Diva Dish: Candice gets L.A. Inked

Diva Dish: Candice gets L.A. Inked

This week in Diva Dish, Candice Michelle gets inked, Kelly Kelly celebrates her birthday, Mickie James and Maryse share more New Year's Resolutions, Victoria auctions her goodies and we dig deep into the mind of Jillian.

Hey, Candice Michelle fans, don't forget to set your TiVos for Tuesday night when the Raw Diva will star in an episode of L.A. Ink. Candice Michelle was filmed getting her first tattoo by L.A. Ink artist, Corey. The show airs at 10/9 CT on TLC. Also, check out photos of Candice Michelle at L.A. Inkwatch a preview of her getting tattooed and read the latest Candy Coated blog where she writes about her new tattoo.

Birthday girl
Happy belated birthday to Kelly Kelly! The ECW Diva turned 21 on Tuesday while in Birmingham, Ala.

"It's my 21st birthday. Woo!" Kelly Kelly cheered. "We're going to Hooters to start off my birthday. Then maybe we'll go to some clubs. I don't really know what's fun in Birmingham, so we'll find out when we go to Hooters. I have to make the best of it!"

More resolutions
It's just a few weeks into 2008, and the Divas are steadfast in keeping their New Year's Resolutions.

"My new thing is to always try to see the positive in everything, even when things stink," said Mickie James.

Aside from winning the Women's Championship again, the Raw Diva said she's ready to release all negativity.

"I'm working on being not so quick-tempered, and actually relaxing, chilling and breathing, and letting stuff just roll off my back a little more," she explained. "I'm not going to be a pushover, but I want to get to the point where I don't let things get to me. I want to be more of a positive energy, rather than a negative energy."

Maryse said she has a few New Year's Resolutions, but she's focusing on toning down her inner party animal.

"I love partying with my friends. It's like, ‘OK, tonight we're just going out to dinner,' but finally I get back home at six in the morning after hitting all the places in town, partying like animals, dancing and having fun," the SmackDown Diva admitted. "I'll be 25 next week and I'll just try to take it easy because it's not that my body doesn't follow anymore, it's just much harder."

Diva entrepreneur
When Victoria isn't kicking ass and taking names in the SmackDown ring, the Diva is managing her own side business on eBay called Victoria's Goodies.

"Honestly, I have so many knick-knacks and clothes. I went through my closet. I need to get rid of this stuff. I'm one of those people who holds onto things too long," Victoria explained.

"My house is getting cluttered. So I thought, hey, I'm an eBay shopper. You get good deals, man! One of my friends had an eBay store, and I checked it out and said, ‘You know, I should do that,' because I have a lot of knick-knacks and stuff I can get rid of."

So what kind of goodies has Victoria been selling? One of her first auctions was for a dashboard hula dancer she bought while in Hawaii with WWE. She's also sold a few vehicles.

"I sold a Saturn. That was my first car when I moved to Louisville when I was in developmental school. What else did I sell? Oh, my two motorcycles!" she said.

"I don't sell wrestling gear. For that you have to go through WWE.com. This is just my personal stuff -- pants, shoes. I'm a shoe freak. It's just getting ridiculous. I need to start getting rid of it."

Victoria said she's using her eBay earnings to restock her closets with real necessities -- new in-ring costumes, wrestling gear and boots.

"It's a win-win situation," she said.

To check out Victoria's items, see stores.ebay.com/Victorias-Goodies. As of press time, Victoria has an elliptical trainer, a wristwatch, a purse and several other items for auction.

Deep thoughts
Finally, Diva Dish once again delved into the complex mind of Jillian this week.

"I enjoy when William Regal says ‘trousers.' I like the word ‘trousers.' …" said the Raw Diva, letting her mind wander. "OK, let's talk about something else!

"I went to see The Phantom of the Opera this week. I left at intermission because it was so bad. For real," Jillian said. "I just didn't enjoy it. I couldn't understand anything they were saying. They sang way worse than I do!"

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