Diva Dish: The bald and the beautiful, part two

Diva Dish: The bald and the beautiful, part two

This week in Diva Dish, Raw and ECW Divas weigh-in on Sunday's Battle of the Billionaires at WrestleMania 23. The Sexiest Women on Television give their thoughts on if bald guys are hot or not and who they think will look better without hair, Mr. McMahon or Donald Trump. Also, Women's Champion Melina fires back at Ashley for her accusation last week that Melina stole her shoe.


The bald and the beautiful, part two
While it seems bald guys get mixed reviews from the Raw and ECW Divas, one Diva who is on the pro-bald side is Maria.

"I definitely find bald men sexy, if it goes with the guy, and he's not like a really skinny, puny guy. I think Trump and Mr. McMahon are pretty big guys and they can definitely pull off the bald look. I'd like to rub that little head, too," Maria giggled.

"I never dated a bald guy, he had really short hair, but he wasn't really bald, bald. He had like a John Cena/Marines cut," she said.

Women's Champion Melina said she's never dated a naturally bald man, either, but if a guy is confident enough, he can rock the hairless look.

"Some guys can sport it, some guys can't. Some guys can make it work. It's all about how he can make it work," Melina said. "If he's confident about it, then it's like, ‘Ooh, he's sexy.' If you can tell he's self-conscious about it, then he gets pity."

As for Trump and McMahon -- Melina has one question regarding post-head shaving maintenance.

"Will they tan the head so it'll match the face? It's possible, I can see it. Just like I think salt and pepper hair is sexy," she said. "Although the only person I think of when I think ‘sexy' is Nitro. He's sexy!"

Torrie Wilson said she she's a fan of the bald head.

"I've dated guys who shaved their head. I like the tough, mean look," Torrie said. "I think that might make Trump more attractive, if he lost that mop of hair."

Victoria, on the other hand, is not usually into bald guys.

"The guy's character has to fit it. He has to be kind of rugged and tough. But I like hair. I like something to hold on to. I got to work my therapy out," Victoria laughed.

She was able to name a few bald men she thinks are hot -- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and rapper LL Cool J. Victoria explained the photo above of she and LL Cool J, which was taken quite a few years ago.

"I was going to UCLA at the time, and my girlfriend came up and we heard that the MTV Music Awards were in town, so we went to Spago and hung out. Everyone was there, even Mariah Carey," Victoria said.

"It was so overwhelming, and of course I freaked out because it was LL Cool J, and I'm a huge fan. I think he's so hot -- his dimples and his lips, he's just perfect. His physique is phenomenal…. Ohhhh, give me a cold shower!" she laughed.

"To this day, I'm a big fan. One of these days I'd love to meet him. Back then I was a little girl in college with bleached blonde hair, with a bottle of Sun-In put in my head," she said. "I have changed a lot! I don't know if he could handle me, actually."

When it comes to the Battle of the Billionaires, Victoria said Trump should have his head shaved, because she'd like to see him with a different hairstyle.

Like Victoria, Mickie James said she's not normally a fan of bald guys nor has she dated one, although there are a few she finds sexy.

"I like Stone Cold. He's a sexy bald guy, right? George Costanza on Seinfeld? Not so sexy. Comedian Larry David? Not so much," she frowned. "They're funny, though. Their humor makes up for everything."

The flirty Candice Michelle had a whole different take on things.

"I like bald and sexy in certain areas," she giggled. "But seriously, I actually haven't dated a bald guy before, not to say that I wouldn't."

Layla and Kelly Kelly of ECW's Extreme Exposé had to add in their two cents, too. The sexy twosome had plenty to say on the topic, too!

"If he's naturally balding then you know what? He can't help it. If he shaves it off and has a really bad shaped head, then I don't think it's attractive," Layla said. "Personally, I like hair. I'm not going to lie and sugar-coat it. I like men better with hair. Not long hair, just nice, clean-cut hair. But if the guy has a nice, shaved head, then bald is okay."

Kelly said her special someone has very short hair, which is her preference, too. Long, scraggly hair is a big no-no if you're Kelly's man.

"But there are good looking guys with bald heads, like Bobby Lashley," Layla interrupted. Kelly nodded in agreement.

Layla admitted she's afraid to see both Trump and McMahon bald.

"I don't know if either one of them is going to look good bald. I actually think they're both going to look pretty hideous. Sorry, I've got to be honest," she said. "I think I prefer Donald Trump with a comb-over. It's not going to be a nice sight Sunday, but I'm looking forward to seeing it."

"You know what? Hair always grows. So whatever happens, happens," an optimistic Kelly said.

"Not with a comb-over!" Layla exclaimed.

"Something will grow back," Kelly smiled.


Melina steps in
Last week in Diva Dish, Ashley revealed that Melina recently took one of her favorite shoes, and it was missing for weeks. It later turned up in Melina's suitcase, and Ashley snatched it back. Melina offered us her take on the situation this week:

"Those skanky shoes of hers -- they look horrible and they're disgusting. They look like some cheap thing you'd get at a flea market," the Women's Champion said.

If she wouldn't be such a little princess, throwing her clothes and shoes around everywhere, maybe another Diva wouldn't take it home by accident thinking it's her stuff. What was it doing with my stuff?" Melina emphasized.

"Please, she should keep her stuff on her side of the locker room with her things, instead of thinking she owns the entire locker room, putting everything everywhere," Melina said.

We at Diva Dish can't wait to see what happens this Sunday at WrestleMania when Ashley and Melina battle it out in a Divalicious Limberjill Match for the Women's Championship.

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