Diva Dish: WrestleMania XXIV rewind

Diva Dish: WrestleMania XXIV rewind

The WWE Divas made the Sunshine State even brighter last week when they heated up WrestleMania XXIV. Diva Dish was in Orlando, Fla., for every sizzling moment, so sit back, relax and relive some of the Divas' highlights from The Granddaddy of Them All.

Beautiful benefit
The lovely Kelly Kelly became fast friends with 'Mania hostess, Kim Kardashian, at Sunday's Bacon, Bagels & Biceps Brunch. The two beauties bonded over breakfast on WrestleMania morning during the charity event benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

"It was awesome. Kim Kardashian was the sweetest thing ever," Kelly Kelly said. "She was so nice and we got along well. She came and sat right next to me and we talked."

The ECW Diva said the star of E!'s Keeping up with the Kardashians asked her to explain to her who's hot -- and who's not -- in WWE.

"Kim was like, ‘Why are they booing? Why are they cheering? Why are they booing Beth?' " Kelly Kelly said. "And I was like, ‘ 'Cause she's mean!' and she was like, ‘Ohhhh.' She didn't know, so it was really cool to tell her about who's who and what's going on."

Not only did Kelly Kelly form a new friendship with the stunning hostess, she also caught up with her Florida friends and family last week.

"It was really cool. WrestleMania was amazing. I had such a great time out there and all of my family was there. I just hope to be part of WrestleMania for many years to come. I hope to get my own match at WrestleMania someday," she said.

You never know!

The show must go on
Who turned out the lights? That's exactly what the Divas were wondering during the BunnyMania Lumberjack Match on Sunday. Suddenly, the Citrus Bowl went dark during the heated battle, but the Divas soldiered on.

"You just have to be prepared for anything," Mickie James told Diva Dish, who was a Lumberjack in the match.

Despite her loss, Maria said she wasn't giving up -- lights or no lights -- during her time to shine.

"No matter what, I'm going to fight until the finish. No matter what, I'm going to try my hardest to win," the Raw Diva said. "My loss definitely was caused because Santino pulled my leg."

Melina admitted she was shocked when the Citrus Bowl went dark during BunnyMania, but she wasn't surprised the fearless Divas kept fighting.

"There's nothing that we could do, that's what a fight is. We just scrapped in the dark," the Raw Diva said. "But I was so proud, I was so proud. Not only of Beth, because she's my partner -- we did what we came there to do. But it did impress me that Maria & Ashley still kept going in the dark. So I give them some credit. It doesn't mean I like them, but I give them credit for doing what they did in the dark."

Ashley said don't be so shocked the show went on. She told Diva Dish that despite the darkness, she never lost sight of her opponents in the ring.

"We didn't have to stop, we didn't have to slow down, we were going at it like crazy and eventually the lights went back on," Ashley said. "I had no idea what was going on, but you can't stop and think about that too long. You've got a girl in front of you who wants to take your head off, so we kept going through it and it was an awesome experience.

"We lost but there's always tomorrow, there's always next Monday and hopefully we'll get another chance to face them again," Ashley said. "And although we lost, it was still amazing to be part of WrestleMania XXIV."

Eve's inaugural WrestleMania experience was one to remember. From hobnobbing with celebs to participating in charity events, the 2007 Diva Search winner enjoyed every moment she spent in Orlando.

"I got to meet Floyd Mayweather, Snoop Dogg, Raven-Symoné and John Legend. I saw Reggie Bush -- he was a friend of mine in college. That was the fun part for me," Eve explained.

"But probably the most impactful part was just walking in and seeing the stadium and how it completely changed just for this event, and what 74,635 people really looks like. It's like a rush you've never felt before in your whole life," the SmackDown Diva explained.

"I mean there's no other comparable feeling to seeing that many people there for one event. It was really emotional for me, being that it was my first WrestleMania, and being able to be a part of it, watching the history being made that night."

Eve took part in an autograph signing where she met many our fans from around the world, including some from India, South Africa and all over Europe, she said. The SmackDown Diva also made an appearance at a WrestleMania Reading Challenge event.

"That was great because it was to encourage young children to read. That's something that's important to me. I encourage kids to stay in school, and I encourage education and reading. So I enjoyed that appearance very much," Eve said.

Sunny memories
Michelle McCool
said that being in the place she calls home -- Florida -- for WrestleMania XXIV only added to her magical experience.

"WrestleMania -- we top it every year, how do we do that? Gosh, what a production, from top to bottom, the show was absolutely amazing," she said. "You know, we're going to have to once again step it up in Houston for WrestleMania XXV. But to be in my home state this year, I couldn't ask for more."

SmackDown's All-American Girl cited a WWE Circle of Champions visit as the highlight of her week in O-Town.

"My favorite was the Make-A-Wish appearance I did with Kane and Rey Mysterio. We went to the hotel where the kids were staying, and there were 52 Make-A-Wish kids!" McCool explained.

"Those kids are the most courageous, brave, kind and just encouraging people I've ever met. It was emotional. It was exciting. It was sad. But to put smiles on their faces, you couldn't ask for more."


Sexy time
can sum up her 'Mania experience in one word: sexy.

"I had the chance to walk out in front of almost 80,000 people, which was absolutely awesome. I had the chance to wear sexy clothes, and act sexy, and I am sexy, so I got to show everyone the sexiest woman in the world," she purred.

"I really enjoyed my time. I had a rush of adrenaline when I passed through the curtain, and there were almost 80,000 WWE fans. It was absolutely insane."

A part of history
said she felt particularly lucky to be a part of WrestleMania XXIV -- a truly historic sports-entertainment event.

"For me, it was such an amazing and crazy experience. I mean just the fact that 74,635 of our fans packed the Citrus Bowl -- an outdoor arena -- and just how big WrestleMania looked this year, and then you have Ric Flair!" she exclaimed.

"How lucky am I that I was actually here for this? I was backstage, about to go out for my match, right when Ric was coming back from his and I was just like, ‘Wow, I can't believe I'm here, on this day when such an amazing performer is retiring.' That was really emotional, and I was real lucky to be part of that," Ashley said.

"This is just a crazy experience because I wasn't even sure I was going to be here because my hand was busted up right before, but I was able to come in and compete because Candice Michelle was out with an injury."

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