Diva Dish: Double trouble

Diva Dish: Double trouble

This week in Diva Dish, Candice Michelle and her big sis head to Vegas, Michelle McCool catches up on Idol, Mickie James says she's ready for fun in the sun, Rebecca reveals a fetish, Vickie Guerrero sings her daughter's praises and Lilian Garcia shops 'til she drops.


Double trouble
Candice Michelle
is expecting a special visitor this weekend -- her older sister, Dana. The mischievous duo is ready to paint the town red together.

"My sister is coming out from Milwaukee. It's exciting because I don't get to see her very often," Candice smiled. "We're going to have some good sister time in L.A. and then we're going to Vegas. And well, what happens in Vegas, everybody knows, stays in Vegas!"

Candice admitted that sometimes she and Dana get into a little bit of trouble together. So watch out, Vegas!

Dana celebrated her birthday on Feb. 20, so Candice has an unusual birthday treat planned for her sister once they get to Sin City.

"She hasn't been to Vegas. My family out there flies hot air balloons, so I'm going to take her on a hot air balloon ride," Candice said.

After Vegas, the Raw Diva is looking forward to spending more quality sister time with Dana during WrestleMania 23.

"She comes to WrestleMania every year, so she'll come to Detroit this year and make a whole week out of it. She gets to enjoy all the WWE festivities with me!" Candice said.


Idol fan
Michelle McCool has been enjoying this season of American Idol. Her favorite part of the reality show is the often comical early audition rounds which bring out the best of the worst aspiring Idols.

"I know that sounds bad, but I love laughing at the people who can't sing. I'm laughing because I'm right there with them. Nothing joyful comes out of my mouth!" she laughed. "If they can put themselves out there like that, more power to them."

Michelle said some of this year's auditions were so funny, she was in tears laughing at them. But the SmackDown Diva admitted she isn't always in tune with the Idol judges.

"It's funny because I'll watch it and think somebody's great if they can carry any tune whatsoever. Then the judges totally tear them apart and I'm like, ‘Oh, looked good to me!' "

So can WWE fans expect to see Michelle on a future season of American Idol?

"A singing show? Heck no! I would never embarrass myself like that! I know I can't sing so there's no point in even acting like I think I can, at all."


Beach bum
Mickie James said she's ready for a little rest, relaxation and fun in the sun. Later this month she's heading to Panama City Beach, Fla., during a little bit of downtime.

"We have a little beach house down there. I'm taking my brother, who is 21, and some other friends. We're going to do it up. It's going to be huge. It should be pretty fun," she smiled.

"Spring break for college is usually at Panama City Beach, and I didn't go to college -- I am going now. So I'm treating myself!"

Mickie told Diva Dish she's in the middle of her business decision making class, which is harder than she expected. So the Raw Diva is ready to pack the car with some of her favorite furry friends, too, and head south to Florida.

"I'm going to take my dog down and my ferrets. My dog loves the water. He's a lab mix so he's a big water freak," Mickie explained. "Even in the tub, he like plays in the tub and I put his little squeaky toys in there. He's going to have a lot of fun!"


Sprinkle it on
Diva Dish has learned about a strange, but true, fetish of ECW's Rebecca. Think it's something kinky? Try again.

"I have an obsession with Splenda. I like Splenda on my meat, whether it's chicken, red meat, poultry. Steak probably is my favorite, then chicken. I also put it on my vegetables, but only broccoli and cauliflower," she revealed.

We'll let Rebecca explain this one:

"It started at restaurants, from getting reduction sauce on my steak. It's always sweet. One day the chef was having an off-day and he didn't make it sweet," she said.

"So I took matters into my own hands, and I reached over and grabbed a packet of the yellow, golden sunshine and I added it to my reduction," she went on.

"Then one day they didn't have the reduction, so I went straight in for the kill and ever since then, I've been dumping it on my food."

While training at Deep South Wrestling, Rebecca said she converted at least four girls into Splenda fans. It seems she's ready to turn more people into sugar substitute fanatics.

"People see it and they'll be skeptical and I say, ‘Just try it.' It's actually good. Ashley tried it. She said it was surprisingly really good."


Proud mom
SmackDown's Vickie Guerrero is singing the praises of her daughter, Shaul Guerrero. It seems the sophomore in high school is quite the songbird.

"In May she's going to travel to Austin and represent her high school in the Texas State Solo-Ensemble Contest," Vickie said. "She was the only sophomore to make it. I was in tears the whole day when I found out. I'm pretty proud of her."

Vickie said Shaul has been working with a voice teacher for the past three months. She also has an idea where Shaul gets her special talent from.

"I don't sing at all. She must get it from Eddie's mom. His mom sang really well. She didn't get it from me or Eddie. I sing great in the shower though!" Vickie laughed.


Professional shopper
Lilian Garcia
told Diva Dish she's not really a shop-a-holic, but more of a shop-'til-ya-drop type of girl.

"My shopping goes in spurts. I get into this mode where I'll go one Saturday and shop all day. I'll pick all my ring clothes that one day for the next month to month and a half, and then I don't shop for a while," the Raw ring announcer said.

"I'm not one of those people who likes to shop all the time. I just like to get it done all in one day and not worry about it. I wear everything out, and then go shopping again!"

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