Getting to know your Diva Search Contestants: Rebecca DiPietro has caught up with all eight Diva Search Contestants and asked them 20 questions. What is your best physical quality?
Rebecca Dipietro: My triceps. Also, one of my best features is my boobs. People might not know that my boobs are real. People look at me like,"‘Oh, another girl with fake boobs," but they're actually mine, and I had them made smaller because they were too big. What is your best non-physical quality?
Rebecca Dipietro: I'd have to say my personality. I'm very out going. What are your turn-ons and your turn-offs?
Rebecca Dipietro: Humor is a total turn-on. If you can make me laugh, I'm totally attracted to that. Good smells, like colognes and stuff. Turn-offs would be ignorant people, and stinky people. If you're a witty person and you smell good, you're all set. Who is your favorite current Diva or Superstar?
Rebecca Dipietro: I like Trish. She's beautiful, she's tough, she's sexy, but they all fit into that category. They all have something different to offer. Like Victoria, she's like an animal in the ring. So each one has so much to offer and it's hard to pick just one, but my newest favorite Diva for next year is this girl Rebecca DiPietro. We like her. What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
Rebecca Dipietro: I've never jumped out of an airplane or anything like that. I"ll get back to you next year and I'll give you something good. What is your favorite song, band, movie, food or TV show?
Rebecca Dipietro: Nickleback, I love Nickleback. Nickleback is my favorite band ever--100 percent. I do a lot of traveling so it's hard for me to sit down and actually watch a TV show, but I really like Will & Grace. What is your favorite extracurricular activity?
Rebecca Dipietro: I like to attend comedy shows. Undergarment of choice?
Rebecca Dipietro: I have a tendency to free it-- not to wear panties (laughs). Where is your favorite place to have sex?
Rebecca Dipietro: I did it on a jet ski once, and it was really, really cool because it was wavy out so you had to have pretty good coordination. But it was a lot of fun.
 Did anything funny happen during your first sexual experience?
Rebecca DiPietro: There was nothing funny about it, just pathetic because it didn't last long. There isn't much to tell. Lights on or lights off?
Rebecca DiPietro: Lights on. I'm a controlling person so I want to make sure they see me and understand what I want. Who is the hottest Diva, Superstar or Extremist?
Rebecca DiPietro: I think Candice is pretty hot. Looks-wise she has that total seductive look, but they're all hot. That's a difficult question. There's a bunch of hotties: John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista. I'm going for the trio. Do you have any hidden talents?
Rebecca DiPietro: I can burp really loud. Nothing is really hidden about me. What is your sexual fantasy?
Rebecca DiPietro: Honestly, I like to fulfill my fantasies, so everything I've wanted to do I've pretty much done. Getting David Beckham in the sack is my fantasy, but he's married. What would you consider a perfect date?
Rebecca DiPietro: Well, I love comedy shows, so going to a show and then grabbing a bite to eat and maybe going down by the water. Getting out, having a good laugh, having a good dinner and then go somewhere to chill by the water. What's the worst pick-up line that you ever heard?
Rebecca DiPietro: Oh God. He said, "You think you'd be hurt." I said, "From what?" He said, "When you fell from heaven." I mean, why don't you just come up to me and say,"‘Hi, how are you?" You know? I'm not shy at all. I have no problem saying, "What's up?" That's all you really need to do. If you could, what would you change about your body?
Rebecca DiPietro: I'd make it so my legs would never grow hair again, and my arm pits and bikini lines. I would never have to shave again. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
Rebecca DiPietro: No, I don't have any tattoos or piercing, well, besides my ears. What would you say is the biggest misconception people have about you?
Rebecca DiPietro: I think people look at me like I'm just a pretty girl, and that I might have nothing else to offer. Oh, and I'm approachable. Some people might think that I'm not approachable, or that I don't have a personality or a brain. Would you consider yourself a role model?
Rebecca DiPietro: I think so. I think people can look up to me and can learn a lot about me because I am a very determined person, and I never give up on what I want. I think that's important because a lot of people get discouraged and they give up too easily.

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