Now hiring: must be willing to get dirty

It seems as though everyone has an opinion one way or the other on the annual WWE Diva Search contest. Some consider the competition a great way to add new talent to the mix, others are not so complimentary. Longtime RAW Diva Torrie Wilson looks at the Diva Search objectively, seeing both sides of the argument. recently chatted with the former Playboy cover girl to get her opinion on the matter.

The popular blonde bombshell sees several positives in the Search. "It's definitely a good thing for all the girls on the road. Having all the contestants at the shows means more girls to hang out with in the locker room. As far as the fans go, the competition brings some of the most talented and beautiful women in the country straight to the WWE crowds."

On the other hand, however, Torrie admits that some don't necessarily enjoy the Diva Search. "I know that just like some fans really like it, there are those that don't. Some fans would rather see a traditional wrestling match."

As for the jealousy that some WWE Superstars have about the contest winner getting a guaranteed contract without having to "pay their dues", Torrie doesn't buy it. "To be honest, it doesn't bother me. Everyone breaks into the business in different ways. I myself didn't break in the traditional way. I never went to wrestling school myself, but years later, here I am. As for the money, who wouldn't jump at the chance to win $250,000? Anyone who says they wouldn't do the same thing is lying."

All things considered, Torrie considers herself a big supporter of the Diva Search as an annual feature on WWE TV. "Ultimately, I think it's a good thing. People always want to see fresh faces, and this is a great way to give it to them. The more women we have on the show, the more possibilities it creates for everyone. As long as the girls are willing to mix it up in the ring and get dirty, they are going to be just fine with me."

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