Diva Dish: The bald and the beautiful

Diva Dish: The bald and the beautiful

This week in Diva Dish, SmackDown Divas weigh-in on the Battle of the Billionaires match and reveal if they find bald men sexy. Also, Ashley reveals a little fashion-related rivalry with Melina heating up the Divas' locker room.


The bald and the beautiful?
Diva Dish asked several of the SmackDown Divas what they think of bald men -- are they hot or hideous? Most of the Divas dig it, and many are pulling for Mr. McMahon to win his Hair vs. Hair match against Donald Trump at WrestleMania 23.

Kristal made no qualms about it -- she thinks bald guys are sexy, citing ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as a few of WWE's finest examples. Kristal said she once dated a bald guy named Jason, and she never missed running her fingers through a man's hair when they were together.

"You have to have the right head, though. Some guys have that triceratops head with the horn sticking out of it. That's not sexy," she laughed. "Who has a good bald head? Hmmm… Kane has a good bald head! And although he's sexy, LL Cool J's head is not so good -- it comes to a point. He has the cone head. I'm not a big fan of that, either."

Kristal said changing up Trump's hair would be a plus for the billionaire.

"I think with ‘The Donald,' anything's an improvement because his hair is pretty screwed up. I kind of think his wife would appreciate a new bald 'do," she said.

Michelle McCool agreed with Kristal -- she told Diva Dish she finds bald guys sexy, too, although she hasn't dated one.

"If you can wear that look, and wear it with confidence, it turns me on. It does it for me. There are some bald men I'm attracted to," McCool admitted. "Stone Cold's pretty hot himself, for starters. I think Mr. McMahon would make a hot bald man. As much as I think he's going to win and come out on top, I'd kind of like to see him with his head shaved. He'd be a sexier bald man than Trump."

Queen Sharmell told Diva Dish she's never dated a bald guy, and she's partial to men with long hair, like King Booker.

"Both Donald Trump and Mr. McMahon have such strong faces and such strong features, they could pull off bald heads. But personally, I like long hair on men," she said. "There are some bald guys who are sexy, like LL Cool J. I don't know if it's the bald head, or the lips, but he's a sexy one."

SmackDown's Vickie Guerrero also said bald guys are attractive, but if Trump gets shaved, she doesn't think it'll do much for his looks.

"I think I'd be pulling for Vince to win. I'm very loyal to him. I'd absolutely love to see Mr. McMahon shave Trump's head, although it wouldn't increase Trump's sex appeal," Guerrero said. "If Mr. McMahon gets his head shaved, he'd make a sexy bald man. He's my boss and I think he'd be good-looking."

"I've never dated a bald man. But there is one I think is sexy -- Michael Rosenbaum on Smallville, he plays Lex Luthor. I have him on my cell phone. I think he's very sexy. He's my favorite," Guerrero grinned.

Next week, Raw and ECW Divas will weigh-in on the Battle of the Billionaires and share their thoughts on if they think bald guys are bringing sexy back.

Mystery solved
Looks like the conflict between Ashley and Melina isn't just in the ring, but in the Divas' locker room, too. Let us explain:

At Ashley's recent Playboy autograph signing in New York City, the SmackDown Diva wore a sexy, black cocktail dress and matching peep-toe pumps, which she recently brought to a WWE event. The shoes are one of Ashley's favorite pairs, but not long ago one mysteriously went missing.

"I checked everywhere. I checked in the garbage pail. I looked around the Divas' locker room. I asked all the Divas, and no one had the shoe," she told Diva Dish.

"Three weeks later, Melina comes into the locker room and pulls the shoe out of her suitcase, and of course I snatched it back and said, ‘Where the hell did you get this?' It was mine!" Ashley exclaimed.

Mystery solved. We find this quite interesting, considering Ashley will challenge Melina for the Women's Championship at WrestleMania in just eight days!

By the way, Ashley admitted she is one of the least tidy Divas, along with ECW's Kelly Kelly

"I asked Kelly Kelly if she had the shoe, because she is the messiest Diva. I shouldn't even talk, because you should see what's going on in my suitcase and in my dresser drawers -- it's a disaster! All the other Divas would say I'm the messiest, but if I'm the messiest, then Kelly Kelly is the second messiest!" Ashley laughed.

"But it turned out Melina had my shoe, for the record."

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