Diva Dish: Cool rides, hot Divas

Diva Dish: Cool rides, hot Divas

In this week's Diva Dish, some of Raw's sexiest ladies talk about what starts their engines. So buckle up, turn the key and get your motor running with Maria, Beth Phoenix, Candice Michelle, Mickie James, Melina and Lilian Garcia.

"I absolutely adore my car. It's a 2004 Chrysler Crossfire," Maria told Diva Dish. "They only made Crossfires for three years. It still has less than 25,000 miles because we're on the road so much I barely drive it."

Maria has a special pet name for her ride: The Dream Machine.

"Because once I started to work all the time -- not just doing small modeling jobs here or there or doing bikini contests -- and actually started to have a steadier income, I was able to buy my dream car," she said. "When I got it, it was brand, spankin' new!"

Beth Phoenix's prized ride was a throwback to an ‘80s classic -- KITT.

"My favorite car, I currently don't have it anymore. I had a 1982 black Pontiac Firebird, which is the exact same replica of the car in Knight Rider. We even had the tan interior and PMD seats and everything. It was our pride and joy," the Women's Champion said.

"When I moved from Buffalo down to Louisville, it was one of my sacrifices. Some of my fondest memories of summer were cruising around in that, because it had a T-top, and the wind would blow in my hair. It was awesome," Beth smiled.

Candice Michelle rides in luxury and style in her 2006 Lexus GS300 sedan.

"It's freakin' pretty bad ass. I've got some nice dubs on it, it's sparkly charcoal, it has lightly tinted windows -- it's really classy," she said. "It has gray leather interior, cherry wood, navigation, a beefy dual exhaust -- it's loaded with everything."

Everyone knows Candice is one of the hottest Divas around, and her Lexus is a reflection of that.

"My favorite part -- not only does it have seat warmers, but it has seat coolers. If I get really hot and bothered I put my seat cooler on!" Candice giggled.

Mickie James looks for practicality when it comes to cars, because when she's not in the Raw ring, she's often home on her horse farm.

"My car is a Ford Explorer SportTrac 4-x-4. I love it," Mickie told Diva Dish. "I bought it because I wanted something in which I could get stuff done on the farm, but still is cute. And it is very cute. I like it."

Melina also looks for practicality in her vehicles. That's why she's sticking with her little Toyota.

"You might be surprised that I got a Yaris. It gets great gas mileage. Plus, it's a Toyota, and usually they last forever," Melina said.

The Diva has big plans to modify her ride, but she's not looking for speed, she's in the market for style and fun.

"I want to fix up the stereo so I can have an iPod deck. I want to paint it dark pink and get the rims done," she explained. "It's a little car. It's bigger than a Bug, but it doesn't look like a Bug. I want to do it up so it looks like a girl's car."

Finally, Lilian Garcia told Diva Dish her preferred mode of transportation these days isn't a car, but a MetroCard.

"I don't have a car now, because I live in New York City, so my car is a MetroCard -- it's the subway!" she laughed.

"I do miss my car, though. I had a Camaro. It was red and it was beautiful. It had the T-tops on it and a spoiler. The rims were amazing. I love cars, and sporty cars, and that Camaro was my hot car," she reminisced.

"I got a lot of tickets in it because I would race on the highway like crazy, but thank goodness, I talked myself out of a lot of them! I named it Shadow," she said. "Shadow and I, man, we went to the beach a lot. It had a lot of history. It was really hard when I moved to New York to let him go, but you know, I had to do it."

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