Diva Dish: Divas' new toys

Diva Dish: Divas' new toys

This week in Diva Dish, find out what Santa Claus brought to Mickie James, Michelle McCool, Victoria, Maria and Jillian this Christmas. Also, Lilian Garcia shares her New Year's resolution and Kelly Kelly takes some time to relax.


Good girls
It seems like the Divas wound up on Santa's "nice" list this year. While a few of them are quite naughty in the ring, most of the Divas cashed in this Christmas.

"I got the whole Sex and The City compilation, which has every season and little write-ups. It's like a notebook almost, with all these write-ups on every character and stuff. It's actually what I asked Santa Claus for, and Santa brought it to me," Mickie told Diva Dish.

The Raw Diva said Santa also brought her the new iPod Touch, which was on her Christmas list, too.

"Those are the only two things I asked for, except for goodwill toward men and women across the nation and world, and to end world hunger. Those things Santa didn't give to me but he will," Mickie said confidently.

"Finally, I got a pair of tennis shoes -- a nice, brand new pair of kicks, from me, para mi. They're pink, gold and white. I cleaned up," Mickie smiled. "Santa loves me. Apparently I was really good!"

Michelle McCool's favorite Christmas gift is her new Nintendo Wii.

"They're hard to come by, so I was very lucky," the SmackDown Diva said. "I got some games to go with my Wii. I got bowling, which is one of my favorites. And then I got SmackDown vs. Raw 2008."

The All-American Girl then went down the list of the rest of her loot: "I got some nice jewelry -- always a girl's best friend. I got some gift certificates for facials and massages, which are always needed when I come home off the road. Then I got some big plastic boxing gloves, just to bop people in the head with. I plan on bringing them into the locker room for people like Victoria, who is constantly running her mouth!"

Well, not if Victoria has something to do with it …

"I got the heel from freakin' Michelle kicking my ass, and came up with some other strategies to beat her. So she's in for it," Victoria responded.

"I got some sleep, got rid of my under-eye bags," Victoria joked with Diva Dish.

As for some tangible gifts, Victoria's new prized possession is her iPod video goggles.

"I actually didn't even ask for it, but I saw it at the airport in an electronic gadgets place. You plug it into the iPod and they're like eye goggles, and it looks like you're watching a big screen in a theater. They look like Terminator glasses. It's dorky, but it's cool. That was my big gift," Victoria said.

Maria's special Christmas gift came in the infamous light blue box that every girl asks for.

"I got a star necklace for Christmas and it was awesome. It was from Tiffany!" she squealed. "It came in this little Tiffany bag and box, and it was so cute."

But that's not all for Raw's fashionista Diva. In addition to Tigger and Winnie the Pooh dolls, Maria got -- you guessed it -- clothes!

"I got a Betty Boop shirt from my brother, which was very nice of him," Maria said. "But my big present this year was the necklace, and I got a belt buckle from my dad that has a skull and crossbones in the middle and two guns on either side."

Santa left some goodies for Jillian, but the Raw Diva's biggest gift came from her biggest fan -- herself.

"Well, I got stuff. I got some clothes. I got two necklaces," she said. "But I got myself a present. I got myself a new car. I got rid of my BMW. I got a Mercedes."


Organized for '08
Diva Dish recently caught up with Raw ring announcer Lilian Garcia, who shared her New Year's resolution for 2008.

"My New Year's resolution is to get more organized, which is really hard to do because we're on the road so much, but I can't stand clutter anymore! I can't! I cannot!" she laughed.

"I have bags and bags at home of clothing that I'm going to give away to charity, which I always do -- there's a Covenant House in New York City. I just can't wait. I have bags and bags of it. I said enough with so much clothing," she continued.

"It's going to be one of those years when I'm going to live with what I need, not ‘I want this, and I want that, and I want this.' I'm using it as a reflective year of growing up and just seeing what's really important in life."

Not only has Lilian promised to get more organized, the Diva is sure 2008 is going to be a special year in her life.

"You know what, 2008 is going to be a big year for me because eight's my lucky number. So I've always been looking forward to 2008," Lilian smiled. "Now that I just released my record and all that, I really feel it's going to be amazing and I really plan to make it amazing!"


Time to relax
Kelly Kelly told Diva Dish she enjoyed having a few days off to rest around the holidays. The ECW Diva's schedule has been busy lately, and she was ready to relax!

"I slept for like a week when I got back from Iraq for Tribute to the Troops! It was pretty brutal, but it was awesome!" Kelly Kelly smiled.

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