Diva Dish: Hottest presidential candi-dates

Diva Dish: Hottest presidential candi-dates

This week in Diva Dish, the Sexiest Women on Television reveal who they think are the hottest presidential candi-dates. Barack Obama vs. John Edwards, Rudy Giuliani vs. Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton vs. John McCain … Which candidates make the Divas' race? Read on…

Michelle McCool told Diva Dish she's torn on the candidates, based solely on looks alone.

"Gosh, I look at Barack Obama and I love his smile, and I love his ears!" she giggled about the Democrat. "For some reason, I like his little ears, they're just cute. And then what makes him attractive to me, too, is seeing him with his family, how he interacts with his girls and his wife. He seems like an all-around good guy."

But SmackDown's All-American Girl isn't afraid to cross party lines.

"Then I look at Mike Huckabee, and I think he's a handsome guy, too. He has really pretty eyes, nicely arched eyebrows -- things the girls look for," Michelle said of the Republican. "I'm torn between Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama. I don't think I can choose one based on looks alone. I'm splitting the ballot!"

Layla had a tough time making a decision about who she thinks is the hottest candidate, because she said none of the candidates are really her type.

"I'd say Rudy Giuliani because of his personality, but I'm not going to choose him," the ECW Diva said of the Republican.

"Hillary, because I just love her as a woman. I want to say she's the hottest one there, but she's the only female, so…" Layla continued about the Democrat.

"I'm going to go with … it's between Democrats John Edwards and Barack Obama. … But if I were to see them in person I'd be able to choose even easier," she said, finally coming to a conclusion. "I'm going to say Barack. I'm going to say he's the hottest one out of all of them for me."

On the other hand, Cherry instantaneously knew who she was sweet on.

"John Edwards is definitely handsome. You instantly look at him and he's just got such a handsome look to himself," the SmackDown Diva gushed. "John Edwards all the way. That's just for hottest, though."

Victoria admitted she has a hard time looking at the presidential candidates in "that way." Politicians just aren't the SmackDown Diva's type. But if she must choose…

"I think Barack. Yeah, he's clean-cut, very kind of like The Rock. Not the body, but you know, the smooth skin. I think he's pretty hot," Victoria said. "But, if the money's right, Hillary Clinton's pretty hot! … I'm just kidding!"

Melina's pick is also Barack Obama because it seems his physical features remind her of an, um, entertaining friend.

"He has nice features, kind of like the guy I met from Thunder From Down Under, the male-revue show in Vegas," the Raw Diva laughed. "I would pick Barack and maybe John Edwards."

Lilian Garcia couldn't choose just one candidate; she insisted on going with three, who she described as being cute in their own little ways.

"I would say that Barack Obama is like a manly-cute. John Edwards is like a young, pretty-boy cute," the Raw ring announcer said. "And Republican John McCain is like a Sean Connery, more mature. … You know, some girls like the gray thing! Those are my three favorites."

Kelly Kelly told Diva Dish the 2008 presidential election is all about girl power.

"Hillary Clinton is the hottest candidate. I love her. I don't know, she's just awesome!" the ECW Diva smiled. "And my granny and my mom are voting for her, and I am, too, so girl power!"

No, Jillian isn't planning to write-in Britney Spears as a candidate, thank goodness. In fact, the Raw Diva really doesn't find any of this year's presidential candidates attractive.

"If I must pick one, I'd want to get with Giuliani," she said, leaving no other explanation.

On the other hand, Mickie James does have an idea for a hot write-in candidate: Herself.

"The hottest presidential candidate, in my mind, is me, because I think you all should write me down as the write-in candidate on the ballot. Because let's face it, look at the people we have running. I mean, seriously. I rest my case!" Mickie said.

OK, OK, if she must choose, it comes down to two candidates for the Raw Diva.

"I would have to say John Edwards. He's the most handsome," Mickie said. "But you know what? Hillary is sexy because she's a woman, and she's powerful, and she's independent, and she's a strong woman. … But if I have to pick a guy, John Edwards."

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