Diva Dish: Kiss and tell

Diva Dish: Kiss and tell

In Diva Dish this week, Victoria kisses and tells, Layla's a cover girl again, Mickie James seeks help with her horses, Rebecca rocks on, Maria has a Wicked birthday and Candice Michelle indulges in a tasty treat.


Kiss and tell
We at Diva Dish think it's every man's dream to share his first kiss with a delicious Diva. Quite a few years ago, it seems a boy named Charlie gave Victoria her first kiss. (Check out the sweet picture at right!)

"The boy was Charlie. I don't remember his last name," the Raw Diva said. "He was a neighbor; one of my mom's friend's kids. I'm sure my parents put them up to it to make us kiss!"

Victoria admitted her smooching skills have only improved since she first locked lips with a boy years ago.

"I even did it well back then, huh?" she asked, looking at the photo. "I had my eyes closed and everything. And I get better with age, just like wine."


King cover girl
Layla will be a magazine cover girl for the second time in recent months, as she graces the cover of King magazine's May issue, which hits newsstands Tuesday. In addition to a feature story, there's a sexy, several-page pictorial featuring a lingerie-clad Layla snooping around the ultimate sports-entertainment fan's bedroom.

"While I was getting my makeup and hair done, I put my iPod on and listened to some sexy tunes, like Usher's ‘Nice 'N Slow,' and some Beyonce. I was trying to be as sexy as I could," the ECW Diva said.

While she hasn't seen her feature issue yet, by the looks of the one test Polaroid she has shown to her family, the King spread will be incredible. But beware, Layla fans, something's going to look a little atypical.

"There is something very different about me in that magazine -- some of you guys may not be able to recognize me!" Layla said. "I'm not going to give too much away, but my hair is totally different."

The 2006 $250,000 Diva Search winner wanted to thank her fans again, because she said without them, she wouldn't be where she is today.

"Go out there guys, please support me! I just want to say thank you, because without any of you guys voting for me, I truly know from the bottom of my heart I would not be in this position. I am very grateful for that and I love you guys for that," she smiled.


A Diva's passion
Mickie James' passion for horses is moving even closer to home. The Raw Diva recently moved her three horses to a facility about 10 minutes away from her Virginia home while the pasture at her mother's house is being renovated. Rhapsody, Bunny and Casanova were transported to their new home last week, and Mickie wants to begin training her horses for competition. However, Mickie is looking for a little help.

"I'm going to get the horses ready for the show ring and hopefully -- fingers crossed -- if there's anyone in Virginia who likes Morgan horses and wants to show Morgan horses, maybe I can get them to take them to shows to show them for me," Mickie told Diva Dish.

"I was hoping to find a little girl or boy who wants to do this. I know when I was child, I loved riding, and I was fortunate enough to have a farm to do that," Mickie explained. "But a lot of children don't have a farm or horses, and they love riding and competing, but they just don't have the means to do it. So I'm hoping to find someone like that, who is passionate about it."

So, if there are any young WWE fans out there who are serious about helping Mickie show her horses, e-mail mickieshorses@yahoo.com.


Rocker chick
At the recent WWE.com Divas photo shoot at the San Antonio River Walk, many of the Divas listened to the likes of Fergie, Beyonce and Nelly Furtado, but one Diva rocked out to AC/DC.

"Yeah, I was listening to rock. I'm more of a hardcore type girl," Rebecca said.

The ECW Diva has four brothers and three sisters who influenced her music taste. She said she's liked heavier music since she was young. It seems she's found a fellow ECW Diva who shares her aural interests.

"Brooke and I were driving between cities for live events, and listened to Hinder the whole way -- the same CD over and over again," she said.

Before her Hinder obsession, it was Nickelback. She's also a fan of Saliva -- a band with many ties to WWE.

"I met Saliva at one of the shows a few weeks ago. I actually wanted ‘Ladies and Gentleman' -- the song they did for WrestleMania -- as my entrance music, but WrestleMania was a little more important. But they said they would write me a song for my entrance music," Rebecca smiled.


A Wicked good birthday
While Maria's recent birthday ended on a snowy note (the Raw Diva was stuck in an airport with a dead cell phone while the flakes fell), the celebration beforehand was deliciously wicked, shall we say.

"My mom, sister and I went to lunch at the Bongo Room in Chicago, which is one of my favorite places to eat. It's a breakfast place. It's chic -- but not chic, uppity, stuffy. It's like chic, hip, cool," Maria told Diva Dish. "I had banana pancakes, which are my favorite, and a couple of eggs over easy."

During lunch, Maria's mom pulled out an envelope and inside were three tickets for that evening's theater performance of Wicked.

"That's all I wanted for my birthday, was to go see this play. We saw Wicked that night and it was so good, it was wicked!" Maria laughed.

"It was awesome. Wicked reminds me so much of my sister and me. We're close, and we try to help each other out with certain things, and that's basically what's it's about -- a sistership, friendship kind of thing."


Baby, it's cold outside
When the temperature dips below freezing, Candice Michelle said she thinks there's nothing better to do than cuddle inside by a fireplace while sipping hot chocolate.

"I'm from Wisconsin, but moving to L.A., my blood changed and I forgot how cold, cold was. You step out into it and you're like, ‘Oh my gosh -- I don't know how I ever lived there!' " the Raw Diva told Diva Dish.

But even the frigid temperatures can't stop Candice from indulging in one treat -- ice cream.

"I was driving between live events and it was cold outside. The funny thing, as a true Wisconsiner, I love custard. I saw a Culver's Custard stand, and of course, I go buy ice cream," she admitted. "I'm freezing, I have a coffee and ice cream, but it was really good and it was worth it."


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