The girl who's so nice, she says her name twice

The girl who's so nice, she says her name twice

Some people have a natural restlessness deep inside that allows them to reach for the stars. That degree of healthy agitation is sometimes the only way they can truly grow up and be happy in their life. This has definitely been the case for Kelly Kelly.

As a child, Kelly was always acting out to get attention. "I was a hellion," she explained about herself. "I was a cry baby. I remember holding my breath until I would pass out and turn purple. After a while, my mom just got used to it and let me do it."

Looking back, that was just one of many instances where Kelly showed the signs of a dynamic personality screaming to get out. Although it might not have been clear at the time, Kelly was serving notice that she wanted the spotlight to shine her way. And she was ready to showcase what she was capable of to each and every person in her life.

Kelly's ongoing pattern of mischievous expression could often make something as simple as going on a family outing into a parental challenge. "We would go to the mall or an amusement park and I would just take off," Kelly recalled. "They had those little leash things they would put on your arm. But, I knew how to get out of it." This sort behavior turned out to be practice for the girl destined to go to even bigger places once she grew up.

Throughout her teenage years, Kelly continued to act out for a while. But, what she phrased as "a little stage of rebellion" was soon put in check when she started working to chase down activities that expressed her passions.  Not surprisingly, besides being a very good student from the start, she chose to dedicate herself to extracurricular activities that reflected her commitment to excellence and her ability to dazzle the crowd. "I was a gymnast for 10 years. I was very dedicated. That was my thing."

However, despite her incredibly ambitious nature, her very lofty goals of gymnastics glory were never able to be fully realized due to an early setback. "I wanted to go to the Olympics. But, I broke my tailbone when I was 10, which ruined my chances of doing that." But, Kelly was not one to let a few bumps stop her from making herself into a success.

Kelly quickly got back on the horse, continuing to find enjoyment in areas that allowed her to entertain her community. She got involved in cheerleading in addition to having a very successful stint as a high school anchor person. Eventually, this led to her enrolling in Community College in Jacksonville, Fla., where she studied journalism, setting her sights on becoming a professional anchor woman.

During this time, she also continued to find her spotlight during her summer breaks, developing a talent that would be very useful in her future career. "I got in touch with Hawaiian Tropics," she remembered. "I started doing bikini contests everywhere, about three times a week. That's how I made my money."

Kelly gained additional exposure by signing on for magazine photo shoots. Eventually the combination of these opportunities developed into something even better. She soon found out, through her agent, that WWE was interested in her. She had loved sports-entertainment as a kid and instantly jumped at the chance to get involved. However, Kelly quickly learned that the opportunity of being a Diva was not going to come easy. "I went to Georgia and trained for a week and threw up every day after."

Despite these hardships, Kelly stuck with the initial process and before she knew it, she was on her way. "It was worth it. After a week, they called and asked if I wanted to go further. I packed my stuff up and moved to Louisville, Ky., and started training." Eventually her dedication paid off when the young go-getter earned her way to the big time, becoming part of the premiere episode of the new ECW, making her the youngest Diva on the WWE roster. The rest is history.

Although Kelly didn't hesitate to leave school when she saw a chance to do something extraordinary, that did not mean she was done learning and growing as a person. When she looks back at everything she has done in a short time, she is amazed at how much more comfortable she has become with herself. "When I started I was 19 years old. Now, I feel like I'm finally growing into being the Diva I want to be. I'm growing up as a person and as a Diva too."

Though she might not have fulfilled her first childhood dream of Olympic Gold, Kelly's desire for attention has earned her the experience and ability that will allow her to realize who she truly is. Furthermore, it has given her a solid direction for her passions and the means to follow it. "I always wanted to open my own gymnastics and cheerleading gym. So hopefully in a few years, I will be able to do that. It's always been my dream."

Even though the spot light will probably always be calling her, Kelly has also learned what things make her happy once she steps out of it. "I'm such a family person. I love spending time with my family, helping my sister get through her teenage years."  Best of all, Kelly no longer has to hold her breath to get the family's attention. "My mom's my biggest fan. My family, including my grandmother who's 80 years old, watches every week."

Overall, Kelly Kelly is a dynamic person who will always seek out new ways to utilize her charismatic personality. She has grown into a happy and successful woman who is comfortable in who she is.

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