Camacho: Bio


The Mexican-born Camacho turned heads when he rolled into WWE on a low-rider bicycle as the tag team partner of Hunico.

It may not have been the most intimidating way to enter the ring, but WWE fans soon learned to fear the powerhouse when he helped his homie tear apart Justin Gabriel. For the dangerous duo, it was a small sign of things to come.

Mixing lucha libre skills with a toughness that can only be learned in the street, the pair from Juarez, Mexico vowed to dominate WWE as a team but were unable to win the WWE Tag Team Titles. As a singles competitor, Camacho had matches with the likes of Tyson Kidd, Bo Dallas, Adam Rose, Big E, Seth Rollins and many more in both NXT and WWE.

Camacho parted ways with WWE in June 2014.

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