Diva Dish: Maria, the jetset Diva

Diva Dish: Maria, the jetset Diva

In this week's Diva Dish, catch up on the busy days of Playboy cover girl Maria; hear what life is like for the newest Diva, Katie Lea; share some beer and brats with Midwestern girl Candice Michelle; and get caught in the snow with Victoria.

Jetset Diva
Life's busy when you're not only a Diva, but a Playboy cover girl, too. Maria recently told Diva Dish her life has been incredible, but quite hectic, now that the Diva calls two major cities home.

"I recently moved to L.A., so I have a place in L.A. and a place in Chicago, and I'm kind of feeling them both out to figure out which one I like better," Maria said. "So I'm going back and forth right now. I like L.A., I really do, just because Chicago is so freaking cold, but of course I miss my family, so it's definitely give and take."

So how did the busy Diva find time to move her clothes and furniture 2,000 miles away? Well, let's just say her L.A. pad isn't exactly fully stocked yet.

"I got four suitcases, packed them all up, and took them on a plane and that's it. That's all I took out there," she laughed. "I didn't have a bed. I slept on the floor for three days, and then decided I was going to buy a bed. So, I just bought this new fancy-pants bed. I have no silverware, no plates no nothing, but you know what, I'm on the road so much I don't really need them."

Maria said she feels blessed to have the opportunity to live in two of her favorite cities and be the April 2008 Playboy cover girl. She credits her family for much of her success these days.

"My family is amazing. My dad said, ‘I don't want to hear about [Playboy]; I don't want to see it but congratulations,' " Maria smiled.

"My brother said, 'I'm very proud of you for doing everything that you ever wished for and … making your dreams come true, but I don't want to see it, so tell me the month it's coming out so I can stop that issue from coming to this house.' " Maria laughed.

"Then my sister was actually the final decision on this whole thing. She said, ‘I think it's an amazing opportunity for you and I think that you should do it. I think when something like this is placed in front of you, you have to take it.' " Maria said. "And my mom is still and always will be my rock. She is my best friend and my greatest ally when it comes to anything that I ever need to make a decision on. She's amazing."

The Diva lifestyle
WWE's newest Diva, Katie Lea, told Diva Dish she and her brother, Paul, are poised to make a major impact on Monday nights.

"My beautiful big brother, Paul, and I have just started on Raw. We've come here obviously for two reasons: to prove that the English are genetically superior to every other nation in the world, and the other reason is to have some fun. There's only so many thrills that money can buy, and beating up people surely is the next level of excitement for us," she said.

Life as a Diva has been exciting for Katie Lea. She explained that she's traveling more, and of course, she's being recognized while out and about.

"In the clubs, our fans talk to me even more, and want to be around me," she explained. "Of course, I've had a lot attention, particularly from the males, so I've always had a lot of people talk to me, but I just notice it a little bit more now that I'm a Diva."

Honoring the Midwest
Candice Michelle celebrated her Milwaukee homecoming this week with beer, brats and a cheese … bra?

"I wanted to prepare for my night in Milwaukee. I was so excited, because I always come out for the fans, so I thought I needed to do something very Wisconsin, like what Wisconsinites do," Candice Michelle explained. "So I asked my best friend if she had a cheese head. She said, ‘No, but I have a cheese bra!' I was like, ‘A cheese bra?! I never heard of that before!' I was excited. It looks just as ridiculous as it sounds. You can take the girl out of Wisconsin, but not the Wisconsin out of the girl!"

The sexy Raw Diva said she wore her pal's cheese bra to bed and frightened herself when she woke up dressed in it.

"Well, it's a very large cheese bra, and I wasn't expecting to wake up to it," Candice Michelle laughed. "You know how guys always say those stories when they wake up the next day and go, ‘oh boy,' when they look next to them and find someone they probably should not have hooked up with? Well, the cheese bra had that affect. And I looked down and was like, ‘Whoa, whoa, where did that come from?!' "

Weather mishaps
Victoria found herself caught in a winter weather debacle this week while traveling in the Midwest. She missed a live event in Oshkosh, Wisc., and wanted to apologize to our fans.

"I didn't make it to Oshkosh, but I made it to Dubuque, thank goodness. It was the first time in seven years of my career I ever missed a show," Victoria said. "It's a really bad feeling, though. I am hoping our fans would understand what we have to go through to get to shows. It's never glamour, glitz and limos and charter flights, it's hard travel days and we try to not let that interfere with our work and entertain the best we can."

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