Getting to know your Diva Search Contestants: Layla El has caught up with all eight Diva Search Contestants and asked them 20 questions. What is your best physical quality?
Layla El: I would say my stomach. What is your best non-physical quality?
Layla El: I would say my people skills. What are your turn-ons and turn-offs?
Layla El: I'm easily turned-off. Probably a big turn-on is if the guy is in shape, but also the way that he carries himself--his demeanor. I like a guy who works out, definitely. I don't like a guy who is very corny or tacky, or if he smells. One of my biggest things is that I want a guy to always smell good. Some cologne, or forget it. Who is your favorite current Diva or Superstar?
Layla El: I like John Cena. I think he's hot. What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
Layla El: No answer given. What's your favorite song, band, movie, food or TV show ?
Layla El: I like Sex and the City. I love that show even though it's done now. Nip Tick is one of my favorite shows. I love and appreciate all kinds of music, but my favorite has got to be hip-hop and R & B. What's your favorite extracurricular activity?
Layla El: Shopping. I like walking around the mall even if I don't buy things. When I need time to myself I'll just walk around the mall by myself. Undergarment of choice?
Layla El: A thong. I don't necessarily wear bras. I wear thongs. What's your favorite place to have sex?
Layla El: I'm going to be really boring and say in bed, because it's just more comfortable and you don't have to be crazy. Did anything funny happen during your first sexual experience?
Layla El: I didn't know what the hell I was doing (laughs). I don't think he knew what the hell he was doing either. Looking back on it, it was very surreal. We really needed help. Lights on or lights off?
Layla El: I like the lights off. It's sexier because it's dark. Not that I'm ashamed of my body, I'm not whatsoever, but the nighttime and the darkness is just so much sexier to me. It feels more sexual with the darkness, as opposed to the lights on or in the daytime. Who is the hottest Diva, Superstar or Extremist?
Layla El: Working with Ashley and getting to know her, she is definitely one of the hottest, but so is Trish. Trish is absolutely beautiful. When you watch her, she is just beautiful. There is just something special about Trish and Ashley. I definitely have a crush on John Cena. Do you have any hidden talents?
Layla El: I can make my belly button look like it can talk. Is that a hidden talent? (laughs) What else? I pretty much show all of my talents. Oh! I can cook! What is your sexual fantasy?
Layla El: My fantasy would be to have sex on the beach. I havn't done that and I live in Miami. At night, my ideal thing would be to have sex on the beach at night underneath the stars. What would you consider the perfect date?
Layla El: A nice dinner. Probably get dressed up, go out to a really nice dinner and just know that you're going to spend the rest of the night together. If it's a first date, that would be a perfect setting because first impressions always count. What is the worst pick-up line you have ever heard?
Layla El: Oh God! So many! They're so wack. You know what's funny? People don't give me pick-up lines, it's always just, "Let me get your number," or "I think your beautiful." I don't get hit on as much as I think I should, and I'm being really honest. Guys don't approach me that often. My friends laugh at me till this day. If you're out in a club they will try to grab your hand or something like that. That's what I usually get rather than pick-up lines. If you could, what would you change about your body?
Layla El: My toes. I'm always complaining that I hate them, but that's the only thing if I really had to change something. Maybe, also if I could, I'd be a little bit taller, because I am the shortest one. I'm like a peanut. Do you have any tattoos or piercing?
Layla El: I have one tattoo above my butt. It's a star to keep me focused on where I'm going to end up. I had a belly button piercing but it lasted one month. I got bored with it. I didn't like it, and I took it out. What's the biggest misconception people have about you?
Layla El: This is a perfect question because I am so mad right now. There are two. My kindness is sometimes taken as weakness. People always seem to think because I am so sweet and nice to everybody that I'm weak. In actuality, I think it's harder to be nice and considerate to people instead of being a bitch, because it comes across so much easier to be a bitch than it is to be kind. That, and people think I am a drama queen. I am not a drama queen! I am just very passionate about things, and I love what I say and get into my conversations. I just got voted on the Miami Heat (cheerleading squad) as "Drama Queen of the Year" for two years in a row. I'm not happy about that. That's a big misconception. Would you consider yourself a role model?
Layla El: I would consider myself a role model only because I go for my dreams. Whatever I say I'm going to do, or if I say I'm going to fulfill this in my life, so far I've done it. I'd say I'm a role model also because most girls don't have the confidence. Even though I'm short, I still get to model and I get to do a lot of stuff in the entertainment industry when I think it (being short) would hold a lot of girls back. I've also moved to a different country. I'm doing pretty well for myself. It's not an easy thing to do, moving to a foreign country, but I've only been living in the United States for about three years, and I've achieved so much.

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