Determined Diva

WWE Diva Kristal is not only beautiful, she's also determined. Kristal competed in last year's Diva Search, but was unable to win the competition. That didn't stop her from achieving her goal though, as Kristal's determination led to her becoming one of the newest WWE Divas.

In addition to being persistent and driven, she's also dangerous. While some may think otherwise, Kristal isn't all talk (or looks for that matter,) and no action. She recently took it to Melina at Judgment Day after Melina got physical with her during an interview. Out of nowhere, Kristal laid into Melina with a flurry of unexpected forearms to the head, further humiliating the former Diva on her worst of days.

Kristal told that it wasn't easy getting to where she is now. But she persevered and eventually accomplished her goal. When speaking with, Kristal said that "I really wanted to be the Diva Search winner but I wasn't going to let not winning stop me from being in WWE. If you really want it, you can definitely make something out of yourself in this business. Mr. McMahon and the staff, they'll provide opportunities for you, but ultimately, you have to make it happen."

Kristal isn't the only one making it happen, as Candice Michelle made a definite impact post Diva Search. "Look at Candice," Kristal remarked, "she has an awesome career and a bright future ahead of her. We both owe it all to the Diva Search."

Almost a full year later, Kristal looks back at her Diva Search experience with fondness. "It was so much fun; it was nothing like I ever expected," she said. "It was an experience that honestly was too much to describe in words. There are so many different things that went into it. Before the Diva Search I was a model and an actress in L.A. Now afterwards, I've become so much more." While it is a lot of hard work and effort, Kristal said, "It's so much fun, it's acting, it's entertaining, it's athleticism, it's everything combined in one."

Having been through the experience of a WWE Diva Search, Kristal offered some advice for this year's crop of entrants, "For the girls this year, have fun, relax and listen, and just enjoy it, because you'll never have another experience like it."

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