Diva Dish: GoDaddy Diva

Diva Dish: GoDaddy Diva

This week in Diva Dish, Candice Michelle stars in another GoDaddy.com commercial on Sunday! Meanwhile, come in from the cold and snuggle up with the Divas. Maria, Cherry, Jillian, Ashley and Mickie James tell you how they like to keep warm. Plus, Maryse talks sports.
GoDaddy Diva
Hey, Candice Michelle fans -- the candylicious Diva will be promoting GoDaddy.com again this Sunday for Super Bowl XLII. As of press time, GoDaddy wouldn't reveal which commercial they'd air during the Super Bowl -- either Candice Michelle's "White Light" spot or IndyCar driver Danica Patrick's "Spot On" ad. You can check out a sneak peek of Candice's commercial right now, here on WWE.com. For more information on GoDaddy's too-hot-for-TV Super Bowl commercials, check out GoDaddy CEO and founder, Bob Parsons' blog.

Cold days, hot Divas
Maria told Diva Dish that wintertime is the perfect time to take a vacation to somewhere warm.

"We travel all the time, so we go in and out of different climates. I'm actually going to Los Angeles this week, and the weather changes depending on the day out there," Maria said.

"It's a great time to take vacations and get outside somewhere warm. If you can't do that, it's always great to take a hot bath. Pretend maybe it's a little warmer. And snuggling is a great way to warm up and break up the cold winter yuckiness!" the Raw Diva smiled.

Cherry said she's anything but lazy in the winter. The SmackDown Diva exercises even more this time of year.

"I hit the gym a little more, as far as taking new classes. I try to work out more. It's so easy to bundle up with your hot chocolate and comfort foods, but I try not to!" Cherry said.

"I like the cold. I don't like the snow, as far as driving in it," she explained. "I especially like it cold at night, when I'm at home, sleeping in bed. I like the air to be cold, so I can bundle up."

When the cold settles in, Jillian said she has the perfect spot for some R&R.

"I like to stay home, that's my favorite vacation," the Raw Diva said. "I watch TV and I'm lazy. I'm watching 24. I love Lost. My favorite is probably Sawyer. Kate's really hot."

New York native Ashley told Diva Dish she recently migrated south, and she couldn't be happier.

"I hate the winter. I hate being cold. I lived in New York my whole life, and I just moved to Austin, Texas, and I love it so much because it's warmer," the Raw Diva said. "I moved right before winter, around Halloween. I love it there. And we have a show there on Feb 4. I'm going to have a big Super Bowl party the day before, and everyone's coming!"

Mickie James named several activities she does to chase away the winter blues -- she works out at the gym, hits the tanning salon, goes shopping and visits her horses. 

"But it's so cold that the ground is frozen and it's no good for their feet to ride on it," she frowned.

"In the summer and the spring I want to be outside and playing, but in the winter it's really cold, so I want to be inside, toasty, by the fire, maybe roasting marshmallows," the Raw Diva explained.

Mickie will always call the United States home, but it's the winter months that make her consider moving farther south.

"As much as I love Virginia, I'd consider moving anywhere in the Gulf region. I have a little beach house, and I think I might start migrating south for the winter," she said.


Pigskins or pucks?
There's one WWE Diva you won't catch watching Super Bowl XLII this weekend -- Maryse.

"I don't watch American football, but I know there's a big thing going on right now, the Orange Bowl?" the SmackDown Diva joked. "No, I think it's the Super Bowl. But I'm more about hockey because I'm from Canada. Hockey for us is a big thing, but I know in the United States football is very big."

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