Diva Dish: Diva 'Mania

Diva Dish: Diva 'Mania

In this special post-WrestleMania 23 edition of Diva Dish, Women's Champion Melina talks about her momentous week, Victoria admits she has a crush, Kristal connects with the WWE fans and Maria muses on her Hall of Fame date.


WrestleMania 23 was a momentous occasion for Melina. It was the Raw Diva's first WrestleMania, and she successfully defended the Women's Championship against SmackDown Diva Ashley. The enormity of Detroit's Ford Field made Melina realize just how much being a part of WrestleMania 23 meant to her.

"We put our heart into it. I like to think that little girls who are watching it are excited to see us, and we mean as much to them as the men's matches," she told Diva Dish.

While Melina said WrestleMania week was jam-packed with events, which made it go by in a blur, the THQ Challenge was one memorable highlight. The Women's Champion was the best female video gamer there.

"I annihilated all the Divas. I'm the most dominant Diva inside and outside the ring, and at the THQ challenge, as well," she said confidently. "They can't hold a candle to me. Hoepfully next year I'll be in the finals."

The red carpet Diva also enjoyed getting dressed up for the Hall of Fame ceremony and the world premiere of The Condemned.

"It makes me even happier to get Nitro dressed up," she laughed. "He says he's my accessory."

Aside from defending the Women's Championship, Melina's favorite part of WrestleMania week was watching the Hall of Fame inductions.

"I love going to the Hall of Fame ceremony because you get to see what everybody went through to get into the business. To me, it touches my heart, especially to see their families," she said." It's a sentimental moment and I love watching it. It makes me appreciate the road that they've paved for us."


Divalicious crush
Victoria admitted to Diva Dish that after WrestleMania week, she's realized she has one stunner of a crush!

"The Condemned was awesome. ‘Stone Cold' Steve Austin came off really sexy. The movie was awesome," she said. "He's a super nice guy. If you're single, Stone Cold, I'm available!"

The Raw Diva said Stone Cold stole the show at Hall of Fame ceremony for her, too.

"He's smokin'. He has a personality. He's funny, and he's nice, too. He's the total package. Normally I don't like bald guys, but I like him. He's one of those perfect men," she purred.

Speaking of the Hall of Fame ceremony and The Condemned premiere, Victoria was looking pretty smokin' herself!

"I went with basic black. I do enjoy getting dressed up sometimes, but I'm more of a sweats, baseball cap, jeans kind of girl. But that was like going to prom again!" she laughed.

"It was nice to see everyone dressed up. The heels and the dress -- I can do it, but that's not me. I'm more of the funky hairdo, ponytails, more like a Bratz doll type. If I can get away with it, I'll do it!" Victoria said.

Another highlight of Victoria's week was when she visited a local Detroit library where she met with some underprivileged adolescents.

"I told them it's never too late to make a change. You can change a life you're not happy with," she said. "That visit was really inspirational. There were some major, loyal WWE fans there, too. That was a good feeling."

On a different note, Victoria said one of her more unique WrestleMania week moments came when she signed a WWE fan's body. Then, he said he was on his way to get the signature permanently tattooed. (It's not the WWE fan's first -- he already has Hulk Hogan, Candice Michelle and Lilian Garcia tattoos.) While Victoria doesn't have any names inked on her body, she did reveal that she has a tattoo.

"It's a little heart I got in high school and I had to hide it from my mom for 10 years!" Victoria said. "She didn't find out until after college. She thought I was bleeding on my ankle when she saw it!"


Making connections
Looks like Diva Dish has found another Stone Cold fan in SmackDown's Kristal.

"One of the highlights of WrestleMania week was going to The Condemned premiere. It was so awesome seeing my hero, Stone Cold Steve Austin, finally make a movie. It was wonderful," Kristal said.

For Kristal, this week was all about meeting people, from a music icon to Hall of Famers to WWE fans.

"I haven't had the chance to meet Aretha Franklin yet, but I am looking forward to it," she said. "It was also really nice to meet a lot of the Hall of Fame legends -- the Wild Samoans, and "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig's family."

Kristal said she had the pleasure of meeting many WWE fans at her Detroit hotel, and she signed as many autographs as possible.

"Without the WWE fans, I wouldn't be here," she smiled.


Fashionista Diva
Maria told Diva Dish one of her favorite parts of WrestleMania week was getting all dolled up for the Hall of Fame ceremony, and helping her date look dapper, too. Her main concern was getting her date to wear a tie that matched her dress, but Raw's resident fashionista Diva pulled it off.

"It was a struggle to get him to get a tie that matched my dress, but he did it. My dad helped him put his tie on. It was one of those moments where I was like, ‘Oh my boyfriend and my dad are bonding!' " she gushed.

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