Diva Dish: Cool rides, hot Divas, part two

Diva Dish: Cool rides, hot Divas, part two

In this week's Diva Dish, some of SmackDown and ECW's sexiest ladies talk about what starts their engines in the continuation of last week's column. So buckle up, turn the key and get your motor running with Layla, Torrie Wilson, Kelly Kelly, Victoria, Michelle McCool, Maryse and Cherry.

Just because Layla has had her fair share of hot rides, don't confuse the ECW Diva with a pampered princess.
"I'm going to sound like a spoiled little brat right now," Layla laughed. "I love cars, but I don't know a lot of cars. But my first car was the MINI Cooper. Then, the second one I had was a convertible Benz in Miami. Right now I'm driving a Range, and it works very well for where I live right now. … I don't know, I sound like a spoiled brat!"

Like Layla, Torrie Wilson has a Range Rover parked in her garage, too.

"I have a Range Rover and I love, love, love it. It's dark gray and it has this really cool, special edition interior. It's all black suede, even on the ceiling, and it's striped with brown," the SmackDown beauty said. "It's totally the car you can have a party in. Like, I can just park and have a party with my friends in there!"

Kelly Kelly is all about practicality right now, but ECW's blond bombshell is in the market for some luxury.

"I have a 2004 Honda Accord EX, two-door. It's the sporty version. I want to trade that in and get a Porsche Cayenne!" she said. "People say I don't need it and it's a waste, but I love it. I'm tired of my car. I've had my car since I was 18. … It's at my house now in Jacksonville, Florida, and I just drive a Tahoe when I'm in Tampa. My mom drives my car, so it's not really my car anymore. She's like, ‘Just give it to me. Just buy the car.' So hopefully the Porsche will be my car soon."

Victoria is one of SmackDown's most powerful Divas, and it's no surprise her garage is full of American-driven horsepower.

"I have a Hummer H2 in white. It's pimped out, baby. It's on 22s, because you can't lose with 22s," Victoria said. "And I just got a new car -- a Chrysler 300C in black. It has tan leather, a GPS, and I'm going to get Lambo doors on it. I'm going to get some new shoes on it, a new system. I'm totally pimping that sucker out!"

Michelle McCool told Diva Dish that big trucks aren't just for big boys. She's not afraid to dominate the road in her SUV.

"I drive a Nissan Armada. It's a big SUV. I'm an SUV fan," SmackDown's All-American Girl said.

"As a Southern girl at heart, I like big trucks, too. Not the ones with big, huge tires, just trucks -- I like to sit up high. I feel like I'm more in control. I feel like I can run into stuff and it won't hurt me," Michelle laughed.

"I like the room. And I do have my best friend with me all the time, my Golden Retriever, Jonah, who is always with me. … But my Armada is black on black -- black outside, black leather, black tinted windows," she said.

Maryse's motor vehicle tastes sway more toward European luxury. We can perfectly picture the SmackDown beauty with the heavenly French accent cruising along in her German sportscar.

"I have a Mercedes SL500 in white. I'm passionate about it. My car, I love it. I love speed, too," Maryse said with a wink.

Finally, just take a guess what kind of hotrod gets Cherry's skates rolling. Here's a hint -- it's a real classic.

"Deuce and Domino drive a '57 Chevy, so I like to hang out with them in that car. I like to wash it up for them and make it all nice and pretty," the SmackDown Diva smiled.

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