Diva Dish: Playing with Fire?

Diva Dish: Playing with Fire?

Welcome to WWE.com's Diva Dish! Every Friday, WWE.com will give fans the inside scoop on what's happening with the sexiest women on television.

In the inaugural Diva Dish, Rebecca dismisses K-Fed rumors, Maria's family is in the house, Kristal introduces a new pal, Mickie James shares a favorite baby shower game and Ashley helps with an Extreme Makeover.


Rebecca says K-Fed's ‘not my type'
ECW's Rebecca addressed Internet rumors she's dating America's Most Hated, Kevin Federline.

"No, it's all a rumor. It's online and I'm not happy about it," she said sternly. "I met him a few months back when we had the Supershow, but that was the only time I had an encounter with K-Fed. I only saw him that one time."

Rebecca also told WWE.com she's enjoying the hot competition during live event bikini contests.

"But I'm just waiting for the time that I win, though. See, Kristal won, but I really don't think she won. I think it was Ashley," Rebecca mused.

"I think the Miz likes her so he handed it to her. But that's okay, ya know? I don't want to sound like a sore loser or anything, but it should have been me."


Maria's family matters
Maria's family traveled 239 miles, or four hours, to St. Louis to see their daughter in the Raw ring on Monday. WWE.com spoke exclusively to them at the show. Mom said she's lost count how many times they've seen Maria live, but Dad said it's at least 10 times. Maria's grandparents were in the house, too. Grandma's a big WWE fan. Her favorite wrestlers are Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair and WWE Champion John Cena. Mom's favorite part of the show? Maria's Tag Team match with Women's Champion Mickie James, of course.

"Even though I got beat up!" Maria said, as her sweet Midwestern accent became more apparent with her family around.

"Where's the win? I was waiting!" Mom joked.

"You win some you lose some," Maria smiled.


Kristal welcomes Ginger
Looks like SmackDown's Kristal has a new pal on the road. Welcome Ginger, the Pomeranian puppy Kristal received as a Christmas present from her boyfriend. Ginger's been spotted backstage wearing some sweet duds, too.

"Ginger had on a really cute, pink fleece-lined coat with a cream fur trim that accentuated her blonde hair, of course," Kristal told WWE.com "It's pretty cold here in Peoria, Ill., so that kept her pretty warm."

But that's not all. It seems Ginger is becoming quite the fashion plate.

"Last week I got her a tank top that says ‘Bad Hair Day' for those days she just wants to roll out of bed and get up and go," Kristal said. "It's kind of a Wash N' Go look for her. She wears that from time to time. It's very cute."

What's next for Ginger? Forget the dog booties, it's puppy pedicure time. Kristal plans to buy non-toxic dog nail polish for her four-legged friend.

"I'm also going to set up an appointment for our fabulous hairdresser/make up artist, so she can get some pink highlights in her tail. I think that will be the next step," Kristal smiled.

Ginger has no immediate plans for a TV debut, but Kristal hopes it's only a matter of time before Ginger's strutting her sweet stuff in the ring.

"Right now she's in the doghouse, but if she's a good girl, we'll see in the next couple of weeks," Kristal revealed. "If it's something that fits, maybe she can have a doggie match against Chloe or something. It's a possibility."


Auntie Mickie
When Women's Champion Mickie James isn't defending her title in the Raw ring, she's acting as a model aunt. Mickie told WWE.com she and her mom recently threw a baby shower for Mickie's sister. Mickie's game of choice? Poopy Diaper.

"I melted 12 different candy bars, one in each diaper and numbered them. So the guests had to pass these diapers around and open them up and look in them," she laughed.

"They had to guess the candy bar and match the diaper to the melted candy bar, which looked like baby poo. That was the most fun for me because I got to make up the diapers and I was like, ‘Oh my God, it really looks like poo!' "

Mickie's already an aunt to her sister's first-born child, who is now five. But that didn't stop Mickie from spoiling her soon-to-be niece, who will be born next month.

"I got her a three-in-one stroller, the one that she really wanted, and some clothes and stuff like that. It was really nice!"


Tune in
Don't forget to watch ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Sunday night at 8 ET.

SmackDown's Ashley joins WWE Champion John Cena and World Heavyweight Champion Batista on the hit reality show. More on Ashley on Extreme Makeover.

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