Diva Dish: A hidden talent exposed

Diva Dish: A hidden talent exposed

In this week's Diva Dish, Mickie James shares a talent, we wish Kelly Kelly a Happy Happy Birthday, Queen Sharmell goes gown-shopping and Ashley gushes over Tobey.

Musical Mickie
Raw's Mickie James shared a little unknown fact with Diva Dish this week -- she's quite the songbird when it comes to karaoke. She claimed that while she doesn't sing karaoke too often, she recently belted out "Fancy" by Reba McEntire in a karaoke contest and has been asked to return to sing in the contest finals. The prize? Studio time in Nashville, Tenn.!

But will the Women's Champion compete to be a karaoke champion, too?

"Maybe. I have to practice. If I think that I can actually pull it off, I might go back," she admitted.


Birthday girl
Happy Birthday, Kelly Kelly!

The ECW Diva celebrated her 20th on Monday. It was Kelly's first birthday away from her family, but they called to sing to her. Kelly's been busy traveling with ECW, but told Diva Dish she hopes to spend a few days next month skiing in Utah. But does the sexy Florida girl have skills when it comes to the slopes?

"I have gone before, but I'm not very good. It'll be funny to watch! I'm going to take lots of pictures and share them with everybody," Kelly laughed.

Kelly fans may have also noticed the glittery new bracelet she's been sporting. It's a four-carat diamond sparkler from Tiffany & Co., a Christmas gift from a "special someone."

"I made out pretty good this year," Kelly smiled.


The Queen's closet
Attention designers! The always-elegant Queen Sharmell is in the market for more couture fit for royalty.

"I have about 30 to 40 gowns right now, and I am in search of a designer. So if there's anyone who wants to outfit Queen Sharmell in some sequined gowns, they are more than welcome," offered the SmackDown Diva.

Sharmell told Diva Dish she buys her glamorous gowns from Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman-Marcus, but is searching for her very own exclusive designer. She explained she likes to match her gowns to King Booker's trunks, so lately she's been outfitting herself in gold, black and white.

"I don't have a particular style, just anything I feel looks good and accentuates my teeny, tiny waistline, which is my second-favorite asset" Sharmell revealed.

So what's the Queen most proud of? Here's a hint -- they're set off by her many glittering crowns.

"I like my catlike eyes," Sharmell purred.


K-9 update
Ginger and Chloe aren't the only top dogs with WWE Divas. Ashley has a four-legged pal of her own.

"I have a little pup named Tobey. He is my sweet little boy, I love him so much," the SmackDown beauty said. "He's really cool. He's a little scrapper like me. He's not as pretty as Ginger, but he fits me quite well."

Ashley told WWE.com that she doesn't play dress-up with her pup, though.

"He's just fine without little, foufy clothing. He's a dude. He's a boy dog."

Since Tobey doesn't always accompany Ashley each week at live events, she often sneaks off with Kristal's new puppy, Ginger, hoping to rescue her from Kristal's girly ways.

"I'm about to kidnap Kristal's dog and turn her punk rock. Dye her little foufy hair blue or something," Ashley laughed.

"I'd change her name, of course. She's not going to be Ginger. No. I think Peanut suits her much better!"


Diva Dish notebook
When Melina isn't lacing up her wrestling boots for the Raw ring, she's strutting her stuff in a pair of black and silver Masai Barefoot Technology shoes, a gift from Johnny Nitro. MBT's rounded-sole technology helps tone the body's abs, back, glutes and more, which only helps Melina maintain her ultra-sexy look each week on Raw.

SmackDown Diva Layla was in New York City this week shooting a series of sexy photos for King magazine. Be on the lookout for the May issue featuring Layla, which hits newsstands March 13.

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