny Depp.

"I think he's so sexy. I liked when he had the pirate thing with the dreads and the gold tooth going on," she said. "LL Cool J is very, very sexy, as well. He's pretty hot."

SmackDown's Cherry is a fan of Timberlake, too.

"I love Justin Timberlake, but don't tell Deuce!" she said. "I love his dancing the most, but his singing is just as good."

Her other fave? Actor Mark Wahlberg.

"I loved Mark Walhberg in The Departed. I love Boston guys, I have to say," she said. "But again, don't tell Deuce!"

At first, Michelle McCool said she's not one for celebrity crushes, and instead likes "real men." But when Diva Dish asked her to confess just one crush, she did.

"If I had to pick somebody I really had a crush on right now -- solely based on looks alone -- it would be Matthew McConaughey. He does it for me," Michelle said.

"I like athletes. Every picture you see of Matthew he's got his shirt off, he's running, he's doing push ups -- that just turns me on. He's hot," she said. "Look at him -- his face, his hair, everything. He's taller than me! That's hard to find."

ECW's Kelly Kelly also is sweet on McConaughey, saying, "He's a hot one!" Like Michelle, Kelly is into the athletic type.

"I think David Beckham, the soccer player, is gorgeous, but he's married to Posh Spice," Kelly said. "I'm into blond men."

Queen Sharmell said that if she were a single woman, she'd be swooning for Denzel Washington, citing The Manchurian Candidate, The Hurricane, Man on Fire and Ricochet as some of her favorite movies of the actor.

"It's difficult to say what his best features are, because I think they're all great," the SmackDown royalty said. "His smile is infectious and I think he has a great voice. I'm a fan of all of his movies. He's pretty much amazing at everything he does."

As previously reported in Diva Dish, SmackDown's Vickie Guerrero is a fan of actor Michael Rosenbaum, and even has a photo of him as her cell phone wallpaper.

"He is my celebrity crush. I feel like we could make a really good connection," she said. "Every Thursday night, my girls and I watch him on Smallville. My oldest daughter goes for Clark Kent, and I go for Lex Luthor."

As for musicians, Vickie said Jon Bon Jovi has made her heart sing since she was in high school.

On the other hand, SmackDown Diva Ashley told Diva Dish she never has celebrity crushes, but musicians often catch her attention.

"If someone's talented at what they do, that turns me on more than, say, Brad Pitt," Ashley said. "For me it's not so much actors or celebrities. I'm more into talented musicians. I wouldn't even call it a crush. I'm inspired by them and I admire them."

Stay tuned to Diva Dish for more on Ashley's musical accomplishments and aspirations.


Mickie's horse update
As reported last month in Diva Dish, Mickie James' recently moved her three show horses to a farm closer to her Virginia home. 

"My horse move went very well, except for the baby. She got a little sick and caught a cold. She had a little runny nose," she said. "So I had to have a vet come out when I was on the Latin America tour. So I was a little freaked out I couldn't be there. But she's okay."

Mickie mentioned that she's still checking the e-mail address she set up for children in the Richmond, Va., area who are interested in helping her show her horses.

"When I was growing up, I was lucky enough to have a horse farm with my grandma. I had the means to be able to go out and show horses, but I had friends who couldn't, and it was cool to let them come ride at our barn," she explained. "So if there are kids out there who want to show my horses, here's an opportunity."

Interested? E-mail mickieshorses@yahoo.com.


Secret fantasy
Maria has made her Secret Sessions debut on WWE.com, but Diva Dish still has more inside scoop on the sexy shoot. When it comes to fantasy, Maria said she's a fan, and that goes for books, too. She told Diva Dish what she was reading in her free time.

"I'm reading Eldest by Christopher Paolini. It's the sequel to Eragon from the Inheritance trilogy," Maria said. "It's all about dragons. I just think that the fantasy world is great. Being in WWE is my fantasy, so it kind of goes along with it."

Haven't seen Secret Sessions yet? Check Maria's sexy debut. Continue…

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