Diva Dish: Pole Position

Diva Dish: Pole Position

In the latest Diva Dish, Ariel reveals a naughty little secret, Candice Michelle shines like a star, Kristal explains her moving day woes and Trinity talks about puppy love.


Pole position
Are you as impressed as we are with Ariel's upside-down, batlike moves on the ECW ring ropes? Diva Dish just had to ask Ariel to reveal the secret to her limber body. Here's a hint: it's all thanks to something tall, hard and shiny…

"Well, I purchased a stripper pole. Because you know, the best workout is a full body workout with a stripper pole. I have a couple tricks with it," Ariel said slyly. "The little tricks, I bring them to the ring. That's why I hang upside down."

It seems ECW's resident Tarot card reader has been practicing her sexy stripper pole moves for quite some time.

"Oh yeah, I have experience with it," she mysteriously laughed.


Little star
Everyone knows Candice Michelle has a sparkling personality. Recently she spoke to Diva Dish about the stunning star necklace she often wears during Raw.

"Actually when I first started in WWE, one of the other Divas always called me her little star," Candice said.

"It was kind of like her little encouragement for me, so I kind of always stuck with a star," she said, pointing out the necklace was a gift to herself.

"It's my encouragement for myself to remember I always have to work hard every day, try to build myself up, learn how to wrestle, learn how to work in this business."


Lost and not-so-found
Moving day has come and gone for SmackDown's Kristal, but while the Diva has successfully relocated, most of her belongings have not.

"Well I was so excited to move from McDonough, Ga., where I was training at Deep South Wrestling, to New York. The only problem is after all the build-up and anticipation, I got there and there was no furniture!" Kristal told Diva Dish.

"The apartment's not finished, so it's just been kind of chaotic. Nothing's shown up and it's still not there. I don't know when it's going to come!" she laughed.

Kristal, originally a Los Angeles girl, admitted to Diva Dish she's a New York virgin, but she's excited for the new adventure.

"I've never lived there. I'm from L.A. But there's a first time for everything. We'll see!"


K-9 update
With all the doggie updates in Diva Dish lately, ECW's Trinity didn't want her favorite four-legged friend to be left out. Trinity is the proud owner of Galileo, or Gali for short. He's a Golden Retriever/Pit Bull/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, who is 10-years-young, thanks to his new girlfriend, a Goldendoodle named Sandy.

"Gali's so smart and gorgeous. He's so handsome and stocky," Trinity bragged with a smile. "Sandy is beautiful. Sparks fly and they hit it off. He scratches on the door and he calls for her. The dogs are in love. They watch the sunset. It's adorable."

Trinity doesn't dress Gali in dog clothes because he's too big -- 95 pounds! She says her athletic "stunt dog" is the perfect match for her because their personalities are so alike.

"I try to always put a harness on him. I cannot keep him down. Just like me, you can't keep me down," she laughed.

"He's so smart. He gets my phone for me, and he knows the difference between ‘phone' and ‘bone.' " Trinity smiled. "He's my buddy for life."


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